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The Ultima-class

For almost two-hundred years the Decreto-class Super Star Destroyer has represented the pinnacle of starship design…but, its time is nearing its end. For the rest of the fleet has caught up, save one vessel which has surpassed. The Ultima is the "new" future!
Darth Wyyrlok, 250 ABY

The Ultima-class Super Star Destroyer was the most powerful warship ever built by the Sith Order of Decreto, and the direct descendant of the Decreto-class Super Star Destroyer.

They served in much the same role as their predecessors – as command & control vessels; being the flagships of various Sith Lords. Although warship bore no physical resemblance to its forerunner save the spear tipped nose, they were basically the same. The Ultima-class however had much stronger defenses and weapons, but had a substantially slower speed.

Although planning for the Ultima-class began during the later part of Darth Krayt's reign, it didn't see first action until the Zao tenj War.

The Ultima-class was, much like the Decreto-class, the most advanced vessel of its age, and the most expensive. Costing roughly 4.32 trillion dl; the production cost made retiring the Decreto-class a financial impossibility.

Notable starshipsEdit

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