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The first step to peace is union.
"Unification" is the fourth episodic short story of the first season of The Clone Wars: Ultimates. Its first act was published on July 7, 2017. Its chronology picks up directly after the events of its preceding episode, Civil War, featuring the remainder of the Battle of Balmorra.


Episode 4


The Battle for Balmorra rages! As 
the Separatist Alliance shows heavy 
resistance, the 56th have failed to 
gain an advantage. Their assault on
Balmorra's capital, Bin Prime, has 
proven futile.

The 56th Battalion now prepares to
retreat to the base of the Balmorran
Defense Front, who has shown support 
towards the Republic. But with the 
Separatists' mass firepower, the battle
could come to an abrupt end...

The Republic forces have struggled to gain an advantage in the raging battle, resulting in the slow annihilation of their forces. However, Commander Dodge has a plan to gain the upper hand and win Balmorra for the Republic.



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