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Don't even think that you are superior to droids. You don't have advanced, high precision targeting systems. You don't have the schematics of the galaxy's warships in your head. You don't have over one thousand ways to kill a being programmed into your brain. Might as well just give up now.
—Unit 1337

Unit 1337 was an OOM droid marine who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, but ended up surviving the deactivation of the Confederate droid armies and serving the Galactic Empire and later the Separatist Alliance.

Created in 30 BBY in the droid foundries of Geonosis, 1337 was one of the experimental droid marines created by the CIS with specially enhanced computer brains. It gave Unit 1337 and advantage over other droid models: it programmed various Republic warship designs into his head, making it easier to locate the weak points of the enemy ship he boarded. It also gave him more advanced combat tactics, ones specially used for raiding enemy vessels. Most importantly, he was made more intelligent, and allowed him to think independently.

He later ended up switching bodies multiple times. His programming was transferred into a Viper probe droid body and later a Grapple droideka form when he served as a captain and later Unit Commander in the Separatist Alliance.



Construction of Marine Team Two is complete. They seem to have a lot more intelligence and think more independently than other droids, sir.
Geonosian engineer to a CIS offcer

Thirty years before the Battle of Yavin, the Trade Federation prepared for war and warned other companies to do the same soon. One of the many corporations that took that advice was the Corporate Alliance, who constructed an army of droids to act as a security force for them. One of the many models created was the OOM droid marine, a battle droid variant programmed with schematics of enemy warships and advanced combat raiding tactics for space combat and boarding enemy vessels.

One of the many units created for this was Marine Team Two, the second unit of marines created by the Corporate Alliance. There were sixty members, including Unit 1337. He had, just as all other sixty droid marines, more intelligence than regular units, as noted by the Geonosian engineer in charge of the project.

For the years following up to the Battle of Geonosis, 1337 was stationed on remote Corporate Alliance owned worlds throughout the galaxy, such as Raydonia. During those years, 1337 and his team fought against various foes, including pirates, thieves, rival company infiltrators, and the occasional Republic Navy patrol that got a little too nosy. Forty-three of the marines in Marine Team Two were destroyed and replaced by newer models. 1337 and the other veterans of the pre-Clone Wars campaigns undertaken by the Corporate Alliance had to act as mentors to the newer droids who were fresh off the factory production lines.

At one point, 1337 and his team were stationed on Geonosis at the droid foundries located there. Unit 1337's comrades thought it was a boring burden, but 1337 secretly expected that something important was going to happen there soon, because of the droid army massing. He proved right and was the only one not caught off guard when the Republic invaded.

Clone WarsEdit


Republic forces on Geonosis.

By the time of the Geonosis conflict, more than half of my squad were new marine droids fresh off of the production lines from Hypori and Mustafar. We never really got used to the new guys. Not that they survived that long.
—Unit 1337 during the Battle of Geonosis

When the Republic attacked Geonosis, almost every droid other than 1337 was caught off guard. He had suspect that for several weeks, due to the fact that thousands, possibly millions, of droids were amassed on the world. The CIS never put that much forces on one planet, not even expendable units. 1337 was aboard a droid control ship in orbit at the time of the attack.

When the battle began, 1337 and his squad of sixty droid marines were flown by Unit 1339, a veteran pilot droid whom 1337 knew well, in a CIS gunship to the lead Acclamator I-class assault ship of the Republic Navy fleet. After boarding (along with Marine Teams One and Three), the squadrons split up to eliminate various weak points on the ship, killing many clone troopers and Republic officers that acted as the crew. Many of 1337's comrades were killed even before they reached their designated attack point, however, 1337 himself made it, leading the squadron after the leader, a captain known as Unit 1329, was killed.

After overwhelming the Republic personnel and taking out the shield generators of the Acclamator, they were ordered to return to their dropship in the now CIS controlled hangar. 1337 lead them back there through waves of clone troopers, killing any that got in the way and earning the closest thing to respect that a droid can know from the rest of his team. By the time they reached the hangar and left the Acclamator, which was now the grave of many of his comrades, the Republic fleet was nearly victorious, and the same was said for clone forces on the ground.

1337 imagined a feeling that would be shock to organics upon hearing that the CIS lost the battle on the ground. As expected, the other droids didn't say a word on the flight back to another droid control ship, since his designated one was destroyed during the battle. After reaching it and learning that the Clone Wars have begun, corporal 1337 was given a sergeant's rank and an additional 200 droid marines for Marine Team Two.

He also received his next assignment: to reinforce the entrenched Separatist garrison on Atraken.

In the days after the opening of the Clone Wars on Geonosis, one of the longest battles occurred on Atraken. When the CIS forces on the planet refused to abandon their mining operations there to the Republic, they sent the Fourth Sector Army and the Coruscant Eight Fleet to take the planet from the CIS forces that entrenched on the planet. It would become known as one of the longest battles of the war, lasting nearly a year.

Unit 1337 and his team arrived on the Munificent-class star frigate known as the Leviathan. Shortly after meeting the rest of the Separatist Combined Fleet under Admiral Trench, the prepared for battle. As the Eight Fleet entered the system, the Combined Fleet moved in to engage. As one of the vessels near the back of the fleet, 1337 and the team, now under command of captain Unit 1347, didn't see action for the first part of the battle. 1337 was so desperate to get into the fight that when their frigate was attacked, he was more than happy to board the gunship headed for the Venator-class Star Destroyer's hangar.

When the boarded the Venator-class ship known as the Unstoppable they were met with fierce resistance from the hangar's personnel, mainly clone pilots and Republic Marines. They fought it out until eventually, 1337 and the other droids took control. 1337 eliminated several clones himself, carefully keeping track of the kill count. They entered the corridors beyond to take the hardest location on the ship: the bridge. As they moved up the ship with the several hundred other marines, the fighting grew more intense. Clone pilots and marines were joined by regular clone troopers as well as some heavy troopers and engineers.

However, they were not enough to stop the droids. 1337 scored an amazing personal victory on Deck 3-7, right under the bridge. He killed a Jedi Knight with his rocket launcher, allowing the CIS forces to continue to their objective. When they reached the bridge, they were only met by some futile resistance from clone naval officers. 1337 himself killed many of them with his rifle, and executed the lead Republic admiral with a blaster pistol he scavenged from one of the dead officers. 1337 and several droid engineers rigged the bridge with explosives and fled to the hangar.

1337 detonated the explosives personally from the gunship as it left the Unstoppable's hangar, enjoying himself when his droid comrades cheered at the sight of the crippled Republic vessel. The good mood was vanquished, however, when the pilot droid, corporal 1339, informed 1337 that most of the CIS fleet was destroyed, and the next thing he knew, the team had to face a droid marine's worst nightmare: a ground assault.


Unit 1337 utilizing a sniper rifle during the siege of Atraken.

When the gunship landed at the CIS Forward Command Post on Atraken's barren surface, Unit 1337 couldn't believe him and his squad had to fight in a ground battle. Their first assignment was to secure the perimeter around the Command Post from the Atraken Domestic Forces, the understaffed and poorly equipped planetary security force. 1337 got a good experience in his first ground skirmish, eliminating the Domestic Forces was very quick and simple. He scored many personal kills and lead the squadron when their captain was killed, earning a lieutenant's rank for his actions. However, when 1337 later engaged the Republic Army forces, he took the Atraken soldiers off of his kill count due to how easy they were compared to fighting combat hardened 501st Legion clone troopers.

1337's first taste of combat against the 501st Legion came on the third day of the entrenchment on the planet's surface. He was informed earlier that day that a small fleet of frigates lead by a Providence-class battleship was on it's way to retract the naval units, such as marines and pilots, from the planet and take them to fleets where they were needed most. 1337 looked forward to that day and felt like he could take on anything, so he volunteered to go with the Z90 Division detachment that was due to attack 501st forces at their landing zone, with the intent of destroying as much of their spacecraft as possible, keeping them from leaving the planet. 1337 told the rest of the squadron to stay behind and left out for the Zigor Forest, where the landing site was located.

When reaching the landing site, they started the battle by firing various rockets at the Republic LAATs, destroying them with one or two shots. Most were eliminated by the time the 501st clones noticed and were able to respond to the threat on the hill tops near by. 1337 decimated three gunships and was one of the first droids to reach the enemy encampment. He killed several clones, but, to his surprise, they were more difficult to exterminate than the troopers, pilots, and marines he faced over Geonosis. They were highly trained, highly organized, and were every where. Many droids were eliminated in the first wave of fighting, but 1337 held out. They clones took some horrific casualties themselves, and 1337 personally executed a wounded Jedi Master that acted as the commander of the 501st. The Unit Commander in charge of the Z90 detachment ordered a retreat after the last of their larger transports were destroyed, and 1337 was only too happy to oblige.

When 1337 and the nearly annihilated Z90 Division arrived at the base, 1339 informed him that the fleet was in orbit and that the rest of the pilot and marine droids were aboard their gunship, and that he needed to get aboard immediately. They made it to the Providence-class battleship, which served as the command vessel of General Grievous himself.

During the Clone Wars, he undertook campaigns on worlds such as Jabiim, Dantooine, Kamino, Mustafar, Raydonia, and many others. He was transferred from his original unit to the K33 division, an elite unit serving General Grievous. On one mission to Naboo, a strange incident occurred. As 1337 and several other squad mates patrolled the perimeter of a building that was Chancellor Palpatine's personal retreat, one of them stumbled into a hole in the ground. As 1337 and the others tried to pull him out, the ground collapsed and most of the squad, including 1337 fell in. 1337 found himself in some unknown facility underground. As they explored, they found several bio stasis tanks, each containing a clone body that looked exactly the same as the ones in the other tanks. 1337 noted that they looked familiar but could not figure out where he seen the person before. Noting the location of the hole, 1337 and his squad returned to base and reported the location to a base officer, who reported it to the ground commander.


The Battle of Coruscant rages on in orbit.

After that campaign, 1337 served aboard Grievous's personal vessel, the Providence-class battleship Invisible Hand. He served aboard the vessel during the battle over Coruscant, however, he managed to survive it's destruction by flying a CIS strike bomber out of the hangar for a bombing run on a nearby Venator shortly before the hijacking of the ship by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was the one who rescued General Grievous in his escape pod and brought to a retreating Munificent-Destroyer, so the general gave him a position in Utapau's planetary garrison.

Defeat does not compute! We must win!
—Unit 1337 during the Battle of Utapau

During the Battle of Utapau, 1337 was stationed in the upper levels of the city that the Separatist Council was at. When the Grand Army attacked, 1337 fought efficiently and eliminated most of the clone troopers who attacked the upper levels. However, he was devastated to hear that General Grievous was killed and the CIS was defeated. Not seeing any way for the CIS to win the war, he retreated from Utapau in the Soulless One, Grievous's personal ship.

Post Clone WarsEdit

In the days following the CIS failure at Utapau, 1337 retreated to Geonosis (which was then under Republic control) and hid in a small abandoned CIS bunker he oversaw the construction of as a sentry on the planet's surface prior to the Battle of Geonosis. The bunker included various droid bodies, including the super battle droid, assault droid, battle droid assassin, droid engineer, and various others. Also were several repair rooms for battle droids, holographic readouts of CIS facilities on Geonosis, advanced communications arrays, and various other equipment. He stayed there for several days, and watched the HoloNet for information on the Clone Wars progression. He was afraid that his faithful comrade, the pilot droid Unit 1339, had perished on Utapau (1339 stayed aboard the destroyer that brought them there and they had no contact since 1337 left the ship for the planet surface). 1337's beliefs came true when it was announced that the CIS was no more, and the Republic was now known as the Galactic Empire. 1337 prepared to leave the planet to work as a bounty hunter, using the Soulless One.

However, when he was passing through the Mustafar system, 1337's ship was caught in a tractor beam of an a former CIS vessel. Once aboard, 1337 talked to a Geonosian named Gizor Dellso, an engineer from the Clone Wars. He was building a droid army on Mustafar and was going to fight the Empire soon, and he needed 1337's help. He agreed to work for Dellso for a while, and was sent to Mustafar to oversee the construction of naval droids. When the Empire's elite Imperial 501st attacked Mustafar, 1337 fought the enemy in Mustafar's orbit. During the fight, he was a captain and mostly remained aboard his command ship, the Prosperous, a Providence-class battleship that was originally captured by Republic forces over Coruscant but fell into Gizor's hands after the war. At one point in the battle, 1337 heard from one of Dellso's guards on the ground that forces were almost depleted and Gizor was fighting for his life. Seeing how the remnant navy was almost entirely destroyed, he ordered a jump to hyperspace to the secret location in the Deep Core where General Grievous's fleet massed before the Battle of Coruscant.

Darth Magnus's Providence-class destroyer

His personal vessel.

Imperial ServiceEdit

After he reached the point in the Deep Core, over the planet of Byss, he was stopped by the ships of the Imperial Navy. They boarded and destroyed most of the droids in their way. However, the admiral in command of the Byss orbital defense flotilla ordered 1337 to be spared and brought up to the command bridge of his ship while the Prosperous was impounded. The admiral said he would have 1337 destroyed if he did not work for the Empire, as he was impressed by the droid's genius and skills. 1337 agreed, though didn't plan to stay long.

In his service to the Empire, he fought in the early Imperial Period campaigns, mostly against small resistance forces on backwater worlds. In the Outer Rim Territories his troops even fought off a Ssi-ruuk Imperium scout force. However, around 2 BBY, he was stationed in Tarko-se on the planet of Cato Neimoidia as part of the garrison, and was nearly destroyed when Starkiller, who was Darth Vader's secret apprentice, attacked the planet to murder Tarko, the leader of Imperial forces there, and free Jedi Rahm Kota. Afterwards he was recovered and had is conscious placed into the body of a Viper probe droid. After that, he served on worlds against rising forces of the Rebel Alliance. He served alongside Imperial marines in their fight against the Alliance Navy. During the war he fought in battles at Yavin IV, Hoth, and at Sochi, a Mid Rim Imperial vacation world.

During the Battle of Endor, he was on Sochi when he heard the Empire was defeated. 1337 saw that the Empire would crumble without either Vader or Palpatine, so he ordered all Imperial troops off of the Prosperous (which he received to command against Rebels), and left to Geonosis.


Once on Geonosis, he was found several weeks after arrival by a former CIS officer named Admiral Trench. He asked 1337 if he wanted to join the new Separatist Alliance, a rebuilt Confederacy made by former Separatist officers as well as planet and system governments who wanted to be independent from both the Empire and the New Republic. Trench was the Navy Chief of Staff in the Alliance, commanding the Separatist Astrofleet. The Alliance was currently small, so the Separatist Assembly, basically the Senate of the Separatists, decided to make more droids as well as recruit Clone Wars veterans. 1337 agreed to join the Alliance, since he always missed the days of the Confederacy and wanted to return to fighting for them. He was made the captain of the Prosperous, his former Separatist holdouts vessel, which was now part of the Astrofleet.

As part of his first assignment, he was sent to monitor the world of Raydonia to keep the droid factories there safe. And, he was given the body of a grapple droideka, an advanced P-series droideka model. 1337, happy with his new body and position in the Separatist Alliance, went to Raydonia and began planning his campaign that he would undertake when the Alliance went to war with the New Republic.


1337's new droid body.

New Separatist CrisisEdit

It's about time that the Separatists returned to power.
—Unit 1337

For several years, a conflict took the galaxy called the New Separatist Crisis. The Separatist Alliance was determined to become the dominant galactic government, and went to war with the New Republic, from their capitol world of Hypori. 1337 was promoted to Unit Commander and was given command of the Prosperous, his old ship, and was put in command of the Hypori Third Fleet. During the Crisis, he fought in many battles, from Felucia and Mygeeto to Wayland and Coruscant. The Hypori Third Fleet became the most decorated Separatist military unit in the first few weeks of the war, under 1337's direct command.

In the first few days, the Fleet under 1337 took the planets of Sochi, Raydonia, Geonosis, and Mustafar from the New Republic's control. As the war progressed, the fleet fought at Byss and Vulpter in the Deep Core campaign, taking worlds to use as staging areas for the all out assault on Coruscant. As the war progressed, 1337 grew more and more power hungry. He took command of the Eighth Systems Army of the Separatist Droid Ground Forces and deployed them on more planets throughout the Expansion Region and the Inner Rim.

However, the power hungry 1337 became tired of serving under the organic Separatist Assembly, which he found weak and incompetent. 1337 decided to take over the Alliance in a coup, using his new unit, the Combined Fleet, created from two of the largest units of the Ground Forces and Astrofleet, the Hypori Third Fleet and Eighth Systems Army. He positioned small armadas, under command of loyal droid officers, at planets of value to him. The members of the fleets were entirely loyal to him, not the Alliance. In 9 ABY, he committed the coup. He lead a company of IG-series Magna Guards to the Assembly's council house on Cato Neimoidia, and gave the politicians and officers a chance to join him. Glad that all of them declined, his Magna Guards then proceeded to slaughter the council members. He announced to the galaxy that he was now under control of the newly reorganized Separatist Coalition.

Many officers refused to serve him, since he was a droid. Though the Republic was crumbling and the Alliance was the dominant government, the war started going down hill as the officers who did not pledge their loyalty to 1337 became leaders of their own small kingdoms. The Republic took advantage of the civil war that broke out, and tried to return to an offensive stance. 1337 fought to keep the warlords in line, and assigned his best officers to keep the Republic at bay.

However, things did not turn out as well as he hoped. The Coalition was wining at first, eliminating two divisions of New Republic Marines in their attempt to retake Anaxes and destroying a fleet over Dubrillion. However, things started going down hill from there. The Imperial Army and Imperial Navy gave Coalition forces heavy casualties in an attempt to take Bastion from the small Imperial Remnant, which now joined the war on the Republic side. A supply base fell to the Republic on Tatooine, the Remnant captured Dathomir and destroyed a Coalition armada there, and Cato Neimoidia fell to a Separatist Alliance warlord. Gathering what was left of his forces, he secluded himself in the Hypori system and announced the disbandment of the Coalition, and the creation of a much smaller Kingdom of Hypori.

From Rogue to KingEdit

And so, I proudly announce the creation of the Kingdom of Hypori. For Hyporians, to Hyporians, by Hyporians!
—Met with applause, 1337 announces the founding

After the majority of his forces arrived in the system, a fleet of roughly five or six hundred warships, they began colonizing Hypori, building cities and more factories. The Republic and the Remnant both recognized the Kingdom, happy that the crisis was over. The New Republic began the long task of rebuilding their forces and reclaiming the galaxy. Creating a Kingdom Parliament, made up of his senior officers, 1337 was determined to make good government. The newly created Ministry of Propaganda spread the word of the new Kingdom, and soon thousands of refugees flooded Hypori's cities. As a result, 1337 agreed with the Parliament's idea of colonizing the other six planets of the system.

By 14 ABY, during the New Republic's war against Natasi Daala, the Kingdom was flourishing under 1337 and his Parliament's leadership. The planets were all colonized. Hypori became a sort of 'little Coruscant' and even the least populated world had three major spaceports. The military was quite large for a system government. Most of the senior officers, like the Parliament, were organics. The military was composed of the Royal Army, Royal Navy, the special forces, and Royal Intelligence. They were spread throughout the system and preformed several military exercises with Imperial forces near Alzoc.

Meanwhile, the economy was great. The Kingdom was the richest planetary government, and was even rivaling the Republic and Empire. There were three shipyards in the system, and the Kingdom was also the galaxy's largest exporter of droids. New models and breakthroughs were made by scientists there. 1337 was pleased at how far his nation had come. Meanwhile, the last of the Separatist Alliance warlords, the most powerful faction being Admiral Trench's Separatist Monarchic Empire, were eliminated entirely. Many of the droids and organics who served under them joined the Kingdom.

Later DaysEdit

1337 continued to lead his Kingdom throughout the years. In 25 ABY, an alien race called the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, starting the Yuuzhan Vong War. At first, 1337 declined the New Republic's request of aid in the war, since it was being fought light years away. But as the Republic and Imperial war effort started to collapse, the Vong sent a fleet to invade the Kingdom. A small fleet exited hyperspace, but it was immediately engaged in combat by the Royal Navy. Less than 30 minutes later, the Vong fleet was destroyed.

After that, 1337 entered the war on the Republic side. On a certain day in 27 ABY, which became known as D-Day, large Navy fleets attacked key Yuuzhan Vong strongholds throughout the Outer Rim Territories simultaneously. The Vong, totally unprepared and demoralized by the droids, was unable to put up a capable defense. The allied morale was sky high as the Republic and Empire were back in the game, with 1337's vast armies and fleets on their side.

1337 himself lead the assault in the Liberation of Coruscant. After the war, however, he was not pleased with the creation of the new government, the Galactic Alliance. He had poor relations with them. During the Abeloth crisis, when the Dark Side being Abeloth returned to the galaxy after millions of years on a planet in the Maw black hole cluster, returned to the galaxy, 1337 had a limited role he played when he lead the Royal Navy First Fleet against Sith influenced Alliance forces on the galactic capital. By 50 ABY, 1337 thought of retiring, but decided against.

During the Imperial Civil War, between the Fel Empire and Darth Krayt's Sith Empire, the Kingdom stayed officially neutral, but gave funds and weapons to the Galactic Alliance Remnant and Roan Fel's Imperial loyalists. He continued to lead the Kingdom into the days of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, but started letting the Parliament do a lot of the work for him.


Though 1337 was not as famous as figures like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and TK-421, he played a major side line role, such as giving the Yuuzhan Vong heavy casualties and supplying/funding the Fel Empire. 1337 became known in history as a droid revolutionist, creating the first government that was ruled by droids (originally, the Royal Parliament was made up of droids). Many other droids tried to do the same, and around 150 ABY, the Kingdom of Raydonia, the Mustafar Hegemony, and the Geonosis Oligarchic Empire were formed by droids.

Droid BodiesEdit

Droid Marine bodyEdit

Unit 1337 started out with the standard OOM droid marine body upon creation in the droid foundries of Geonosis. It was nearly identical to standard B1 droid body except that it had green markings and slightly better armor and the droid brain had more memory banks and was more advanced, programmed with things like elite combat styles, advanced sharpshooting tactics, and the ability to think more independently than regular droids. His programming was later transferred into a Viper probe droid body when he joined Imperial service after working for a while with the Separatist holdouts and remnants.

Viper droid bodyEdit

The Empire doesn't just steal your technology. They make it better.
—Unit 1337

After accepting a service offer from an admiral in the Imperial Navy after the horrific defeat of the Separatist holdouts on the volcanic world of Mustafar, 1337 received a modified Viper probe droid body to make him for fit for service under the Empire. As a probe droid, he had standard equipment such as advanced communications antennas and a blaster pistol. However, since 1337 was more important than an average droid, the Imperial admiral had his body upgraded by removing the self destruct system and adding a personal shield generator, better blaster, and stronger armor. He had the body until he switched to a grapple droideka body after joining the Separatist Alliance.

Grapple droideka bodyEdit

No one other than the Separatists have the right to call themselves masters at constructing and designing battle droids.
—Unit 1337

After the defeat of the Galactic Empire at Endor, Unit 1337, who saw that the Empire was crumbling, decided to quit. After working for an Imperial Army general for a little, he was approached by a Geonosian engineer who was a former member of the CIS. The engineer hired 1337 to work for a new confederacy known as the Separatist Alliance, which was formed by a council of former Separatist officers on Hypori. His current body was deemed 'un-Separatist' so he was given an advanced grapple droideka body by the Separatists for his loyal services to the CIS during the Clone Wars and the Separatist Remnant after the execution of the Separatist Council. The grapple droideka had slightly weaker shields than the regular model, however it was equipped with advanced grapples instead of twin repeating blasters.

MagnaGuard bodyEdit

I wish I was one of these originally.
—Unit 1337

After starting the Separatist Coalition, there were multiple attempts on 1337's life while he was in ball form as a droideka. He transferred his memory into the body of a Magna Guard droid, which was the best combat droid model in his opinion. 1337 remained in the body for many years, being his last one.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Flesh is a design flaw. Organics cannot be fixed.
—Unit 1337

1337 was cold when facing Republic and Rebel Alliance soldiers. He felt some feelings that most of his comrades didn't, including friendship, which he shared with the pilot droid lieutenant Unit 1339. 1337 didn't care much about his death or personal power, he was more focused on the greater good of whatever faction he was fighting for. He frowned upon organic soldiers, deeming them imperfect since they could not match the precision of a machine. 1337 thought that all combat should be left to droids. And among battle droids, he considered navy models better than army droids.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

1337 utilized a wide array of weapons and equipment, from the E-9 blaster rifle and thermal detonators to grappling hooks and the E60-R missile launcher. Though many called him a good shot, he preferred to blow things up with his rocket launcher during combat simply for pleasure. After giving himself a Magna Guard body in 9 ABY, his favorite weapon became the electro staff.

Melee Combat StylesEdit

1337 was proficient in several programmed martial art styles that did not involve weaponry. He also became very skilled with an electro staff after getting a Magnaguard body. Regardless, 1337 preferred ranged weapons and thus did not rely on melee.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The author was inspired to write this article after playing as a droid marine in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Not seeing much information on droid marines on Wookieepedia, he decided to make a character of one to give them a fanon background. He ended up taking this article much farther than his original intention.