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Twist of Fate


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June 5, 2017




Old Republic era




Untitled New Sith Wars series

Twist of Fate is the third installment in Sakaros's still-Untitled New Sith Wars series and the second part of The Apprentice Trilogy. Immediately after the events of Shots Fired, Tirien Kal-Di attempts to bring a Gray Jedi back into the Order and, perhaps, make an ally for the Jedi Order who could turn the tide of the New Sith Wars.

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Having failed to kill Senator Glavial Iltek, Alecto returns to Lord Nerlus Zedum to discover him watching the slow death by torture of her fellow Acolyte Garzen, who had failed to detect a Republic informant. Alecto offers to undertake an even bolder mission to get the Council of Five what it really wants—control of the Perlemian Trade Route. Zedum blesses her plan, though Alecto later overhears him planning to dispose of her if she fails again.

On Taanab, Narasi Rican is still struggling to come to grips with her mistakes while assigned to protect Senator Iltek, though local AgriCorps Jedi Saotu and Finja give her some consolation. Tirien, still distant, comes to collect her, taking her to a ship Senator Iltek has given them, GX-521-A3. They are bound for Gizer, charged by the Jedi Council with bringing the Gray Jedi Karr Shadeez back into the Jedi Order proper. Shadeez is on Gizer meeting with Admiral Herqilius Arstyn, a renowned Republic Navy commander who has been one of the most dogged obstacles to Sith incursions.

On Gizer, Tirien and Narasi meet with Shadeez, who has assumed the rank of Jedi Master and is accompanied by a number of Jedi Knights he trained and Knighted on his own. The two debate the role of the Jedi Council in the war, with Shadeez committed to the will of the Force rather than the dictates of the Council and Tirien defending the Council's role as the interpreters of the Force and the coordinating masterminds of the Order's war against the Sith. Tirien feels a mutual connection with Rhosa Xei, one of Shadeez's Knights, who has the gift of battle meditation and has been a key factor in many of Shadeez's military successes; in a private conversation with her, Tirien discovers Rhosa is supportive of Shadeez reuniting with the Order and tipped off the Republic to his presence at Gizer.

Tirien and Narasi attend a meeting with Shadeez and Arstyn, where Tirien reaffirms Arstyn's loyalty to the Republic and convinces Shadeez to share some intelligence with the Jedi Order as a first step toward reconciliation. The two meet to sign accords, with Tirien, Narasi, Rhosa, and Rhosa's fellow Gray Knight Jylo Naki in attendance, but both Tirien and Rhosa are plagued by disquiet. Just before the signing of the accords, as Shadeez and Arstyn prepare for a ceremonial toast, Alecto, disguised as a server, assassinates both. She tries to kill Tirien as well with a saber throw, but the blow strikes Rhosa instead, mortally wounding her.

Jylo attacks Alecto while Tirien and Narasi try to comfort Rhosa. Bleeding out in their arms, she begs Tirien to save Jylo, and he intercedes just in time to prevent Alecto from killing Jylo. Tirien and Alecto fight an intense duel throughout Gizer Battlestation's concourse, but when Narasi tries to come to Tirien's aid, Alecto quickly overwhelms her and throws her over a railing. Tirien opts to save his apprentice rather than continue the fight, and Alecto escapes.

In the aftermath of the assassinations, Tirien castigates Narasi for interfering in a fight she was unprepared for, and she responds by pointing out that Tirien has not tried to prepare her. In the argument that follows, Tirien lets slip that the Jedi Council assigned her as his Padawan and he did not want her as his student. The revelation devastates Narasi, but moments later Gizer Battlestation comes under attack from a Sith fleet.

Zedum takes Alecto before Darth Saleej, his own Sith Overlord. Impressed by Alecto's cunning and skill, Saleej disregards Zedum's advice and anoints Alecto a full Sith Lord in her own right, as well as bestowing on her the warrior's title "Darth".

Behind the Scenes

Sakaros: “So the ultimate question: What do I call this chapter?
Fermata13: “Tirien and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.
Sakaros and Fermata13 try to name this chapter

Tirien Kal-Di and Karr Shadeez's discussion of the proper role—or lack thereof—of the Jedi Council in the governance of the Jedi Order was inspired by the spirit of Firedance's On the Illogicality of Jedi Involvement in the Clone Wars and Firedance's general fondness for philosophical point/counterpoint.

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