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Through Her Eyes


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Release date

20 January 2010

Published in

Yanibar Tales


17 ABY


Force Exile Series

Through Her Eyes is a short story by Atarumaster88. It is within the Yanibar Tales as part of the Force Exile Series. Through Her Eyes follows the continuing story of the Force exiles in 17 ABY.


Welcome, my friend, to a galaxy far, far away. Enter the realm of Jedi and bounty hunters, soldiers and droids, rulers and beggars, aliens and humans. From Stackpole’s Corellians to Traviss's Mandalorians, immerse yourself in a universe with the exotica of Zahn, the wit of Allston, the grimness of Stover, the daring of Ostrander, the imagery of Luceno, the detail of Wallace, and most importantly, the vision of George Lucas, to whom we owe it all. And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the sweet sounds of John Williams’ score in the background. Welcome to Star Wars.

Greetings, traveler. What brings you here to our remote corner of space? There’s little of value here if you’re after money, and little action for a thrill-seeker. After all, what significance does a dusty Outer Rim world have to the big galaxy out there? No, we’re a simple folk here on Yanibar, content to mind our own business and let the galaxy minds its own. Now, what did you say you wanted? Stories? Ah, you want to know if the scattered myths of three hundred years ago are true, if the legends of a great power that once lived here are more than old wives’ tales. They are. Once, this world was home to a great people-nothing special by themselves, but united, capable of great things. They lived and died here, all those years ago, as surely as you and I are standing right here. So, pull up a chair, grab something to drink, and I’ll tell you some of the old Yanibar tales.

Author's summary

As the only daughter of Selu and Milya Kraen, Rhiannon Kraen has everything she could want for—her needs are provided for, she is kept safe, and she lives with parents who love her. Yet as an adult, she becomes lonely as her friends move on with their lives. Seeking adventure, she ventures out beyond the sanctity of the Yanibar refuge in 17 ABY and meets a humble farmer, Kavlis Burke. Rhiannon finds herself strangely drawn to the Outsider, but her parents do not approve. Still, she persists in seeing him, though she is not entirely sure why…could it be love?


I suppose it is a credit to myself and her own proficiency with her silver cane that no harm befell her on these trips. If it had, I would have been obliged to immediately disclose her activities to her parents, but since she seemed happier on these insane expeditions than any other time, I kept silent about the matter. That did not mean I approved of the insane notion of a lone young woman wandering Yanibar’s wilderness. In fact, my probability algorithms had already concluded that it was inevitable that we should run into some form of calamity. That made for a depressing thought, and as it turned out, those probability algorithms were right. We were out on one of her speeder drives in the wilderness, of course. It was nearing evening when I noted dark storm clouds in the distance and an increase in the wind velocity. Given that at the time we were nearly one hundred kilometers southeast of the private postern entrance to the Tusloni Basin, I advised that we leave immediately.

Dramatis personae


Plot summary

The devoted droid J7-A0 begins by recounting his adventures with his ward, Rhiannon Kraen, the blind daughter of Selu and Milya Kraen. He tells of how he and Rhiannon would journey beyond the sheltering mountains of the Yanibar refuge to explore the wilderness outside, as means of helping Rhiannon cope with loneliness and restlessness as she is an adult, and yet still living at home and single while her friends are building lives of their own. On one such excursion, a violent storm catches the pair. After a lightning strike disables J7, an Outsider farmer named Kavlis Burke finds them and takes Rhiannon back to his house for shelter. J7 follows as soon as he is able, but Kavlis is hospitable to Rhiannon and makes no attempt to harm her. She and J7 are found by her father and a team of Yanibar Guard commandos and Kavlis refuses any offer of reward, saying it was right thing to do.

After her return to Yanibar, Rhiannon asks about Kavlis, as she is intrigued by him. She contrives to meet him at a town on the Outside with J7, but is observed by agents of the Yanibar Guard, who report this information to Selu and Milya. They tell of her an altercation they had years ago with Kavlis's parents, which led to violence, and ask her to agree not to meet with him in the town again. Rhiannon agrees, but later subverts the agreement with the help of her friend Jasika and J7, meeting Kavlis outside the town.

Rhiannon continues meeting with Kavlis as she grows increasingly attracted to him, and he lets her ride with him on his thak. They continue meeting for weeks, until Rhiannon finally musters the courage to ask him to go with her to the Harvest Ball instead of some date her parents pick out for her. Kavlis agrees, but on the condition that she obtain her parents' permission. Rhiannon reluctantly agrees and confesses the details of her attraction and desire to her parents. Selu and Milya agree to her request with some misgivings and the appropriate safety precautions. Kavlis agrees to them and he and Rhiannon enjoy the ball together. At the end, Kavlis expresses his desire to marry Rhiannon, unbeknownst to her parents. Afterward, Selu confronts Kavlis and asks him of his intentions towards his daughter. Before Kavlis can reply, J7 intervenes by recounting the details of Rhiannon's interactions with Kavlis.

Once the droid is finished, Selu, Sarth, Milya, and Cassi realize that Rhiannon loves Kavlis. Selu asks Kavlis if he wishes to marry Rhiannon and Kavlis answers in the affirmative, but Selu notes that marriage would result in Rhiannon leaving the refuge and its protections, as Kavlis has no desire to leave his people and she is willing to go with him. Selu then tells Kavlis that he needs to take the next year to prepare his farm to support a wife, and that if he loves her that much, he can marry her. Selu also insists that there be no contact between them until the year is elapsed, to test the fervor of Kavlis's love. The farmer agrees and while Rhiannon is disappointed by the separation, her faith is borne out when Kavlis returns a little over a year later, still professing his undying love for her.

Behind the scenes


Through Her Eyes was released in December 2008 as the eleventh entry in the Yanibar Tales. At approximately 20,700 words long, it is above median length for the Yanibar Tales. Through Her Eyes is one of several Yanibar Tales to be set after the original trilogy.[1]

Through Her Eyes went through several name changes before the title was finalized. In writing Through Her Eyes, Atarumaster88 wanted to surpass his previous works, Hand in Hand and Redemption's Call, which he felt were lackluster attempts at romances hybridized with action. Instead, he wanted to write a pure romance. As such, he decided to eliminate all other subplots and simplify the storyline to only focus on the romance narrative. Another change he made was having a neutral party narrate the story. Atarumaster88 felt this would help lessen the dependence on romantic dialogue and internalization, two areas he felt were weaknesses in his writing. Through Her Eyes was beta'd by two individuals, one of whom was Atarumaster88's sister, a special consultant brought in to assist with the romance nature of the story. Her contributions led to several improvements from the original draft, including the thakback riding to help develop the romance at a more "deliberate" pace.

The story's narration was also changed numerous times through the outline process. Other possibilities for the narration were having it written as a diary of Rhiannon and telling from a traditional 3rd-person limited perspective. Atarumaster88 also at one point contemplated making the bulk of the story about Rhiannon's adaptation to life outside the refuge rather than a romance. The story is the first Force Exile work to have a droid narrator and really to have a significant droid character. Original outlines of Through Her Eyes had Morgedh clan Kel'nerh playing a larger role in the story as Rhiannon's bodyguard. That concept was dropped in favor of having J7-A0 play a larger role. Atarumaster88 used J7 as the narrator for the bulk of the story in order to help shift it away from the tenets of the traditional romance genre.


As is common in Force Exile stories, Atarumaster88 used a number of references to both canonical works and other media. The line spoken by a Cresh Squad commando "Freeze" is a reference to the numerous repetitions of that saying by stormtroopers. Selu's comment about giving up things we love is a reference to similar sayings in Force Exile III: Guardian and Revenge of the Sith, while his uttering of "Possibly" is an homage to Obi-Wan Kenobi's identical line in Attack of the Clones. Several references and lines of dialogue are also references to similar lines in the canonical novel The Bacta War.

Outside of canon, Through Her Eyes had three main influences: The move A Walk to Remember, the book series Little House on the Prairie, and the story of Aragorn and Arwen in The Lord of the Rings. The nickname "Rhinny" was originally composed by Star Wars Fanon user Jedi Master 76, who dubbed the character that while reading Force Exile IV: Guardian. Author Atarumaster88 decided to use the nickname in-universe after that.

Recognition and reception

Through Her Eyes was voted "Best Other Story" in the 2010 short story contest.[2]

Notes and references

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