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Grand Admiral Thrawn is a Chiss male that was born sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin, and joined the ranks of the Galactic Empire despite its racism against non-humans. 10 years after the formation of the Galactic Empire, Thrawn became an officer of the Imperial Navy that was placed as an officer aboard the Fifth fleet.

During his time, he managed to successfully accomplish many victories against the Rebellion, after the Battle of Ryloth he managed to restore the Imperial occupation on Ryloth. Admiral Kassen Kui who awarded him for his victory receiving a promotion to Admiral and moved to commanding the Seventh fleet which Emperor Palpatine was informed.

He also was than stationed on Battonn, where he was tasked with vanquishing a rebels on Batton with his flawless tactics which was acknowledged by the Emperor himself, where there were a more number of citizens causalities than Rebel casualties.

Despite that, there were no longer rebels in the sector, as only a very small remaining pilots managed to escape however it ensured that the Rebellion would not return to the planet, as it was locked down by the Empire, which the Emperor awarded him as "Grand Admiral".

Despite his core flawless tactics and knowledge, his non human status held him back as such officers in the Imperial Navy, where as Kassius Konstantine felt only Humans should he in the Navy.


Early LifeEdit

Thrawn a male Chiss, at first was born sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin was born and later he signed up to become an Imperial officer and becoming one of the few non-humans to be accepted and eventually one of the even fewer non-humans to receive a high ranking status in the Empire.

Working as an officer in the Fifth fleet, he eventually earned his way up to "Admiral" despite the efforts of Admiral Brom Titus attempts due to his non-human status.