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To-Laan Abstrec was a Lorrdian Jedi Master who turned to the dark side in 25 BBY, but remained undercover as a Jedi until 22 BBY when he revealed himself by killing Jedi Master Mono Alan during a smuggling conflict on Hysalria. He was captured during an attempt to kill Jedi Master Stass Allie because she used the Force to overcome his prowess with a double-bladed lightsaber. Later, he escaped with help from Asajj Ventress. After he was defeated by Jedi Master Rancisis' forces, Sora Bulq attempted to murder him for his incompetence, but Abstrec escaped death yet again. He sought out Rancisis for revenge, but was killed by the Thisspiassian Jedi on Phu in 20 BBY.

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