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Commander Tano, what brings you back here?"'
"'To find our queen and infect this planet.

—Ahsoka Tano and a clone trooper

A battle took place on the planet of Geonosis between infected Republic clone troopers and non-infected ones. After the second battle on the planet a clone got infected and gather more troopers and eventually got back to finding their queen. Upon landing on the planet the infected troops killed most of the personal in the building and then infecting them with the use of Brain Worms. Then deciding the moving on to the temple their was a small skirmish on which the infected troopers found their queen.


After the second battle on the planet a clone trooper was infected and then was assigned to deliver medical supplies to a frigate. While on the ship he proceeded to infect it and two jedi knights also aboard with the other nineteen clones. Then docking with the frigate he infected a Jedi Master and most of the personal on board then through the brain worms was ordered to retake Geonosis.

The Battle

This temple is going to be ours.
—Barriss Offee

Landing on the planet near the main base the infected troops killed every clone outside the base and left brain worms to infect them. Upon entering the base the commander CC-1993 greeted them but was killed almost a instant after that, then Ahsoka left a brain worm with him. As the clones tried to hold off they were able to clear a squad of infected clones but right after were killed by Kit Fisto after he ambushed them. The rest of the non-infected then proceeded to go outside and hold out in one of their remaining LAATs but were overran by the force the infected troops had. After the now infected clones woke up, every single one of the infected troops went to the temple that was now surrounded by a force of clones and a AT-TE. Instantly losing two LAATis due to the AT-TE, the infected clones inside all died. When Barriss' transport landed she managed to block one of the clones and shot back at the AT-TE commander, when it hit the commander he accidentally shot the turret at a cliff crashing upon his own LAATs. Right after the LAATs exploded and killed the commander and half of the clones forcing the rest to retreat allowing the infected to infect the dead and also allow them control of the temple.


After taking the temple back a force consisting of Barriss Offee, Ahsoka Tano, CT-3291, and seven clones entered the temple. Upon entering the temple everyone that entered heard a voice in their mind, after going lower it kept getting louder. When they were right outside the throne room they saw around a hundred brain worm eggs and when they entered they saw the queen. The Queen then proceeded to tell them their orders for the planet which was to infect the starships Avenging Justice Resulting Doom and Freeflier who were just about to leave the planet in a day. Just before the ships were about to leave the clones and Jedi were able to infect the ships spreading the infection to Ryloth, Corellia and Falleen.

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