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Toraleah Kaname was a female Human Nightsister and member of the Dark Side Coven during the Clone Wars.


Early life

Toraleah was born into the Misty Falls Clan.


Toraleah, then in her teens and endlessly bored by everything, had started to dabble in the dark side of the Force and recognized her younger cousin's strong potential. At last having something that really interested her, Toraleah began teaching Dori what she knew of the dark side and was pleased with how quickly her younger relation learned.

Dori's sadistic habits continued to be a concern however. Especially as the number of animals showing clear signs of having been tortured and mutilated by a knife continued to turn up around the village.

Joing the Coven

Adult life

The Clone Wars

The outbreak of the the Clone Wars gave the Coven the chance to rise within the ranks of Dooku's agents. Their success rate earned them both rewards and more missions from their patron. This did not always go over well with other members of the Dark Acolytes. Saato, another Nightsister independently recruited by Dooku, especially resented the Coven and for reasons unclear made Toraleah the focus of her scorn. Toraleah herself was both amused and annoyed at having a self-proclaimed rival but did not consider Saato to be any sort of real threat.

Night Falls on Kashyyyk

In 22 BBY the Coven were dispatched to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk were they sabotaged a critical portion of the planet's power gird. Count Dooku offered the services of the Techno Union for no charge and power was quickly restored. This act gained Separatist supporters on Kashyyyk critical ground though they were unable to fully push the world into the Confederacy.

Hell on Haruun Kal

Clash on The Undying

In 22 BBY Toraleah and the rest of the Coven clashed with a Jedi strike force consisting of Master Luminara Unduli, Knights Bultar Swan and Jyuria Song and padawans Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano. Interrupting the Coven's search for Darth Scion's holocron, the two groups clashed aboard the wreckage of the ancient Sith warship Undying in the asteroid field that had once been Malachor V.

During the conflict Toraleah dueled Jyuria Song whom she managed to seriously wound during the conflict.

Nightsisters on Nar Shadda

Along with Dori, in 21 BBY Toraleah traveled to Nar Shadda to investigate claims by Gulsa Vosadii Pidotu a.k.a. Gulsa the Hutt, that he had come into possession of a powerful dark side artifact; Exar Kun's lightsaber.

Battle Royal on Felucia

Personality and traits

Toraleah had an instinctive loathing of droids which even she could never explain the source of. As such she refused to even speak to a droid unless absolutely given no choice and took great delight in destroying droids at every opportunity.

Powers and abilities

...Biting metal and stinging light...
—Excerpt from the Sith tome that inspired the creation of Toraleah's's lightwhip

Toraleah was a skilled user of the lightwhip. Initially she used a ligthwhip with a red synthetic lightsaber crystal. But after several successful missions Count Dooku furnished her with a violet Hurrikaine crystal as a reward and as his own private poke in the eye to Mace Windu.

She was a skilled user of the Inertia Force ability which she often used to run up walls and perform otherwise seemingly impossible acrobatic stunts. This, combined with her use of Force Speed, Force Jump and Ataru training provided by Tol Skorr, allowed her to hit her foes quickly from almost any angle. Her talent in this area sprung from years of training in the Nightsister's version of the Art of Movement.

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