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Tobias Rune was the youngest Grand Moff, at seventeen, of the Galactic Empire who graduated from the Imperial Academy on Uyter; an Agriworld. His oversector started out as three distinct sectors in the mid-rim and outer-rim respectively. After the assassination of Quarsh Panaka by Saw Gerrera, his Oversector consumed the Chommell System all the way from Ando Prime.

The Grand Moff was renown for his equal treatment for the non-humans and humans in his sectors. He was also considered a Leftist Authoritarian, which allowed him to easily dismiss Imperial values for the sake of the people.

Tobias initially believed he could quell rebellious groups with peaceful acts. He allowed protesting through the use of government issued permits. He gave many planets their permission to limited self-rule.

Planets within his sectors often returned to how they were before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, relatively peaceful. Due to how he ran the governments, it almost ran as a safe haven for rebels and resistance fighters as long as they didn't trouble the Imperial Authorities.

In 2 ABY Tobias Rune was assassinated under orders from an Imperial Moff, who not only wanted his Sectors, but also disagreed with his governmental reforms. Though the assassination attempt was one of many, this one succeeded. So that year, Rune Tobias had a new consciousness transmigrated into him with a special tool known as the wookiepedia system. This system has the function to reward for persona goals and completing tasks. It will also inform the user of Legends and NuCanon information, as well as give new information the more the timeline changes; acting as a form of foresight.


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