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The Umbar-class stealth bomber was a class of bomber produced by Wasskah Shipyards for the Hsskhor Syndicate naval fleet.

Based on the Ashkrik-class fighter, the Umbar bombers an arsenal designed for bombing runs rather than space combat. Additionally, they utilized stealth technology gained from the Umbarans.

Prototypes were initially commissioned in 12 AFRE. Wasskah Shipyards worked on the product for several years, finally releasing the first wave of Umbar bombers in 15 AFRE.

The Umbar bombers were designed for the Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict. Their stealth capabilities made them impossible for the Wookiees to track, allowing them to make devastating bombing runs. Their presence marked a turning point in the conflict, which eventually led to the Hsskhor victory.


Behind the scenes

Although "Umbar" is a reference to the use of Umbaran technology, it is also a small homage to the Corsairs of Umbar, a fleet from the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.

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