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We will make the Empire fear us!
Zeth Kord after invading Zealand 6

The Trade Federation Remnant, often shortened to TFR or occasionally The Droid Remnant, was made up of Neimoidian officers from the original Trade Federation. It was founded in 19 BBY after the Galactic Empire took over The Trade Federation, just a matter of hours before Sentepeth Findos was caught by the Empire.


19 BBY: Foundation

In 19 BBY the newly founded Galactic Empire was founded, just a matter of days later they empire rushed to Cato Neimoidia to seize control. When the Trade Federation's leader ,Sentepeth Findos, learned about there invasion plans he decided to find a replacement of the Federation in secrecy. He choose high ranking officer Zeth Kord to be its leader. Zeth left with as many Battle Droids as possible. Several Core Ships, A reasonable amount of Lucrehulk-class battleships and a few Providence-class carrier/destroyer ships.

Members of the Trade Federation Remnant were mostly Neimoidians but there was also Humans, Skakoans, Duros and Geonosians. Many species other than Neimoidians run other mega-corporations such as the Techno Union. Ideology was split between members. Half felt like they were the rightful people to rule the galaxy and planed to build an army to overthrow the Galactic Empire when there forces were larger and the other half focused on doing what they Trade Federation was most known for: Trade, hence the name.

They took over the planet Zealand 4 and quickly began the production of new droids and new ships. While also going on trade mission to Outer Rim Planets such as Tatooine. The TFR built up a name and soon found an ally in the Black Sun and Hutt Cartel crime syndicates. The TFR managed to keep their true identity and their massive Droid Army hidden from the Empire

18 BBY-12 BBY: Expansion and First Battle

In 16 BBY after successfully colonizing Zealand 4, a majority water world, with a only one large continent and hundreds of thousands of small rocky islands. Zeth decided to colonize other habitual planets in the Zealand System. He sent his right hand man, Marz Suvan to Zealand 3, a mostly swampy planet and Commander-in-Chief Rute Findos to Zealand 6, a lush green planet. Both Planets were colonized by the end 13 BBY.

A year later in 12 BBY a small Imperial Patrol Ship discovered that Zealand 6 was being run by former Trade Federation Officials. The remnants tried to shot it down but the patrol ship escaped and informed Admiral Armos. His fleet attacked Zealand 6 but soon found himself struggling to beat these surprisingly strong foes due to the sheer number of Droids and warships in use. Despite the strong defense above the planet, Zeth ordered his forces to let the enemy break through. This would let him block them off once the Empire had launched all ground forces onto the surface of the planet, which in turn would cause troops on the planet to suffer. The plan proved a success and with most fighters trapped fighting in the atmosphere Armos Star Destroyers were destroyed efficiently by Zeths Munificent-class star frigates. With no form of Evacuation, Armos made plans to be in for a long haul until they could we rescued, Armos knew, deep down, help would never arrive in time.

It wasn't long until the Battle of Zealand 6 ended up in the death of Armos and nearly all Imperial ground forces. The TFR also suffered the critical loss of Viceroy Zeth Kord. His death occurred due to him ending up isolated from his army during a retreat at the start of the ground battle. Zeth took out his blaster and attempted to escape with some of his personal guards but was shot during a drive-by from a Imperial speeder-bike.

Leadership was passed to Marz Suvan after the battle and was done by a quick vote by officials on Zealand 6 at the time, Marz came out on top against fellow Neimoidian, Rute Findos. Rute instead continued his role as the Commander-in-Chief. Despite Marz being made Viceroy for the Remnant he was only considered leader by his ideological peers, The Populists, who focus was primarily trade and staying out of the Empires way. Rute was loved fiercely by The Centrists, a group whose primary job was to cause rain hell on the Empire and possibly overthrow them once this "rebellion" had grown.

Following this huge fail, the Empire did not immediately attempt another Invasion of the Zealand System but watched over them and cut off almost all outside supplies. The TFR managed to sneak in a few trade missions over the next few years but many trade missions resulted in capture by the looming Empire. From 12 BBY to 9 BBY the Remnant launched troops to several Outer Rim Planets including Neimoidian purse world, Deko Neimoidia. By 8 BBY the TFR were in control of 6 planets with large underground operations in 3 other places.

8 BBY-6 BBY: Loss of Zealand System

The ruthless Admiral Thrawn who was eager to destroy up until now puny rebels insurgents took up the job of being in charge of a new Campaign to take over the rebellious system. Thrawn had all forces focus on Zealand 4, the headquarters of the organization. The Battle over Zealand 4 was a lightening offensive that caught Marz Suvan, the new leader, by surprise. Thrawn used the Environment to his advantage and managed to defeat them and force the generals and other forces to a small island on to equator, where all survivors where captured and executed. Marz managed to escape the planet but and relocated to Zealand 3 which soon fell too. Marz ordered all droids to evacuate the planet when an incursion occurred in the reactor core. Marz was killed while traveling to Deko Neimoidia, the new capital.

With Marz now dead, leadership was quickly handed to, Ric Leats in 7 BBY, a Human from Onderon. Ric gave orders from Deko Neimoidia. Despite his efforts by 6 BBY the Trade Federation Remnant had lost its last controlled planet in the Zealand System, Zealand 6, to the Empire. Close advisor, Rute Findos was also killed in the Second Battle of Zealand 6. With the System back in Imperial control the hunt for the leftover forces was called off but in reality the TFR was hardly done yet like the Empire had thought. The Empire realized that the TFR was still going strong eventually and prepared to finish them off.

4 BBY-1 BBY: The Failing TFR and passing on the torch

The 2 years following the crippling invasion by Thrawn and his forces the Trade Federation Remnant fell back to their few remaining holdouts. Many large and expensive vehicles such as Tank Droids and Homing Spider Droids were deactivated and then either sold to wealthy/powerful clients or were dismantled for their parts. Aqua droids and BX-series droid commandos were dismantled and all droids that were kept in usage had to use less power which resulted in a hugely weakened Infantry and decreased ability to take the appropriate action. Many people soon began to defect also.

The Trade Federation Remnant set up their new main base of operations on Deko Neimoidia with Imperial Governor, Goron, being bribed by Ric to keep their fleet and forces a secret on the planet a secret. However, over the passing years Goron became increasingly greedy and demanded more payment to keep himself quiet. By 1 BBY Goron was ordering such ludicrous prices for his silence that Ric decided to silence him forever. With Goron now dead the nervous Trade Federation Remnant contacted a fledgling Rebel Alliance to request a conference with there generals and aid them, knowing that they would soon to lose their only remaining base unless they made a deal.

The Rebel Alliance leader, Mon Mothma, some fellow politicians, rebel soldiers and the crew of The Ghost arrived at the planet as soon as they could and began the conference. Whilst that was going on the Empire was closing in on them via hyperspace. Ric began the evacuation process for his forces but only managed to get a few of his warships and their cargo to the Rebels base on Yavin IV before the empire arrived. All starships above the planet formed a defensive blockade and tried to buy Ric, Mon Mothma and the other rebel leaders time to escape. The Supply ships and the negotiating team escaped via the other side of Deko Neimoidia but Ric and his Rebel allies stayed on the planet to try and defend the planet off. Inevitably the Imperial army punctured a hole in the blockade and made their ground invasion. Ric boarded his personal Munificent-class star frigate and left his last holdout behind, along with many thousands of droids.

With the Trade Federation Remnant now verged with the Alliance to Restore the Republic Ric lost his rank as Viceroy and instead became a General for his rebel cell. The few survivors of the TFR's senate either retired from the cause or joined the Alliance Civil Government.

1 BBY-0 BBY: Aiding the Rebel Alliance

The Trade Federation Remnants fleet was often used to defend important figures in the Rebel Alliance military. Ric personal fleet of droid Warships became renowned for their brutal attacks on unsuspecting Imperial transports and frigates. Ric had most of his forces located on Yavin IV in case of an attack by the Empire which was a likely scenario

In 0 BBY the Rebel Alliance learnt of the Empires new weapon of mass destruction: The Death Star. The rebels launched a dire mission to retrieve the plans for the super-weapon with the leader being Jyn Erso, daughter of the Death Stars designer. When the stealth mission to the planet, Scarif, was compromised, the Rebel Fleet was sent to get them and the plans. Several TFR Vulture Droids and Hyena Bombers were sent to aid in the battle above Scarif but by the end of the fight all fighters/bombers were shot destroyed. With the plans now acquired an Assault on the Death Star was planned. Ric was eager to throw everything he had at the Empire but Princess Leia Organa and Jan Dodonna told him that his forces were to be used only in an Emergency Evacuation which was what they had been planned to be used for since his forces arrived at Yavin IV. The battle came close to failure and the death of all on Yavin but Pilot Luke Skywalker they won the battle and blew up the Empires super-weapon. An enraged Emperor Palpatine ordered a large Imperial division be sent to the base on Yavin and commence Base Delta Zero, which was the naval code that was used to order the complete surface destruction of a planetary target, eliminating all life, industry, and natural resources on the surface. Before the fleet arrived at the Yavin System the orders were changed to the bombardment of only a quarter of the planet and that the base must be destroyed along with the bombardment.

When the Empire arrived Ric began the Evacuation process of the planet, clamming as much people on board as fast as possible but it became apparent that not everyone would escape in time. The Empire began their assault. The speed of the strike resulted in only a few Munificent-class star frigate escaping the system. Many soldiers lost their lives and many droids were blown to pieces during the bombing. The TFR lost the largest amount of droids since the Zealand Campaign and the largest amount of starships since they evacuated Deko Neimoidia. The majority of TFR Warships were sent into hiding in the Unknown Regions until their usage was needed desperately. Ric remained only in control of his personal Lucrehulk-class battleship and 2 Munificent-class star frigates.

4 ABY: Final Fight

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Politcial History

The Trade Federation Remnant was initially a united cause to bring the Trade Federation back to its former glory. The first few years few dedicated to finding a new base of operation so there was little to no time for politics in the TFR. Once they settled down in the Zealand System a senate was created. It comprised of 21 seats. A two party system was formed with the two main parties being The Populists, who believed that trade was the best choice for them. They intended to dominate Outer Rim trade and gain immense wealth and possibly change the Outer Rims future. The Centrists were the other major party, they believed a strong military was the most important thing. They hoped to cripple the Galactic Empires hold on the Outer Rim and hopefully in the future destroy the Empire.

The Populists found themselves the dominating party after a large win at the first election in 16 BBY with Viceroy Zeth Kord leading them. As it became more apparent that the empire were tightening their grasp on the Outer Rim the Centrists gained popularity but still failed to win in the 13 BBY election. The following year war came to the Trade Federation Remnant when Admiral Armos and his forces attacked. The TFR won but Zeth Kord was killed. Marz Suvan, a fellow Populist replaced Zeth but Rute Findos closely contested him. When the 10 BBY election arrived Marz lost control of the senate to the Centrists who had proved that fighting was the only solution. The Election of 7 BBY had to be cancelled to the public due to Zealand Campaign by the Empire. Marz was killed days before the election resulting in only the senate voting on his successor. A Human named Ric Leats, a centrist. Several Populist senators knew a Centrist leader would be more successful in wartime but many more Populist stayed stubborn against war.

Ric won reelection in 4 BBY with a impressive 17-6 margin. No election could be held in 1 BBY due to the destruction of the capital planet, Deko Neimoidia. Ric Leats survived but lost many forces. Ric decided to hand his remaining units over to the Rebel Alliance. The Centrist goal of defeating the galactic empire was finally achieved in 4 ABY when the Emperor was killed and the Death Star II was annihilated.

Election Results

  • 16 BBY (17-4) (Populist win)
  • 13 BBY (12-9) (Populist win)
  • 10 BBY (8-13) (Centrist win)
    TFR Senate

    Results from the 10 BBY election, this was the beginning of the Populist downfall.

  • 7 BBY (cancelled)
  • 4 BBY (5-16) (Centrist win)







Capital Ships

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Trade Federation

19 BBY-6 ABY New Republic

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