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  • Hello! I have a question for you concerning the Short Story Contest. As both as a pillar of our community and having a vested interest in this topic, I definitely value your input on this. Currently, you have the only entry in Pre-Movie Era and, assuming it stays that way over the next couple of days, I don't know that it makes the contest better to have Best overall and Best Movie-Era basically be the same less your entry. If a new entry is added to Pre-Movie, I'd of course leave that category separate, but I'd welcome your thoughts on whether to keep the Pre/Movie Era categories as separate entities or simply eliminate them in favor of retaining Best Overall for a more interesting contest.


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    • Candidly, I've been expecting that for a while; I'm all but certain that my lone entry in Pre-Movie Era (and the new one in Vignettes) will stand alone when the nomination period wraps up tomorrow, and I concur with the implication in your instructions that it's better to just roll them into Best Overall rather than have winners by default.

      As for Best Overall and Best Movie-Era, as I told MPK in Chat, keeping those two separate would boil down to, "Is Sakaros's entry better than all the others? If no, stop. If yes, proceed to Step 2."

      Incidentally, since we only have about a day and a half to go, you might want to come up with some voting rules.

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    • Trak's from 8 years ago are a classic that needs little improvement, so I reused them instead. But thank you for the reminder!

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