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The United Solar Systems was a mostly military government, that operated from planet side for the most part. It was founded in 3000 BBY and fought many battles against the Galactic Republic. it finally lost the war in 3050 BBY.

Military Edit

The USS Military was compromised mostly of planet faring vehicles and soldiers, as space travel was still relatively new to it.

Ground Troops Edit

The USS ground troops were under trained and large in numbers, and had some basic weapons at their disposal.

They had four classes, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, and Engineer.

Military Police Edit

The military police were assigned to guard every building and or military base in the USS they were also used as secret police and were sometimes used in ground battle alongside the ground troops (only in 3000 BBY)

Vehicles Edit

The USS had many land and atmospheric based vehicles, along with one type of large cruiser used for space travel, and one type of small star-fighter.

Weapons Edit

The weapons that the USS used were primarily small rapid fire machine guns issued to all classes. as a backup weapon a small semi-automatic pistol was issued.