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I..shall bring peace to this chaos.

Troyb was a male Neimoidian and was the legal aide and the commander of the droid armies of the Federation, as well as one of the many lieutenants to Nute Gunray in the years leading up to and through the end of the Clone Wars.

He was Gunray's and Haako's advisor during the Blockade of Naboo, and often offered cautious advice to the Viceroy and his chief lieutenant. Despite nearly being arrested shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Troyb, like most of the Federation, was found "not guilty" of the charges laid against him when tried by the Supreme Court, and continued to serve the Trade Federation and the CIS throughout the Clone Wars.

Troyb later joined the Confederate remnant, but soon found it's ability of gathering system's to be in question. thus he fled underground and ran several scams during the "Dark Times" of the New Empire. In 11 BBY, Troyb heard of the destruction of the remnant, he smiled at the thought that he now, the former aide to Viceroy Nute Gunray, was now going to be in charge. The first thing Troyb did was contacted all former Confederacy supporter's and informed them of his plan, but needed their support.

Troyb was significantly more paranoid than Haako and more pessimistic; however, he was able to provide sound advice to the often panic-stricken Neimoidians, and often prevented a bad situation from becoming worse.


Early lifeEdit

Troyb was born on Cato Neimoidia from a family of Neimoidian merchants. Unlike most Neimoidian grubs, he did not end up in a grub hatchery due to his father's dislike of them, and hence he was not indoctrined to be as greedy and cowardly as other Neimoidians.

When Troyb eventually matured into a young adult, he at first intended to simply carry on with his father's business, but when his father had to sell the business due to debt, Troyb decided to aim for bigger prospects. He said goodbye to his parents and colleagues on Cato Neimoidia and headed out into the galaxy looking for a job. Eventually, he took notice of the Neimoidian-dominated Trade Federation, he sensed a potentially profitable job available with it.

Invasion of NabooEdit

Commander, activate all battle droids!
Troyb Battle of Naboo

Troyb during the Invasion of Naboo.

After joining the Trade Federation as personal aide to both Gunray and Haako, Troyb learned of the imposed taxation of the former free trade zones. He felt as he had joined at the wrong time. As senator Dod tried to make the Chancellor change his mind, Troyb knew it would not help the Federation, but he heard a rumour about secret meetings between Viceroy Gunray, Haako and Dofine. He thought it was nothing but rumors. As Viceroy Gunray started a blockade of the planet of Naboo, Troyb believed that Gunray was brain dead, but he decided to say nothing or Viceroy Gunray would demote him. As Troyb was told to be docking commander, which meant he made sure everything was running smoothly, a Republic cruiser landed in the hanger arm of the main battleship. Troyb told TC-14 to greet the guests who he believed to be the Chancellor's ambassadors sent to stop the blockade.

Later, he heard the security alarm as it went off and was informed the ambassadors were Jedi so he sent an OOM commander to destroy these Jedi. After the Jedi destroyed the battle droids and attempted to destroy the main control bridge doors, Troyb informed that the Jedi escaped into the vents so he had security on alert. As Viceroy Gunray dispatched the droid forces on Naboo, Troyb accompanied the Viceroy and Haako after they were informed the planet was secure. Once the shuttle landed in the main street overlooking the palace, Gunray, Haako, and Troyb entered the palace which was also was under control and the queen was with a droid which was known as T-1LR (this would be the first encounter with the droid, Tyler, that would help Troyb rule the galaxy years later).

As the queen and her advisors were informed that if she did not sign the document which would let their invasion become legal otherwise they would be killed, but the queen refused to sign the documents. So Troyb ordered T-1LR to take them to Camp four. As Viceroy Gunray settled into the palace, Troyb was informed that the Jedi ambassadors destroyed the entire security forces, except T-1LR, and worse they escaped in the hanger after destroying the battle droids. He informed Gunray and the Viceroy informed them how to let no ship by. Troyb told the Viceroy that the ship got past the blockade and worst of all out of range. After the escape of the queen, Viceroy Gunray and Haako returned to Saa'ak to have a meeting, little did Troyb know that it was a meeting with the person who would destroy the Federation. As Troyb tightened up security around the palace to make sure nothing else happened Viceroy Gunray returned to the planet and with one of the queen's advisors. As Gunray explained the events that were happening and his people were dying, Troyb informed the security droids to take him to the holding area. After the guards toke the advisor to the holding area, Haako informed Troyb to leave the room because of a meeting and to check on the forces. As Troyb left the room, he heard a voice which was unfamiliar to him but he thought it was nothing.

Clone WarsEdit


Troyb during the Clone Wars.

I don't like the looks of this.
—Troyb at Geonosis.

After the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Troyb became a leading aide of Viceroy Gunray. As the war seamed to go in the favour of the Republic's favor, Troyb informed his concerns to his superior, Rute Gunnay, but Rute dismissed his concerns. Troyb was confident Rute would soon be a footnote in history.

Battle of HothEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Republic set up a lab on the ice planet of Hoth to experiment with a type of jetpack for the jet troopers. Troyb learned of this and sent a fleet to Hoth. He engaged the Republic in battle. He finally decided to orbital bombardment on the lab, completely destroying it. All of the Republic soldiers lay dead in the lab. However, many clones were still on the battlefield, and Troyb could not risk another bombardment in fear of destroying his own troops. So he came up with a plan: he sent fourteen droidekas with upgraded shields to take them out. His plan worked. This was the first victory.

Battle of AlderaanEdit

Alderaan was also a major weapons department for the Republic. Again, Troyb did the bombardment on the factory. However, a deflector shield was covering the base. Troyb sent a specialized battle droid into the factory and destroyed the shield. He destroyed the facility. He went on to capture many planets and score many victories, but nothing would prepare him for the intense action at Coruscant.

Battle of CoruscantEdit

Troyb 2nd Battle of Coruscant

Troyb during the Battle of Coruscant.

During the space battle of Coruscant, Troyb was told to be a back up for fellow Neimoidian Lushros Dofine, but when he learned that two Jedi were on board, his nerves told him to get to an escape pod but as General Grievous walked into the bridge he seemed to dismiss the thoughts. Later when the two Jedi, which he was told to be the legendary Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, he almost fell out of his seat, but when he saw the Chancellor, he thought all was well. However, he was wrong. As the Jedi destroyed the General's bodyguards and half the crew, the general destroyed the viewport, almost sucking him out into space. Later escaping into a pod and to another ship, he went to Utapau to aide Gunray and Haako. Later he felt concerned about the move to Mustafar. As Gunray also shared the same concerns he openly showed his concerns to the council, but as the General threatened to end his life, Viceroy Gunray scurried to the shuttle. As Troyb accompanied the Viceroy to the shuttle, Gunray ordered him to take another shuttle. Troyb did as he was told.

Imperial eraEdit


Troyb during the imperial time.

As Troyb finally arrived with a fellow aide to Mustafar, they soon discovered the dead bodies of the entire council. As the other aide brought the hidden droids in the secret factories back to life, Troyb said he had just found out that a new empire had taken control of the universe. As the other aide later waged war against this new empire, Troyb returned to Cato Neimoidia to hide from this new order. Eight years later Troyb found out that the aide had been killed in a final battle, and worse the army was again shut down. Troyb soon said he would have revenge against this empire. As he took the new droid schematics into production on his new base world of Utapau, the Empire grew more suspicious of him. As the new super droid was finally finished, Troyb sent his new army to attack Imperial worlds when the time was right. Soon this new alliance known as the Rebel Alliance grew more and more impressive. Troyb had a better idea: wait for this alliance to destroy the empire, then he would destroy them, as Troyb found out about this super weapon: the new Death Star.

He remembered he still had blueprints of the old Death Star, but he needed someone to distract the Empire while he started to build this upgraded weapon. It was a good thing the alliance was starting to win this war. Two years later, when the Empire's own Death Star was destroyed, Troyb took his plan into action. As the war progressed the Empire had a victory at Hoth, Troyb started to become worried about how this war would end, but he stayed confident on the Rebels and was sure they would win. More and more battles happened during the next year and many lives and battles were lost on both sides. As this new Death Star came to completion, Troyb was not worried if it would be destroyed, he would destroy his enemy's first.

New RepublicEdit

After the destruction of the Death Star the Empire was defeated...for now. Anyway, Troyb's own battle station was almost completed, and he was ready for anything. As the New Republic started to reclaim the Core Worlds, Troyb started to deploy his army on small out-of-the-way worlds, worlds that nobody would care about. One by one, worlds started to crumble at the surprise attack of Troyb's army. The New Republic was aware of the threat now and they also started to deploy their own army, but sadly they did not stand a chance at all. Battles between the New Confederacy, the New Republic, and the Empire raged across the galaxy but the Republic was losing badly. Off course later on the Empire was almost destroyed and all that was left was the 501st.

Darth TylerEdit

As Troyb was expanding his New confederacy, he soon came upon a world called Cyrillia. He found that another CIS-based government was there, as well, called the Galactic Droid Empire. Both governments said that the planet was theirs. Troyb and the leader of the Galactic Droid Empire, Darth Tyler went into a huge battle above the planet, ending in a draw. As each government surrendered to the other, they decided to merge their governments together, called the New CIS/GDE.

Yuuzhan VongEdit

As Tyler and Troyb conquered every world known, they came across a Yuuzhan Vong worldship. They disabled it and then took all the Vong onboard as slaves. After making them slaves, they added upgraded weaponry and other targeting systems on the ships. Tyler's droids painted the CIS symbol on top. The worldship had became part of the fleet. The Warlord, as it was called by Troyb, helped conquer Coruscant and many other planets. However, 1/2 of the galaxy still needed to be conquered. More work needed to be done. This wasn't over.


After the capture of the Warlord, New Republic Jedi soon discovered the ship. They believed it to be a Yuuzhan Vong ship at the time. However, when they scanned, they picked up only two life forms–Troyb and a fellow Neimoidian aide. When they scanned for droids, they picked up several thousand. They engaged the ship in a space battle over Cordes. The New CIS/GDE won after a long fight of death and destruction, but it cost the Republic half of their fleet.


Over Jestefad, the gas giant that Mustafar was under control of the New CIS, a New CIS ship was transporting Darth Tyler and Troyb to a conference with the New Republic. Little did they know, it was a trap to kill Tyler and Troyb. They soon escaped and later killed every person in the trap and re-captured the planet for droid manufacturing.

Cato NeimoidiaEdit

As the New Republic started to attack the New CIS/GDE's worlds, they attacked Cato Neimoidia. The New CIS/GDE responded with loads of ships, easily beating back the first wave of X-Wings and Y-Wings. However, a new ship approached: a Y-180 Devastator. It was a new ship built by the Republic. Soon, Troyb and Tyler stole the plans for the ship and exploited the weakness. The battle was won.

Legacy eraEdit

Unbeknownst to the new Empire or the new Sith order that was being created in the legacy era, the New CIS/GDE was getting stronger. On a mission to an asteroid earlier before, Darth Tyler's lightsaber became worn out after so much use. Searching for a suitable place to find a lightsaber crystal for Tyler, Troyb came across Boordii, a planet in the Outer Rim that had many diamonds and crystals. However, the new Empire was already there and were willing to defend their planet.

Battle of BoordiiEdit

The Empire sent in a fleet of new Star Destroyers and the New CIS/GDE sent in the Warlord, Medal, and Federation swarm. With the three most powerful ships in the navy, they easily beat back a blockade made by the new Empire. On foot, several stormtroopers attacked Tyler. Tyler easily killed all of them and stole their supply of lightsaber crystals.

Polis MassaEdit

As the New CIS/GDE Wars moved on, the New Empire rebuilt the Star Forge. They hid the plans for the weapon in a secret facility on Polis Massa. Darth Tyler felt the presence of Sith once again and told Troyb. They followed Tyler's senses to Polis Massa, and the New Empire was ready for a fight.

As Troyb engaged the New Empire in combat above Polis Massa, and Tyler and a few Neimoidians went down to disable the ancient Rakatan weapon. Troyb was taking and giving heavy fire, so Tyler needed to hurry. On his way down, he met Grashk, a Wookiee bounty hunter hired to kill Tyler. Tyler skillfully blocked the lasers from Grashk and killed him. He stole the schematics and left. After disabling the Star Forge and taking it, Troyb and Tyler once again saved the day.


Troyb and Tyler attacked Kashyyyk to get slaves to help build the Star Forge II. During the battle, Tyler killed Citrakata, the Wookiee leader, and Troyb successfully outmaneuvered the Wookiees, bringing them to victory. The Wookiees were later taken to Polis Massa to help with the construction.

Behind the scenesEdit

Troyb Action figure

Troyb has his own action figure. It includes a removable hat and robes.