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Tiera Aranta was a female Tachrani Jedi who joined the Academy in 13 ABY. She learned to use the Force to compensate for the weaknesses shared by all of her race, and connect more easily with people of other species. She was one of four Jedi selected to investigate the communications blackout on Dantooine in the year 28 ABY, at the beginning of the third year of the New Republic - Stellar Imperium conflict.

Tiera was born around 5 ABY on the planet of Tachran. Little is known of her family. She was identified as a strange child from early childhood, for she was able to identify dangerous situations before any information from her five senses could have told her what was about to come. This also led to an ability to sense emotion in lesser creatures, and since Tachrani are generally unable to feel emotion, she was not taught how to deal with these feelings.

Eventually deemed unstable, Tiera was cast out of society sometime in her mid-teens, and she followed other exiles off-planet. She was discovered as Force-sensitive, and taken to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 in 13 ABY.

Although her ability to sense and feel emotion was now far less than those around her, she used this to her advantage. Generally fearless and difficult to anger, she had little danger of going to the Dark Side, and was often chosen for missions in which her innate ability to memorize large amounts of information quickly and with little repetition would be an asset. She was even able to memorize some starmaps, and had done so in her early space runs as a teenager.

She was selected by Luke Skywalker to go to Dantooine during the Stellar Imperial War. Dantooine had been out of the HoloNet for four weeks, and the Jedi went to see what was happening. Vurif Meg, Jacen Solo, and Anakin Solo were the other three on the mission. Unfortunately, the crew never reached Dantooine; they ran into part of a Stellar Imperial fleet in the Marstill system and barely escaped. The escape left them stranded in space without their hyperdrive, and Tiera did not know what part of space they were in. The crew managed to limp the ship to a nearby system, later called G0-CV. They detonated their ship and tried to reach the surface of one inhabitable planet in escape pods. Tiera and Vurif were in the pod that was damaged, though, and couldn't be steered far enough away from the blast to escape its explosion. They were both killed immediately, although Jacen and Anakin were able to reach G0-CVII alive.

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