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  • MPK

    Hey, first of all, merry Christmas.

    I can't remember if I've said so already in the past, but I very much appreciate how you read and offered measures of feedback on all of the stories I've written here, at least up to 2017 (stretching back to my arrival in what - 2007? Yikes), not to mention my atomic nerdrage essays.

    One other thing - every couple years I feel like reading your own stuff, and then I try to read Force Exile I, and for whatever reason I fail to stick with it for more than a few chapters. If I were to try again to get into FE, do you reckon I could start with some of the less-dauntingly-long-looking stories in Yanibar Tales, or would I just be lost and not know who anybody is or what's going on?

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    • A belated Merry Christmas to you as well!

      Your post reminds me that I need to check out some of your more recent stuff, though it will have to be after the New Year if I am going to finish the things I said I would! I seem to be missing a review of Your Weapon Your Life as well, which just shows how oblivious I've become in my old age because I know I read that back in ...*checks notes* ... 2012.

      As to your question about the FEmpire, here is what I recommend as a reading order and have started Mrs. Ataru on very, very slowly. I will warn you that Fugitive is the first fan-fiction work I wrote 12 years ago, so there is a steep drop-off in quality once you get there.

      I would call that the first third of the saga. If by some stroke of incredible boredom and dedication on your part you get through all that, I'll work on the rest of it.

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    • MPK

      Thanks for that list. I shall keep it in mind for whenever I find the time and inclination. It reminds me, though - I could swear I've already read The Cauldron. I remember nothing except that it's about an ARC Trooper, some volcanic planet, and shooting things (and that I enjoyed it).

      For whenever you feel like starting in on my own recent stories, you can skip over The Betrayer. I don't know if you remember, but you did in fact read it and give me a review of sorts back in January of 2018. Moreover, my very recent novella Critical Points is a replacement/hard rewrite of that (with your criticisms of the original being one influence in the process). Torchbearer is a much thicker read at around 120,000 words (spent two off-and-on years on that one). Any feedback you might offer when you can, I'd think the world of it.

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    • You are correct, Cauldron is a pretty action-heavy Clone Wars story on a volcanic world. I will take a look at your works ... soon (tm)!

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