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It was a war against the worst kind of enemy; seeking glory through the most kills... or the best death. Every world was ripe for plunder and spoils, and whether a battle ended in victory or defeat, every conflict only inspired them to more slaughter.
Theron Sokolov

The Trandoshan Rebellions was a conflict between the Trandoshan Horde and the Galactic Federation. Beginning in 2,076 ABY, and ending three years later in 2,079 ABY, the Trandoshan Rebellions were an especially bloody war waged by the then surging populations of Trandoshans and Saurins. Plundering and raiding dozens of worlds for spoils and glory with their Scorekeeper goddess, the Trandoshan Rebellions saw the near eradication of all Wookiees on their homeworld of Kashyyyk, and the razing of nearly one hundred cities across three galactic regions.

Julian Qel-Tythas was a famed veteran of the Trandoshan Rebellions as a Jedi Knight, and slew Thyskarrak, the leader of the Trandoshan Horde, in single combat during the Battle of Cyrillia. At some point after, Qel-Tythas managed to negotiate a cease-fire, and later peace agreements, with the second-in-command Hsskaska, effectively ending the Trandoshan Rebellions.

In the aftermath of the war, the Trandoshans were demilitarized and forced to pay extreme war reparations to the dozens of worlds that were razed and stripped during the rebellions.