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Uahoo was a Tusken master of the dark side of the Force, originally trained by Darth Sidious. Being distraught when his master quited the training, he murdered the Jedi master Yarael Poof in 26 ABY with the aim to get into his favors again, but it eventually contributed to him being sent into exile on Tatooine. During his presence on the planet, in 22 ABY the man undertook to train the Force-sensitive Shmi Skywalker, and in 21 ABY he initiated a strict collaboration with the Galactic Minority, chaired by the President Broasca Nar, to whom he introduced himself as Corporal. Together with the movement, he invaded the planet of Naboo. The Tusken saw his own business in this risk-bringing activity, as he wanted to get in possession of the obsidian ring, located on Naboo. During the invasion, a membership referendum was carried out to formalize the Minority's activity, and the monarch of the planet, Hallina, was soon convicted of death resulting from this. However, the penalty was eventually not convicted.

In response to a number of the Queen Hallina's distress calls, the Chancellor Grewspha decided to send to the planet her ambassadors in the person of Commissioner Lanever Villecham, padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster. During a negotiation between them and Broasca Nar, Uahoo murdered the latter with his double bisento, at once receiving the entire authority throughout the system. The New Republic envoys, in turn, managed to escape and freed the detained Hallina on their way. When a couple of hours later the mansion was arrived in by Luke Skywalker, Uahoo put up a fight, took over his lightsaber, and eventually, as the duel came to an end, ended up holding this when falling down a burning hallway. He survived the failure, though, and within following days he arranged the Raid on Hosnian Prime in 22 ABY, which resulted in him taking the authority over the New Republic. In effect, the New Republic high command was forced to go into exile. Uahoo, in turn, settled in the Galactic Senate building, where he unsuccessfully attempted to make the Commissioner for Cultural Politics Rawse Varta share with him information on the obsidian ring that he was in possession of. Directly after this, he took the eventual revenge on the Queen Hallina by killing her vilely.

The chamber was soon entered by Luke Skywalker. During the duel with the Tusken, the last Jedi easily got back his weapon, which made Uahoo reach for his Kyuzo petars so the fight could be continued. However, he was quickly disarmed by having his both palms cut off. When Skywalker defeated him and let him live, he used the Force to reach for one of the pettars and threw it towards Luke, who, in an act of defense, pushed it back directly to his opponent's body with telekinesis, and unintentionally caused it to stick through his chests, which cost the Tusken his life.


Sith training

Uahoo was born in a people of the native inhabitants of the planet of Naboo, the Tusken Raiders. At a certain point of his life, Darth Sidious, also known as Sheev Palpatine, chose him to be his apprentice and began his training in the dark side of the Force. It was then that Uahoo constructed his first lightsaber. Another time, however, Palpatine considered Uahoo to be too much far-reaching with his intelligence for his training to be continued. As a result, he quited it incomplete, just like before, when he had ended the training of Darth Shpanner, also known as Cliegg Lars. The Dark Lord of the Sith took the Tusken his lightsaber, but left him alone rather than killed him, as he saw his own advantage in this. Thus, as far as he followed the Rule of Two, he doubted its sense, and due to this, although he found his former apprentices harmless, he believed they were strong enough to pass on the Order's existence in case of the Rule of Two's failure.

In exile

Duel with Yarael Poof

Since the very moment his master quited his training, Uahoo had lived in exile. With an aim to get back into the favor of his old master, who had meanwhile lost his other apprentice, Darth Maul, he constructed another lightsaber. In 26 ABY he aimed to kill the Quermian Jedi master Yareal Poof, one among the then members of the Jedi Council, which he executed in a direct fight. The action, however, brought a negative result to him instead of a positive one, as Sidious found it alarming rather than impressive. Consequently, he sent him into exile on Tatooine, where he thought the Tusken would act harmless.

Training of Shmi Skywalker

During his presence on Tatooine, Uahoo made contact to Shpanner, also known as Cliegg Lars, who had been trained by the same master prior to him. Around 22 ABY Uahoo began training Shmi Skywalker, who Cliegg sent to his camp himself, as he could not train her on her own resulting from their strong, husband-wife relationship.

In 22 ABY the Lars' farm was arrived on by Anakin Skywalker, searching for his mother. It was then that Cliegg informed him of his mother having been kidnapped and killed by the native Tatooine inhabitants, the Tusken Raiders. Against his stepfather's will, Anakin set off to rescue her, and when he found her in a tent while she was training her brain being stuck to barriers, the woman fabricated her death. In an act of revenge, Skywalker murdered the present in the camp, and Uahoo was one of few to survive the vile attack. In the meanwhile, in turn, it was Darth Shpanner who got there to swap the sack with her wife's body for one filled with potatoes.

Preludium of the Neimoidian War

Taking control over Naboo

Following the Galactic Empire's downfall, Uahoo initiated a close collaboration with the free movement of the Galactic Minority, to the leader of which, Broasca Nar, he introduced himself as Corporal. In 21 ABY the organization invaded the planet of Naboo and consequently took the entire authority throughout system. Uahoo had his own business in this activity, because his aim was to get in possession of a certain artifact located on the planet, which—as it turned out later—was nothing more than the obsidian ring. The invasion resulted in Uahoo, Broasca Nar, and the rest of the high command settling in the Royal Mansion in the Theed City, into which a Neimoidian cruiser was meanwhile placed. Within the following days, when the local society approved of the membership in the organization resulting from a referendum being carried out, the Queen Hallina was convicted of death in terms of being beheaded. However, the penalty was not executed, as their personal handmaidens in the character of the Padma Elite Guard stood up for defending her. In effect, the woman was only hidden in a cellar together with them, and the Neimoidian Broasca Nar temporarily received the full authority over the whole system.

Taking control over the Galactic Minority

It's been long since I last fought a Jedi. Seemingly, I haven't done it since the memorable duel with Yarael Poof.
—Uahoo mentions the duel of 21 ABY.

Even prior to the removal of her, the Queen Hallina sent numerous signals to the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha. After the fabricated death of the monarch, the politician at last chose to send to the planet her personal envoys in the persons of the former chancellor and the then Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham with the padawan Ben Solo and the barman Dexter Jettster. Broasca Nar was the one responsible for welcoming them, but his actual intention was kept disguised — in fact, his aim was to attract a Jedi and a meaningful member of the Senate according to the deal with Uahoo. At some point of a conversation between both sides, Nar ordered the — present in the chamber — Admiral Prewt to bring Uahoo, to whom he referred as "Corporal".

Upon being informed of Queen Hallina's death (which was actually fabricated), Dexter Jettster ironically asked whether the same fate was predicted to them once the formalness was handled. Uahoo, already entering the chamber, expressed a doubt about the argument. As he went further, he praised the president and congratulated him on attracting the Jedi and the former Chancellor. It was a pleasure for the Neimoidian to listen to these words. Nevertheless, he hopefully said that the amount sourced from the ransom would undeniable strengthen their collaboration. The Tusken, however, had a far different plan. When he found himself behind the president's chair, he leaned over and activated his double bisento to take the man his life. Once the body fell to the ground limply, he reached for the Force and this way lifted the two Senat guardians, James and Olbrych — who had arrived along with the Commissioner Villecham — and eventually choked them with telekinesis.

In the wake of the guardians' death, Ben Solo immediately stood up and ignited his lightsaber. In response to this, Uahoo also stood ready to fight, continuing to hold his blood-dirty bisento. The Tusken then told the history of Yareal Poof, whom he killed prior to the Clone Wars. He thus warned the Jedi apprentice against meeting with the same fate. After that, Dexter Jettster attempted to approach Uahoo. However, he did not manage to reach the dark side user, as he pushed him towards a wall through the Force with telekinesis. A fuse located across the wall was damaged by the massive Besalik, which caused an electricity failure, which — in turn — made the room absolutely dark.

Ben Solo's lightsaber became the only source of light inside the chamber. Uahoo took advantage of this and began scaring the padawan by asking him what he — as a padawan that ended together with light — would do if told that he was about to kill Commissioner Villecham. In order to protect the Tarsunt, the boy slightly got back and unintentionally ran into the senator, who consequently told him off for a lack of attention. In the meantime, Uahoo took on to tease the padawan by hitting in a variety of his body parts with the bisento of his. At some point, the annoyed Solo asked his opponent what he wanted to achieve by this. With the question not answered, he suddenly saw the door opening. Dexter Jettser, still rayed by electricity, immediately knocked out the Tusken, who consequently passed out when colliding to a wall.

After the ambassadors left the chamber, it was Prewt that awakened Uahoo by banging his cheeks. With his eyes opened, the Tusken saw the Neimoidian smiling enthusiastically. After that, he became unsettled upon taking look at Broasca Nar's body. It was then that the officer asked the Tusken whether to send battle droids after the deserters. He, however, rejected and claimed that they would flee even so, and advised that the machines only tease them. He argued it that the mansion could not really be escaped from. In response, Prewt only scratched his head and, a moment later, became angry about somebody giving commands to his army. When he mentioned that the President was dead, Uahoo started choking him with the Force. When he repeated the Admiral's words of the President being dead, Prewt glanced at him and said, "Long live the President".

Following that, the three ambassadors found themselves in the Royal Room, where they heard certain voices from under the floor. Once they opened the flap, they saw Queen Hallina herself along with her Padmas. With their forces joined together, they figured a plan consisting in them getting to the main bridge and emitting a distress signal, which would have enough power to reach a nearby cruiser.

Duel with Luke Skywalker

You're not here for the authority or for money, are you? You're not here for me or Ben, either. You're here for the artifact.
—Luke Skywalker speaks to Uahoo.

In the meanwhile, Uahoo contacted Luke Skywalker in a certain way and told him to get to Naboo with no guards. The Jedi, in turn, had already fought his grandmother, Shmi, who attacked him when on Jakku, which eventually cost her her life, even though she was thought to have died years before. Despite, the man did what the Tusken asked him for, and he got inside the mansion through one of ventilation shafts. Leaving it behind, he was spotted by Admiral Prewt. The Jedi introduced himself as a conservator, which did not appeal to the Neimoidian, though. In effect, them man went to pass it to his boss.

In the meantime, Luke was continuing his trip along the hallway, divided into segments. When he wanted to skip to another, the door suddenly closed, and the very room became overwhelmed in darkness. After that, light began igniting progressively, beginning with the segment where Luke was standing. At the opposite end, within a five-meter distance, it got entirely bright, and it was then that Luke spotted Uahoo. The Tusken took his double bisento off his back and extended it, holding it in a horizontal way to his body, and then he welcomed the Jedi addressing him according to his name. When the man admitted having known that he would get there, Luke claimed that he received the message and came exactly as his opponent wanted him to, who meant him alone and without a fleet. At these words, the dark side user confessed that, according to him, Skywalker was really stupid, assuming that if he had come with support, not only could he save himself, but also the ambassadors. In the then condition, he would die along with them. At these words, the Jedi activated his lightsaber standing ready to attack. The opponent of his, however, only reached for his communicator and directly addressed Amiral Prewt on this, asking not to play with Commissioner Villecham, padawan Solo, and barman Jettster, as he found them not necessary any longer after Skywalker's arrival. As soon as he finished the talk, also Skywalker spoke. He suggested that his opponent had not come to the planet to receive authority, nor had he done it for him or Ben, but in fact he had found himself there with an aim of getting a certain artifact. Uahoo did not reject, but he emphasized that the mentioned object would never end up held by Luke.

The duel began. The Tusken attempted to take advantage of Luke's weak points. He, however, avoided the moves of his opponent smartly and kept resistant, which drove Uahoo furious and finally ended up with him attacking stronger and stronger. At some point the Tusken lifted his bisento as highly as possible to hurt the master with the metal element. However, he defended himself against it, after which he raised his lightsaber above his head to direct it into the dark Jedi as strongly as he could. In effect, the bisento was broken in half in the hinge, and both ends of its fell onto the ground. In spite of being disarmed, the man did not surrender, but pushed Skywalker forward with his palms kept together. Eventually, Luke banged on the door that he wanted to get through a couple of moments before, and he passed out. It was then that the Tusken reached the Jedi's lightsaber and ignited it. When approaching him, he was holding it down so it was rubbing against the floor and consequently melting the steel it was covered with.

In the meanwhile, upon Uahoo's command, Admiral Prewt sent battle droids to face the ambassadors and the Monarch. They, however, were defended by the Padma Elite Guard. In effect, they all headed to the main bridge, leaving the barman Dexter Jettster stuck in a hole between floors. At some point Commissioner Villecham got rid of the Padmas by sending them to a certain hallway, and he knocked out Queen Hallina by himself. In this way, he quited the originally developed plan as he considered her to be a double. It was then that he activated the computer on his own with the aim of leaving the planet on the castle-located cruiser's board. The things, however, eventually took a far different shape. Consequently, the man caused the ship bow by a pretty wide angle.

The result of this did not leave Uahoo without an impact on. Thus, the Tusken, as he approached Luke with the Jedi-belonging lightsaber ignited, began moving backwards, which eventually made him lose balance and end up on one of doors. Luke, however, at the eventual moment caught the one he was about to get through a moment prior to that. Suddenly, Skywalker dropped his biologically natural hand and therefore only sustained himself with the mechanic one. He reached for the Force, and this way opened the door on which Uahoo was lying literally in a vertical way below him. The helpless Tusken again glanced at his adversary, and it was then that he fell into the depth of the hallway holding the Jedi's weapon. In the very end, it came to an explosion as a direct result of the fall. Luke, in turn, was eventually rescued by R2-D2, who took him to the bridge, from which they, along with Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, and the passed-out Hallina, were taken to the Skawa cruiser by Vice Admiral Holdo. Soon, an alcohol-themed party was arranged in that place.

Neimoidian War

Raid on Hosnian Prime

Uahoo survived the fall in depth of the burning hallway. In 22 ABY, continuing to be in charge of the Galactic Minority, he arranged the Attack on Hosnian Prime, using Neimoidian cruisers and flying vulture-like droids during the consequent fight. These actions had a strong contribution to the most impactful individuals of the New Republic going into exile, such as Chancellor Grewpsha, the Speaker of the Military Council Amilyn Holdo, and the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham. B1-classed droids, divided into squads, began an immediate arrest of citizens who found themselves in streets by chance. By themselves, Uahoo and Admiral Prewt settled in the Senate building, which astonishingly featured a throne hall. The former also took the Republic high politicians prisoners, such as the Commissioner for Cultural and Social Politics Rawse Varta and Queen Hallina, a former Monarch reigning over Naboo, with whom he personally felt upset. In turn, one of those who stayed on the planet was the unspotted Luke Skywalker, whose lightsaber was still possessed by Uahoo, and his droid R2-D2.

Questioning Rawse Varta

He who wears it, receives an amazing power regarding the efficiency of his telekinesis. Not only, though. The legends say that he who activates it, does not pass away.
—Uahoo speaks about the obsidian ring.

During his presence on Hosnian Prime, Uahoo attempted at a solution of the obsidian ring's mystery. It was then that he considered the Commissioner for the Cultural and Social Politics, Rawse Varta, to be the properest person to handle the stuff. Due to this, the man ordered that the woman be brought to the hall and chained with blue, energetic beams, so that she floated over a particular obelisk. One day, once the Tusken entered the chamber with his palms crossed on his back and his body slightly bowed forwards, Rawsa Varta was screaming the loudest she could, emitting a far-reaching, high, and annoying sound, at once keeping her mouth open pretty wide, which contributed to the dark side user being fear that it could break in corners.

Having sat down in the throne, the man welcomed Rawse Varta, putting a stress on the office of the Commissioner for Cultural Politics, which she held. The elder woman, however, did not interrupted screaming. Despite it getting on the Tusken's nerves, the mask that he was seen wearing successfully covered the mimic of his face. Continuing the speech, he confessed that he needed a certain artifact to be activated. He also considered the senator to easily figure it out, arising from the function that she performed. The man therefore gracefully took a golden ring off his palm and began approaching Rawse Varta. In the wake of this, the woman refrained from shouting for a short period, which Uahoo found to be kind of a progress.

The Tusked asked the woman whether she could see the ring. She, having quited screaming, nodded positively. Uahoo, in turn, said that it was good and explained to her that it was the very obsidian through which the Force float. It was not until then that the woman said anything. She commented on the artifact's appearance and consequently admitted that it looked nice indeed. The Force user responded that not only did it look nice but also was practical, as he who worn it, received an amazing power, regarding his telekinesis skills. After this, with the ring put on again, he began heading straight for the throne again. Starring at the ring, he claimed that, unless the legends did not get it wrong, he who activated it, would not ever pass away. Continuing to stare at at the ring, the man sat in the throne and said to Rawse Varta that it was weird that she did not share any comment. The dark side user then glanced at the woman again. Once she found in front of him continuing to turn around, she came back to screaming. He responded, however, that her tricks did not have an influence on him. After these words, the elder got silent and confessed that she had received the office because of her relationship to the Chancellor, as nobody took serious officers for cultural issues. Uahoo called it an expression of nepotism and, having glanced and the ring once again, reached for his communicator to get connected to Admiral Prewt to order that Queen Hallina be brought there.

Manslaughter of Hallina

Take a glance at this monarch. A 50-year-old queen in charge… no make-up, no handmaidens…
—Uahoo speaks about Hallina.

The plump Neimoidian soon brought the Monarch to the hall. Despite being handcuffed, she continued wearing the crown on her head. The Monarch seemed to be saddened. With this fact noticed, the Tusken addressed Rawse Varta and emphasized the monarch's age and a visible lack of her handmaidens around. He moreover considered it a pity to hold a queen title despite being over fifty years old. After that, still sitting in the throne, he reached out one of his hands forwards, and consequently flexed his body slightly. Using the Force, he lifted the Queen and, with her handcuffs torn apart, began choking her. The confused and helpless woman attempted to stop the progressive, string-like pressure, but it did not bring any effect. When the dark side user was still sitting in the throne with his body bowed forwards, he shouted to Rawse Varta to make her confess the mystery, otherwise he would murder Hallina.

In the meanwhile, the progressive stress caused Hallina to feel worse and worse, which ended up with her being unable to take a breath at some point. It was then that several spots popped up in front of her eyes, which eventually made her not see anything. After a moment, however, the Tusken dropped her, which resulted in her falling upon the floor. His giggle had reached her ears directly before he lifted her again and set in a kneeling position. The man grabbed her cheeks and moved on pushing them slightly, and then asked her ironically what favor he would achieve by killing her. Hallina, in turn, honorably kept in silence, but more and more tears began flowing into her eyes despite it. With the woman starring at his eyes, the Tusken told her not to worry, as — as he said — he did not indent to kill her. A moment later, however, he admitted to have trolled, and ignited Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, which he had taken over on Naboo, and injured her mortally across her stomach. Her body fell on her left side, and the very crown fell off her head resulting from banging it upon the floor.

Second duel with Luke Skywalker and death

Initiation of the duel

You know, it's kind of an honor for one to die from your one's own weapon.
—Uahoo speaks to Luke being unaware of the cause of his incoming death.

Upon murdering Hallina, Uahoo headed towards the throne keeping his palms plaited across his back and being slightly bent forwards. Having sat, heglanced at the woman again and it was then that he understood she had no idea on the artifact he had asked her about, according to what she flatly claimed. He therefore found it senseless to keep requesting her. In the meanwhile, the hall was entered byt Luke Skywalker, who had stayed on Hosnian. When Uahoo spotted him in front of the throne, he did not even move. He was astonished by his presence, as though he did not really believe him to be there.

When it hit him it was real what he could see in front, he whispered the name of the Jedi master and ordered that Prewt leave. When the Neimoidian came into the hallway set vertically towards the way out, Uahoo reached out his right hand forwards and closed it through telekinesis by using the Force. As a result, the ones that stayed inside were only he, Skywalker, and Rawse Varta. The Jedi was closely following the moves of the Galactic Minority's President, despite turning around for a moment to take a glance at the way out closing.

Tired of this slight strain, the Tusken Raider laid his hands upon the throne's rests to get up leaning against them. Upon rising, he began approaching the Jedi master. He, however, did not seem either worried or frightened by the visible intention of the former lord of the Sith. When both of the men found themselves as close as five meters to each other, Uahoo initiated a conversation and said that he would never suspect Luke of being willing to take such a radical step as coming to his in spite of the droid army, guards, and the single fact the Jedi had been disarmed since the Duel on Naboo. The human surprisingly agreed with that point, but he admitted that the guards could be trained much better. After this, he bent his head slightly left. Regardless, the Tusken was not seduced by his oponent's polemics. He said as much as that he seemed to have something belonging to the Jedi, and then he reached towards his belt to pin off a gray lightsaber handle, which Skywalker should properly be in possession of. Moreover, he added it was kind of an honor to die from one's own weapon. Although he meant Luke, he did not expect himself to face this fate by himself instead of the Jedi.

Fighting with the lightsaber

Sidious had his own favor in this. First, he got rid of Shpanner, and when he learned fugured out I could think on my own, he opted out of me as well. It became clear he needed a killing device.
—Uahoo speaks to Luke Skywalker.

Once Uahoo ignited the blue beam of Skywalker's weapon, which he was in possession of, the energy ray was reflected by the Jedi's eyes. It was then that the former Sith apprentice self-certainly set off towards the Jedi master. However, when he swung, the Jedi leaned backwards by no more than 90 degrees, contributing to the plasma beam floating around a millimeter over his nose. Uahoo, in turn, slipped along the floor towards the closed door. Having stopped, he turned away towards his opponent and saw him keeping well in spite of having no weapon. That was the eventual factor to drive him furious.

Smiling slightly, Luke ironically asked Uahoo whether it always caused him a problem to fight using a lightsaber. Although he did not expect a response, he eventually received one. Thus, Uahoo confessed that it was true. He also mentioned being deprived of his first lightsaber by Darth Sidious after he chose to forsake him, and of the second one just after he murdered Yarael Poof, which resulted in him being sent into exile on Tatooine by the Dark Lord of the Sith, who was fear his plan being exposed. When the Tusken leaned down and caught the green-bladed lightsaber with his both palms, he added that the Dark Lord preferred preventing to repairing, as his activities could reveal the man's plans.

Uahoo pounced on the human once again. This time, however, he made much more moves meant to take his life. Skywalker took advantage of this fact and briefly took over the lightsaber, properly belonging to him. When, after facing the Jedi directly, the dark side user again found himself by the side of the throne, he found out that he had been deprived of the weapon. Having turned around, he saw Luke holding it the way he took it — flipped back and slightly directed backwards.

Skywalker, beginning to look more serious, asked Uahoo what aim Sidious saw in that all. At these words, the Tusken straightened up and claimed him to have had his own benefit. Thus, once he forsook Shpanned and considered him himself thinking too far on his own, it turned out clear that he metaphorically needed a killing device rather than a real apprentice. In addiction to this, the Sith was doubtful of the Rule of Two's future success and, despite obeying its commandments, he preferred to protect himself through him and Shpanner, who were supposed to serve as sort of a lifebuoy in case of the Rule of Two failing.

Fighting with the petars

You've failed, master Jedi. What you interrupted on the Death Star with your father comes to live on this day. Eighteen years have been enough for the dark side to mature.
—Uahoo speaks to Luke Skywalker about his legacy.

It was then that Uahoo unexpectedly put two Kyuzaon petars out of his sleeves. He kept them there in case of it coming to disarming. Holding them, the man activated red beams and headed towards Skywalker, who, however, successfully resisted the blows of the former Sith apprentice. However, at some point, the Tusken Raider hit strongly on Luke's lightsaber's blade's left side, using two petars at once. Meanwhile, he admitted using the form Teräs Käsi, which he considered being far more successful than the seven forms, used in mass by the Jedi Order's members.

The graceful Tusken got back and approached the throne closer. A moment later, he made a smart jump towards the Jedi. As he jumped, he crossed his metal blades, and, upon landing, he held his hands up over his head. It was the position in which he hewed his petars against Luke's energetic beam, and he consequently began a physic duel with Luke trying to resist the perfectly aimed attack of his adversary. It was then that Uahoo said to Luke that he had failed, as he believed it was a moment at which the dark side strength was reborn after being interrupted on the Death Star II by Luke and his father killing the Emperor. He then concluded that the period of eighteen years was fairly enough for the dark side to mature. Luke, however, attempted to resist his opponent's strike as strongly as he could. Stemming from this strain, the son of the Chosen One opened his mouth, showing his white teeth tightened. From his point, it was meaningful for Uahoo not to push his lighsaber towards him too far. Unless he did, the balance of the Force would really be threatened.

Uahoo, in turned, took on to continue his speech. Keeping his petars against Skywalker's lightsaber, he whispered that he won exactly because he contributed to this by himself by murdering Shmi vilely on Uahoo, which he considered a failure and screamed out straight for the Jedi's face. Only at these words, Skywalker's face took a slight different features. The man smiled and, after taking a deep breath, denied it being the truth. He claimed Shmi to have committed a suicide by lighting the beam on her own. She killed herself in an act of distress after what she had done. As the woman was an apprentice of Uahoo, Skywalker concluded that it was he who failed indeed. With the truth learned, Uahoo opened his mouth, but the mask he wore disguised it.

Then, Luke quited resisting the Tusken Raider's strike. As a result, Uahoo's petars' blades moved like scissors when crossed. The Jedi master, at the final moment, managed to lean backwards so that he avoided being beheaded and only lose some of beard hairs. When getting up, the Jedi did not waste the opportunity and aimed his lightsaber directly against arteries below Palpatine's former apprentice's palms.

Disarming, an attempt at revenge, and death

I will not kill you just because of being a Jedi.
—Skywalker refuses to kill Uahoo.

Resulting from Luke's blade being crashed into Uahoo's hands, he lost his both palms, and resulting from the wounds he received, he stumbled upon his back and found himself in a semi-lying position, with his elbow leaned against the floor. In the meantime, he could hear the sound the petars emitted when falling down. From the points that once his palms swole from, smoke was seen floating as well as the smell of a burning body. However, the dark side user only recognized it after a moment.

Uahoo raised his head and it was there that he spotted Luke. The Jedi was aiming at him holding the lightsaber activated. It was then that Uahoo told him to kill him, addressing him as "Jedi". Skywalker only responded that he would not kill him just because of being a Jedi, after which he turned off the weapon, smiled, and got back towards the way out. The confused Tusken then glanced at one of the petars lying in sight. Around his head, a thought appeared to throw it towards the Jedi and consequently, but not honorably, kill him and win. Despite the anger increasing inside, he was unable to release the plan due to having being deprived of his palms. Instead he decided to use the Force and operate with telekinesis. Despite it not being visible because of the mask he wore, the Tusken closed his eyes. Then, he reached out one of the smoking points towards the metal blade. As he did it, he imagined his hands being in the proper condition, as though he still had a palm and was now sticking his fingers through the petar's handle. The man gave it enough power and threw it towards Luke. The blade turning around took the straight direction at the Jedi master's backbone. He, however, sensed it at the eventual moment and, within half a second, turned around. When he suddenly reached out his right hand, he reached for the Force to direct the blade towards his enemy, so towards Uahoo, which he did directly before it crashed his palm. The spinning petar was flying to the dark side user. He, in turn, did not manage to turn, so the blade consequently centrally stuck through his body. Continuing to fly, the blood-dirty blade was stuck into the throne's behind. Uahoo took a breath and reached towards his wound. In spite of no palm, he felt the blood through the smoking point. He found it more and more difficult to breathe. Upon glancing at Luke again, he closed his way and fell, dying.

Post mortem

The New Republic in exile's plan was partly released, as the droid army was deactivated by the main panel on Naboo being switched off, which resulted in the wireless energy being interrupted permanently. In turn, Admiral Prewt left Hosnian Prime and docked upon the Vice President Upel Newtareg's ship. In the face of droids being off and no signal being received from Uahoo, he ordered the Theed City to be shot towards.


Uahoo was ruthless and devious and he loved abusing his opponents. He particularly paid attention to himself, which he proved by killing Broasca Nar, who he collaborated with to receive ransom. He did not find it difficult, either, to kill a humanoid without any aim.


Teräs Käsi. Way more successful that the seven forms of the Jedi
—Uahoo speaks about his form.

Uahoo, unlike other users of the Force, used a double bisento when fighting rather than a lightsaber. He was amazingly smart and, thanks to his skills, he succeeded to get the authority over the Galactic Minority. He did not fail at using the Force, either. Thus, with his hands cut off, he could visualize their presence to continue using the Kyuzoan petars. However, he wanted to have an increase in his abilities by wearing the obsidian ring once activated.

Despite having been trained in the seven forms of lightsaber combat, Uahoo definitely prefered the Teräs Käsi form, using which he showed his smartness.

Physical appearance

Uahoo was a Tusken Raider and, just like most of this species's members, he used to wear a suit covering his body. In addition, it also covered his emotions, which strengthened him in fight and at other harmful moments. Upon his stomach, he used to wear a belt that featured his communicator and Luke Skywalker's lightsaber once he took it over. Upon his back, he worn the flexible bisento until it was destroyed. Furthermore, he always kept two Kyuzo petars in his sleeves in case of being disarmed one day.



Uahoo was not keen on fighting with lightsabers.

His first lightsaber was constructed when Uahoo was Darth Sidious's apprentice. However, when the Sith Lord quited his training, he took his weapon, which made the Tusken build another. That one, however, was also confiscated, this time after he murdered Yarael Poof.

With his bisento broken, Uahoo used Luke Skywalker's lightsaber for a short period of time.

Double bisento

With both of his lightsaber taken, Uahoo began using a bisento, which, in turn, was lost days prior to the Neimoidian War, once it broke apart affected by a powerful collision with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Kyuzo petars

When fighting Teräs Käsi, Uahoo switched up to his Kyuzo petars. He was even able to use them through telekinesis, without using his palms.


The name Uahoo comes from the English noun yahoo. Correctly, it should be pronounced as /.juɑ'huː/, where a third-syllabled stress appears.

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