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Thuggee was a Weequay male Dark Jedi during the time of the Great Galactic War. He served as a general for the Barbarian forces and was an apprentice of both Darth Absoltus Macht and Darth Nemis, the Dark Lords of the Sith. His birth name was not known due to his early childhood nickname "Thuggie", a name he embraced and kept. He decided to keep his nickname upon his recruitment into Darth Absoltus Macht's forces, but altered it slightly to "Thuggee" to make it more dignified and Sith-like in origin.

Behind the scenes

Thuggee was named as a reference to the cult in the Indiana Jones movie Temple of Doom. It also serves as a reference to his role among the Barbarian/Sith leadership. Thuggee is portrayed by two Weequay characters in the Star Wars saga, Sora Bulq and Que-Mars Redath-Gom.

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