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Through the Dark Times is an ongoing Star Wars roleplaying game that takes place from the Clone Wars into the Dark Times. The story revolves around Arwen Xalrich and CT-8492 "Grimes" and their time in Theta Squad as well as their life on the run from the Galactic Empire.


Battle of Geonosis

During the Battle of Geonosis, CT-8492's squad was shot down and killed while Arwen Xalrich's master was killed in the battle as well. The two quickly joined up with Theta Squad and defended their location while reinforcements arrived.

Mo Lar's capture

Years later, on the plains of Concord Dawn, Theta Squad was pinned down by Separatist forces, lead by Mo Lar. Right when the remaining soldiers were about to be overrun, back-up arrived consisting of CT-8492 and Arwen Xalrich, known to the clones as "The General". With the help of 8492 and the General, the Separatists were pushed back and Mo Lar was captured in the midst of retreat. Theta Squad would then flee the battlefield, losing only CT-1111 in the battle. Arwen and Grimes, the nickname given to CT-8492 by Jango Fett, were then assigned to Theta Squad.

Slaver skirmish

Theta Squad encountered a group of Trandoshan slavers trying to capture a group of fleeing Wookiee slaves. Soon after the skirmish began, Separatist forces appeared. Even with Separatist reinforcements, the Trandoshans were defeated, with their leader disarmed by a Wookiee. As punishment, CT-0911 sutured the wounds, preventing his limbs from regenerating, which earned him the name Stumpy.

Separatist assault

Soon after the skirmish against the slavers, Separatists attacked a Republic outpost filled with wounded soldiers. Theta Squad came to the rescue of the wounded and helped push the Separatists back. During the battle however, Lucian Orca appeared with droid reinforcements and forced the battle to continue. Once Republic reinforcements arrived, Lucian retreated.

Battle of Droten

In Droten, Theta Squad prepared to capture S'barg, the head of the Separatist invasion force on Concord Dawn. During the battle, CT-4386 and CT-6777 were struck down by 6R9, an independent battle droid. 6R9 would soon retreat into the sewers after taking serious damage, forcing Li-Sun Jinn, S'barg's personal bodyguard to come out and battle Theta Squad. While they were distracted, S'barg made his escape. Li-Sun was able to push Theta Squad back and retreat as well, damaging Grimes' comlink in the process. Grimes and the General quickly gave chase while the rest of Theta Squad rested.

Order 66

While Grimes and Arwen attempted to track down S'barg and Li-Sun, Emperor Palpatine initiated Order 66, which called for the execution of all Jedi. CT-4386 prepared an ambush and sent a message to Grimes, informing him to escort the General to the cafe for an ambush. However, Grimes' comlink was down and was unable to receive the message. When the two arrived, Theta Squad opened fire. Grimes saw the gunfire and fought back, thinking it was a Separatist ambush. In the midst of the battle, CT-0911 was killed, and CT-4386's left arm was blown off. Grimes and Arwen fled to their dropship and escaped.

As they made their way to Coruscant, they picked up a signal from Obi-Wan Kenobi, informing them of Palpatine's reformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, the attempted execution of all Jedi and the warning to not to go to Coruscant. Grimes, now aware of Palpatine's order, willingly stayed with Arwen instead of killing her. However, they were soon attacked by a gang of pirates, lead by Jax Sporo. Jax threatened the two with death if they were not to hand over their valuables, but Arwen and Grimes fought back. Jax begged for surrender after his crew was defeated and had his mind wiped and thrown into the stolen Republic fighter, while Grimes and Arwen flew off to Point Nadir in Jax's old ship.


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