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Towards Darkness Chapter One: The Last Sith

Prologue: My previous series followed the history of Luke Skywalker and his apprentice Ben Solo. One of the last chapters depicted a duel between Snoke, who was exposed as Palpatine's son, and Luke Skywalker, which ended in Snoke being battered as a result of the explosion of his private base. Snoke, on the other hand, was revealed to be Palpatine's son.

Upon the fight, Luke learned about the death of his ex-wife, Leia Windu, which reflected on Luke's mentally, especially since Leia's her identical sister, Padme, betrayed and converted to Snoke's side. Following his wife funeral on Jakku, Luke decided to stay there in order to reanalyze what happened over the past weeks.

It was after the funeral. Despite a wide range of sad moments in his life that he encountered, he had not yet accustomed himself to them. As a farm boy, he nearly saw his uncle and aunt burning to death. The uncle was like his father, the aunt; like his mother. The only way that Luke could follow at that moment was accompany Ben on his way to Alderaan. However, Skywalker had wondered a lot of times whether or not he would have made that specific choice if he had knew he was going to lose him, as well, in the near future.

Luke wanted to cut off everything, including the Jedi academy, politics, which he had lately entered in without wanting to — just off every profanum space. The localization of the temple where the new generation of the — fallen forty years before — order was trained needed to remain a secret. His apprentices, however, had left the system several times over the past few months, and actually so had he. Now Ben Solo, his nephew, had undertaken a mission as an emissary of the Chairperson of the Commission for Interior, Lanever Villecham. Obviously, with his master agreeing.

While originally uncertain, Skywalker eventually realized that sooner or later his apprentices did have to face the outside world, as did the Jedi whose loyalty was to the Old Republic until the ultimate days of its existence.

Luke stopped over. He was tired. The sands of Jakku, where he had decided to stay for a few days, did not placate him, on the contrary — he rather found them teasing. It could be considered weird, because the man resided on the desert Tatooine until the age of nineteen. One could forget, however, how much Luke hated that place, and how much he wanted to leave it as soon as possible.

One issue did not leave him calm now — Snoke. Ever since the duel between them, a few weeks had passed. He, however, was still alive, which Luke indeed realized. His concern was the fear that his opposite could be increasing in power. He was afraid that he might threaten peace across the galaxy in the future, as well as the balance, which the new Jedi generation's aim was to uphold at any cost.

The man closed his eyes. Dark as it was, the stars on the sky was the only thing to cast light at the dessert. After a few minutes, Skywalker felt getting deeper and deeper into his mind. As he tightened his eyelids more and more strongly, a new picture began forming under them. It was not a dream, though. It was something else, something that made Luke feel as if he was physically in another place.

"Snoke", the man said, continuing to strain his organism and not leaving the state of deep meditation. "Show me yourself…"

Luke stopped reacting to outer factors. He did not feel either the blowing wind or the surface that he was sitting on. He sweated more and more, but he knew it was necessary to see what he wanted to see.

"I can see you", he said. "I can see you now."

Luke's body lifted over the ground. A potential observer would certainly say that the Jedi master was levitating. However, it all happened due to the Force, which penetrated him as it did all over his life.

Snoke entered a room whose walls were lined with an unidentified, gray metal. He opened the door, and his stormtroopers opened fire from their blasters, without even looking at what point.

The tall humanoid did not seem the way Skywalker memorized him. Seriously as his face was deformed, the strength that he was about to show off in a moment was not restricted.

"The Sith… the last six of those resurrected by Shmi", he said and smiled crudely. "Upon their lady's death, they withdrew to the Unknown Regions… Who would guess that…"

The user of the dark side of the Force took two steps forward.

"Welcome, Darth Older, Darth Sassek, Darth Swacher, Darth Spade, Darth Ashla, and Darth Violetta", he said. "I have come over to end this chapter of the galaxy's history."

The Sith immediately ignited their bloody-red lightsabers. Interestingly, Snoke kept standing as he did before.

Darth Older was the first to pounce on him. The humanoid, however, avoided his inelegant move and grasped his hands, with which he was holding his lightsaber, in order to squash his bones after a moment. Snoke pushed the elder aside, which caused him to fall onto the ground and to be crashed by the legs of his opponent.

The second to attack were Spade and Ashla. However, Snoke quickly disarmed the woman and push her aside, and then — upon a fast, direct duel — murdered Spade by sticking his heart through with Ashla's lightsaber, whose wielder died a moment later as a result of her scull being squashed by Snoke's huge palm, after being drawn towards him.

Another victim of the humanoid was Sassek. The Sith could not fight well. Snoke cut him his head with a single stroke at his neck. Soon, however, he became attacked from the back by Villetta, who disarmed him surprisingly.

"Darth Viletta", he smiled after sneaking a glance at the red-haired opponent. "As beautiful as always."

"Forget it!", shouted the Sith, as seemingly. "My mother confused my sex! I'm a boy!"

The dialogue did not last long, as Violetta met with the same fate as the others. The only survivor was then Darth Swacher. Snoke reached his hand out without holding a lightsaber anymore, in order to lift the Sith. As he kept him in the air, At one point, he closed his eyes, seeming to be more focused. A while later, Swatcher's chest became moving in a strange way. By reason of Palpatine's son tricks, his heart tore through his body, continuing to beat, and that all happened over the ground. The dying Sith looked at the opponent.

"It's time for the Sith to end", said Snoke when murdering the last hair to Bane's doctrine.

The room was come into by Padme Kenobi, dressed as a stormtrooper. Fear was seen in her eyes, prompted by the bloody manslaughter arranged by her chef.

Snoke turned around towards her but did not look at her. He centered his sight on something else.

"Luke?", he said.

Skywalker opened his eyes and immediately fell sweated upon the ground. He did not believe that he could physically find himself in the place where his opponent was murdering the last Sith. Before passing out, Luke held a grasp of his heart as though experiencing the pain of Swatcher being killed by Snoke.

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