Star Wars Fanon
Rise of the Empire era

The sector that was recaptured by the Republic is fairly useless . . . however, it was a display of heroism and honor on part of the Republic, showing that we are willing to liberate every, even the most insignificant, corner of the galaxy.
—Captain Trask on the Samix Offensive

Trask was a Human captain in the Eighth Fleet of the Republic Navy, serving under Vice Admiral Frunze. In 22 BBY, at the outbreak of the Clone Wars, his unit took part in the offensive to liberate the Samix sector from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was killed during the offensive, after going on a kamikaze mission with his Venator-class Star Destroyer during a battle.


Personality and Traits

Trask was known to have been very loyal to the Republic, and was willing to die for it. He was very ambitious, stating that he wished to go above the rank of captain and command a fleet. Trask often clashed with fellow Captain Sione. After his Star Destroyer sustained heavy damage during a battle, his loyalty showed when he ordered the crew to kamikaze into a Separatist cruiser, killing them all.