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Many people loved the betrayal but no one loved the betrayer
—Ulgen Skywalker to Darth Cocytus

Ulgen Skywalker also known as Ulgen the Grand Leader was a Kelden Jedi legend who was born on Keldur. He was Laura's last apprentice and Luke's more powerful Jedi. He impressed many people with his goodness and defeated numberless Sith. He defeated his former apprentice Darth Cocytus a fallen Jedi Master. He was a strong Jedi Master who took place in very difficult missions and battles against Sith and crime lords in all his life. He became the new Jedi Grand Master after Saba's assassination from Darth Cocytus and he was the leader of the Jedi for many decades. He died on Ruusan on 854 ABY and became one with the Force.

On 37 ABY he will become a strong Jedi Master after being successful in Yuuzhan Vong Wars and to Second Imperium crisis. Luke Skywalker trusted him as the Jedi Master of Jaina Solo. He was a very strong swordsman and learned her specialized tactics and lightsaber combats. In later years as Jaina became the sword of the Jedi which was very glorious for Ulgen who was her master, Ulgen had more apprentices. Saba Sebatyne enthroned Luke who was exiled at 44 ABY. Circa 57 ABY Saba was murdered from a Jedi Master. Some days later Andrew Keldarith rebelled against the Order and fell to the dark side with many Jedi. Ulgen, Jaina, Coran Horn and Leia Organa Solo resisted to the dark side and Ulgen who had the most apprentices became the new Jedi Grand Master of the Order and leader of the Jedi. He had the ability to see in the future and protect the Jedi from the future events.


Early life

Ulgen was born on Keldur and was nephew of Laura Keldaria who was later his first master. His father was murdered from Shadow Knights and he had only his mother. He was apprenticed to Laura Keldaria and he became a Jedi Guardian. When he was a Jedi Padawan he went to Keldin city and he met Fervokka, A Wookie who was his first companion. He was trained in the ways of the Force early in his life. When Laura became one with the Force she told him to go to Luke Skywalker. Then a starship came on Keldur and took him to the Jedi Headquarters.

Yuuzhan Vong War

Destruction of Sernpidal

Ulgen as he was a Jedi Knight he fought to Yuuzhan Vong War and took part firstly on Sernpidal. As a prelude to their main invasion of the Galaxy, agents of the Praetorite Vong had stirred up chaos in the far edges of the Outer Rim Territories. The Praetorite Vong expeditionary force had established a bio-engineered yammosk on the planet Sernpidal to coordinate their warships. Meanwhile, one of their agents, Nothe Aldogor the chief of Yuuzhan Vong had stirred up an army on Sernpidal in Outer Rim Territories to spread the New Republic and the Jedi Order. Another Yuuzhan Vong warrior Dagemoo secured Sernpidal City to trap the Jedi.

Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Ulgen went on Sernpidal to save the planet from them. Millennium Falcon arrived on Sernpidal city on the docking bay and they were unable unloading the cargo and an old man informed calmed that he would not have any problem unloading his cargo. Ulgen, Chewie and Luke went off the ship and tried to save civilians. Da'Gara and Nom Anor discussed the strategy for how to destroy Sernpidal and more enemies that they should think. This caused a large gravity-focusing on the planet which later had the result of destruction Sernpida's atmosphere and the killing of its people. Ulgen defeated many Yuuzhan Vong warriors to save the planet but their number was increasing very much. Returning back to Sernpidal city Han Solo created a refugee convoy throughout the use of the Falcon. Luke piloted the Falcon Ulgen with Han were saved except Chewbacca who was killed with a countless number of citizens.

First Battle of Fondor

Kyp Durron led his squad to protect Fondor from the raid of Yuuzhan Vong. Making their way onto the Crèche, Kyp and Ganner Rhysode managed to rescue most of the slaves on board, but when they found Skidder, it was obvious that he did not have long to live. Asking them to rescue Randa and kill the yammosk, Skidder died. Durron and Ganner managed to rescue Randa and kill the yammosk, but the vessel began to die. The three managed to get off in time, but Chine-kal was able to inform Choka that the Hutts had betrayed them. Nas Choka a Yuuzhan Vong warmaster dueled with Ulgen and Ulgen killed him with many other Yuuzhan Vong.

This development forced Shok Choka to empower his plans, but with the New Republic fleets massed later at many worlds, expecting a strike on Corellia, and the hyperspace routes linking Bothawui to Fondor mined, there was little risk in a premature attack. The supreme commander led his armada to Fondor. Against Uherd Choka's numerical advantage, the New Republic First Fleet, tasked with the defense of the shipyards, was rapidly overwhelmed. Yorik-et pilots acted as ramships in scores, obliterating the thirty berthed vessels, the shipyard annexes and orbital defenses, before driving down to the planet below. The Yuuzhan Vong fleet fanned out, commencing an orbital bombardment of Fondor and driving back the First Fleet. Ulgen Skywalker, however, had many strength and dueled numerous Yuuzhan Vong and they later boarded a short distance from the main battle, forcing Choka to dispatch warships to aid Chine-kal. Then, Ulgen to block them used his meditation and changed their plans. As a Hapan warfleet emerged from hyperspace from the direction of Commenor, a column of energy blazed through the system. On distant Corellia, Centerpoint Station had been fired, Ulgen empowered the beam and burned their fleet. Later he used the computers but a Yuuzhan Vong discovered him and he went out. Yuuzhan Vong didn't retreated they invaded on New Republic's reinforcements and two-thirds of the New Republic's reinforcements had been destroyed. Shok Choka and his confederates were astounded. In the midst of the confusion, Chine-kal contacted the Yuuzhan Vong officer and relayed the news that the yammosk was dead and that it had been the Hutts who had betrayed the location of the Crèche at Kalarba. Disgusted, Shok Choka ordered the remaining half of his forces to prepare to leave. Having inflicted some parting damage on the ruined shipyards and their defenders, the Yuuzhan Vong departed the system. In Yuuzhan Vong superweapon Ulgen threw proton bombs in their superweapon and Yuuzhan Vong were almost weaken.

He stole then a Yuuzhan Vong individual ship and went on Vong frigates and destroyed its shield generators and engines. Then he killed some Yuuzhan Vong and informed Luke about this situation. Ulgen was later partnered with fellow Jedi Corran Horn on the first battle of Fondor for ending the production of JK-13 security droids on the planet, in addition to preventing the planet from falling to the Confederacy. Traveling with the barrister Deivulb Sneil while Horn worked in the desert with four ERCs, Ulgen made contact with both the Hutts and Rodians and the Desert Wind irregulars, trained and led by Horn and the Rebels. While Ulgen and Sneil tried to find a peaceful resolution to the problem, Horn and the ERCs were preparing the Desert Wind troops for a small war, if necessary.

Meeting with Jaina

On Coruscant he met his first apprentice Jaina Solo a girl who was strong in the Force. Luke decided that the girl must be trained and Ulgen was surprised from Jaina's abilities and her strong Force potential. Later told that the girl had the knowledge and power to become a Jedi. Jaina was a very smart and strong girl that if will be well-trained she will become very powerful Jedi. Luke was very proud of Ulgen because he was his strongest and greatest apprentice. They went on the Jedi Temple and Ulgen granted the title of the Jedi Master.

Jedi Master

Jaina learned from her master perfectly the seven forms and greatly some unorthodox combat forms that she will never be defeated from no one. After twenty years of constant training Jaina was a specialized Jedi Padawan and Luke was very proud of this. Later Luke sent them in the Battle of Corulag. In the final events of Yuuzhan Vong War Ulgen and Jaina were strong and defeated many Yuuzhan Vong warriors. After finishing Jaina's training, Ulgen had more apprentices such as Gavin Skywalker and Irigondo. Ulgen corrected many Jedi Padawans and younglings to their combats and also taught them who to gain light energy in front of all Jedi. He took part in many training duels for helping the Jedi become better. Winter Celchu was one of very smart Jedi who were trained from him. He traveled on Ord Mantell and to Corellia for another apprentice and he found Andrew Keldarith.

He trained him for sixteen years but in a moment of his training, he went on Korriban. He found and opened the holocron of Darth Horrendus and Darth Niflheim a Sith Lord tempted him to follow the dark side. Ulgen later was constantly close to the Jedi and taught them using Force powers and lightsabers correctly.

Murder and Rebellion

We will resist to the corruption and to the darkness. We will always serve the Force, protect and heal the innocent people and we will promise that we will never betray the Order.
—Ulgen Skywalker who was the only unshaken Jedi

One day circa 57 ABY Ulgen when wanted to talk with Saba he found her dead. Luke watched her shocked and Corran wanted immediately to find the murderer. An hour ago Saba when watched the view Coruscant Andrew Keldarith stabbed her thrice. Then Andrew rebelled against the Order with many Jedi from all ranks and numerous Jedi came to his side. The Order was much disorganized. For a time the nature of the Order was deranged irrecoverable because Andrew the Force-bearer and with him fell numerous Jedi and the whole Order was filled with terror. Then Ulgen the only unshaken Jedi went out and showed his love for the Order screaming that he will never change his belief and kept the Jedi close to the Force. Ulgen became the new Grand Jedi Master of the Order and the Jedi who stayed with him are the real defenders of light but Andrew Keldarith became Darth Cocytus the sworn enemy of the Order and Dark Lord of the Sith.

Grand Master

Ulgen was elected as the new Grand Master of the Order circa 58 ABY. Ulgen established a new Temple on Coruscant. She trained Jagged Fel and made him strong to the Force. During the Second Republic Purge he went on Ziost. Darth Acerduun, a Sith Pureblood was slaved thirty Jedi. Ulgen wielding a double-bladed and green color lightsaber sensed strong dark energy and found Acerduun. Acerduun with a group of twelve Sith attacked on Ulgen. Ulgen killed all of them in some minutes and Ulgen was hidden. A Republic Commando fought with Acerduun and when Acerduun was going to kill him, Ulgen trapped Acerduun and they had a strong duel. For a moment Acerduun destroyed the left hand of Ulgen and then Ulgen used Force beauty which weaken Acerduun. He defeated him but he lost his hand. The Republic issued to him over 200 credits whether he was dead or alive. Urigoth, a Twi'lek Male Jedi who learned self-control and patience from his training from Ulgen. Ulgen informed him for never being afraid from nothing because fear leads to the dark side. He also told the council for finding new apprentices because he knew that a large war will began in the future. He sent Wolf Sazen to find some apprentices. A new team of Sith cultists had rise on the galaxy known as the new disciples of Ragnos. Sith cooperated with many criminal organisations such as Shadow Knights and Black Sun for both profits.

Circa 96 ABY Ulgen visited Hoth with four Jedi to find Ood Bnar's holocron and the Codex of Tython. He killed a lot of Sith troopers and droids and he finally found only Ood Bnar's holocron. In the battle of Dantooine against Mandalorians with crimelords Ulgen after stealing technology he opened the doors of the Jedi Enclave. He searched towers, farms and the whole Enclave and this made him very angry. Dakus a famous serial killer and Shadow Knight with his minions and bodyguards told him that he will never take it because he won't be alive. In to an opened area of numberless citizens Ulgen was defended from millions of shoots from using his lightsaber. He killed them in seconds and he defeated Dakus who was later escaped. He found many datapads and code that helped him to find the codex. In the battle of Maridun Jedi against numberless Sith in the Imperial Citadel Ulgen as the leader of the Jedi killed over six Sith Masters and defeated Darth Sybertus and his strike on him was named as the aircrash.

He also learnt to his students being harmonious. For many years he continued as Grand Jedi Master and had numerous students. He was excellent and perfect to unortodox tactics and combats and this made him unbeatable. Jedi called him as the Grand leader. One day he went on Ruusan and visited the valley of the Jedi seeing the spirits of the Ancient Jedi. At the death of Luke Skywalker he created Luke's statue which was in front of the Jedi Temple.

Personality and traits

Sometimes I really think that why you are so humble????. You had great abilities as a Jedi don't be afraid the fear leads to the dark side.
—Luke Skywalker

In his youth Ulgen was very secret character and often cruel with everyone. However he was very strong in the Force after the First Battle of Fondor who defeated numberless Yuuzhan Vong warriors. He had the strength to become the leader of the Jedi because either was very talented Master and either had a good relationship with the younglings. He was very humble and he didn't believed that he was much skilled and talented, he alaways wanted to learn more.

Powers and abilities

Ulgen was a Jedi who had the talent to clean souls from their sins and redeemed and enlightening them using Force Beauty. He also had the ability to save people and he was a hero not only a Grand Jedi Master. Many Jedi admired him because he had splendid power.

Behind the scenes

The name Ulgen in the Mongolian mythology and folklore was the name of their Creator deity. This god protected the people from Erlik. Some Jedi believed that Ulgen Skywalker protected the Order from destruction, corruption and darkness.

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