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  • Hey, Jacen Fett! By the title of this message on your wall, you may assume that this may be a negative conversation. I assure you that it is not. I only wish to ask you something about Corso Marek, and his family. In my story, Star Wars: Powerhouse, I introduced a female Mandalorian named Chastity Marek in Season 3. I created her because I admire Corso Marek in such a high honor. If you do not mind, I put her in that story.

    Also, I added Corso Marek on the Twelfth Wiki Awards for SW: Fanon. He is in a nomination list. Anyway, have a fantastic day, Mr. Fett. Good luck on winning the nomination!

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    • Super sorry for SUPER later reply. But simply said, you honor me, and I appreciate you for the nomination.

      I dont have a computer so I dont see messages, sorry again.

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