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Tomax Kros was a male Kalevalan mechanic who sold starship parts, and offered to make modifications and repairs from a stall at Orondia refuelling station. He had an older sister called Auren, who had deserted from the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, and both hoped to avoid attention from the Empire. Kros knew about his Mandalorian heritage but had had clan history from the final days of the Clone Wars kept from him. He had a few close friends and allies from among the pilots that stopped at Orondia.


Early Life

Tomax Kros was born while his family was living on Kalevala just after the end of the Clone Wars. The Imperial occupation of the Mandalore system re-drew the political situation, and led to the disappearance of his parents shortly before he was to begin school. His older sister Auren looked out for him while they both boarded in Sundari; teaching him about the Mandalorian code but also encouraging his tinkering and interest in the engineering.

She went on to attend the Imperial Academy while Tomax aspired to study and land a job with Kuat Systems Engineering. When his sister abandoned the Empire he quickly joined her escape; knowing he'd be in trouble with the Imperial Security Bureau otherwise. By stowing-away, he and his sister were able to reach Hutt Space. Seeing the opportunity to work repairing starships, Auren helped Tomax get a position as a mechanic at a fuel station on Orondia.

Age of the Empire

Making friends

After proving himself a competent ship mechanic Tomax was able to set up his own stall and trade parts and junk near the landing platforms. He soon struck up a friendship with a pilot-for-hire who frequented the Meteor Cafe called Harlow Emel, and the pilot would try and source Tomax parts while the mechanic would do fixes and tune-ups between flying jobs in return.

Tomax also developed a crush on a Pantoran flyer who sometimes visited the station, and would often risk a stomach ache from Koe's in the hope of meeting her at the counter and introducing himself.

Another friend, the spicerunner Sosin Bel-Ayre, would lookout for both Harlow and Tomax and warn them away from most sorts of trouble- like when things got quiet going on a day trip to Nal Hutta. Tomax would sometimes pass along hyperlane data his sister Auren knew to the spicerunner to help her avoid patrols.

Albarrio XI wreck investigation

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