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Trejja, casually known as Trejja the Hutt, was a Hutt crime lord on Nar Shaddaa around two centuries after the Ruusan Reformation. He led a crime ring on the urban moon and caught the ire of the Bothan Alliance, a political group who desired to gain a foothold in the welfare transactions on the moon. The Bothan Alliance convinced the Republic Protectorate to issue a bounty for Trejja, claiming that the Hutt was undermining government welfare flows. The bounty was outsourced to bounty hunter Pelmar Aiden. He took up the task of disrupting Trejja's business. When Aiden arrived on Nar Shaddaa, he realized that the Bothan Alliance was the organization responsible for the welfare fraud. He was captured by Trejja's crime ring and brought before the Hutt. Aiden, through means he never disclosed, killed Trejja in self-defense. The power vaccuum that ensued caused the moon to descend into an all out crime ring–driven civil war, which also prevented the Bothan Alliance from gaining a foothold on the moon. When Aiden was offered the position of Director of the Governmental Investigative Network, he was asked about the assassination of Trejja and whether or not he claimed responsiblity for inadvertently starting a civil war.


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