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Tyris, a male Anzati, was one of two Sith apprentices trained by Eveline. The grandson of Nikkos Tyris. He despised Corran Horn, whose grandfather had killed Nikkos during the Clone Wars. During the epic battle aboard the Mark II Super Star Destroyer Vengeance, Tyris engaged Corran in single combat. Despite the advantage given him by his superior lightsaber skills, Corran goaded the Anzati into making the mistake of using Force Lightning against him. Corran's unique energy-absorbing ability allowed him to redirect the attack and kill Tyris without ever touching him with his blade.


Unlike most Dark Side users, Tyris used a blue lightsaber. This was presumably to honor other members of the Tyris family, as his grandfather was known to wield a blue blade. His fighting style was similar to that of the Jensaarai.