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The wreckage of that mighty vessel still burns over the skies of Tython. It is a stark reminder that although we have all hoped for peace these last few years, war was inevitable.―Acting-Chief of State Jhon Cordatus, while declaring war on the New Sith Imperium[src]

The Third Galactic Civil War was a galaxy-spanning conflict that began in 1,011 ABY and was primarily fought between the New Sith Imperium and the combined forces of the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order. The Chiss Ascendancy were also allied with and fought alongside the Sith, and the Mandalorians and the Imperial Knights fought against the Sith as well.

The conflict began after years of a cold war following the Sith takeover of the Empire, which had been allied with the Alliance and the Jedi since sometime following the Third Jedi Purge centuries earlier. The official declaration of war came from the Alliance, following an Imperial attack that destroyed the Jedi flagship. The conflict between them continued into the Battle of Saleucami, the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and beyond.



Centuries of peace

In the aftermath of the Second Imperial Civil War and the Third Jedi Purge, the Galactic Federation Triumvirate—comprised of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, the New Jedi Order, and the Empire-in-exile—proved to be the dominant galactic force after the fall of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and the One Sith. Krayt's empire fractured and scattered, as the Empire-in-exile initially chose not to affiliate with those they labeled traitors. The Sith, defeated once again, fled into hiding in the Unknown Regions, where they swore they would rise to power once again.[1]

With the Sith gone, the Galactic Alliance Remnant officially renamed itself the Galactic Alliance and reasserted control over a number of star systems it previously held. Those that remained loyal to the Alliance during the reign of Darth Krayt returned to the Alliance immediately, and many of those that had joined Krayt returned upon concluding that their secession had helped bring Krayt into power. The Empire-in-exile began to re-consolidate power as well, reorganizing into a post-Krayt Empire, which in 666 ABY was christened the Elyurius Empire, while building up new forces in the northern sectors of the galaxy.[1]

Meanwhile, the New Jedi Order also began to rebuild its numbers from the remnants that it had been dwindled down to, and many Jedi previously thought dead came out of hiding to help mend their broken order. In order to ensure the safety of their ranks, the Jedi mostly congregated in the Core Worlds near Coruscant, though they did plan to expand beyond the Core once their numbers were sufficient.[1]

Return of the Sith

I felt a disturbance in the Force. It was as if a bane had replaced the radiance of the Emperor's presence. The Emperor was dead.―Bellatrix La Rouge[src]

After hundreds of years of inactivity from the Sith, the galaxy became lax. However, a woman named Ladya Aren began gathering followers on multiple worlds and rechristened herself Darth Aevum after she was anointed Dark Lady of the Sith by the ghost of Darth Invidus. In the following years, her followers, such as Isaac Firestorm and Geist Weiss, infiltrated military and political institutions inside the Elyurius Empire, along with recruiting new agents, such as Andromeda Delion and Sirius. Her followers manipulated the Chiss, which was easier to do thanks to the tensions between the Chiss and the Elyurius Empire caused by Constantine Elyurius' father years prior.[1][2]

In 1,002 ABY, the Sith executed a coup known as the Purge. The Sith revealed themselves and took dominance over the empire, which would eventually be rechristened as the New Sith Imperium. When Emperor Luthor Elyurius refused to surrender, Darth Aevum snapped his neck. The empire quickly declared loyalty to the Sith. Those that refused, such as the Imperial Knights, were forced to flee.

The war begins

I found the unthinkable. The Sith had returned, and the Empire was under their control.Jedi Master Jhon Cordatus[src]

War was believed to immediately follow the Sith's grab for power, but for nine years, the Sith were complacent, building up strength and control over their empire. However, in 1,009 ABY, Darth Judicar slew Aevum and became emperor. He propelled the war machine forward and in 1,011 ABY, the Sith empire began its machinations.

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The Third Galactic Civil War is the main conflict of Star Wars Legacies, the fifth and current role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com.


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