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Golden Age of the Republic

Thes'hee Imconon (pronounced /ðəs·'hɛ·e.'iːm·kʌⁿ·ɲɔ̃/) was a Human former police officer and member of the Arrain Makila on Eriadu.


Early life

Imconon was born 738 BBY into a middle class family in Eriadu City and was raised as an only-child in the Cityfield Plains district of the Eriadu planetary capital. He elected to join a local police academy instead of trade school or university upon completing his primary education. During this time, he married a long-time friend and moved to the Residential District 1. By 714 BBY he was a regular beat officer in the Expansion North, with occasional duties in the neighboring Mansion Hill district. Imconon settled into the routine as an officer, eventually being promoted to sergeant. Feeling as if he was far more qualified, and impatient with the process of promotion, Imconon considered quitting the local police unit to join the Republic's Judicial Forces. The Judicial Forces were uninterested, but Imconon continued to look elsewhere.

The Arrain Makila and the election of 291

710 BBY was a period of political strife on Eriadu as planetist and government-control factions aligned with B'Rhea squared off against the Casei Solus–led Arrain Makila. As a police officer, Imconon was asked to help protect the political candidates as they traveled through Eriadu City. In the Expansion North, he noted how anti–Arrain Makila individuals were almost riotous while their supporters largely protested against B'Rhea in peace. B'Rhea's political faction, a Humanocentric planetist movement was being led more and more by authoritarians and other anti-Republic members. This troubled Imconon, as he held staunch pro-Republic beliefs. He had some planetist values, but he was not a Humanocentrist and decided to vote for the Arrain Makila.

For the election, Imconon was responsible for watching over a poling location in the Expansion North. As the election day passed, he noticed B'Rhea supporters steadily passing by as people approached to vote. Concerned that voter intimidation was occuring, he spoke to one of the men, only to discover a blaster drawn at his back by another individual. Imconon elected not to fight and stood down. He immediately notified his superiors that this was occurring. The lieutenant claimed that his hands were tied and that no one was going to be dispatched to the scene. In a brazen move, Imconon attempted to escort the men away from the poling place, forcing the man with the blaster to the ground and cuffing him. The other man fought fist-for-fist, breaking Imconon's nose. The officer was able to render the other man unconscious and brought them to the station before himself seeking medical attention. After returning from the hospital the following day, the two men had been released by the lieutenant, who in turn relieved Imconon of his duties. Sensing the corruption, Imconon returned home in a rage and prepared to leave Eriadu.

Mint Revolution

See also: Mint Revolution

With B'Rhea's close victory, the man began a steady campaign to consolidate power on Eriadu, starting what was called the Mint Revolution. Imconon was able to be rehired in the Fallia Hill district on a part-time basis, and he began working again only a month after having been relieved. In Fallia Hill, he encountered many supporters and members of the Arrain Makila. As the group was gradually forced underground, Imconon offered his services. He helped individuals with warrants to escape capture, freed those held in the Fallia Hill detention facilities, and acted on occassion as a bodyguard for three influential Arrain Makila members. After two years, he resigned from the police and he and his wife dedicated their time to the Arrain Makila. It was 705 BBY when these three men were captured by B'Rhea, an incident that resulted in Imconon's capture by his former lieutenant and local leader of The Toms secret police force. During the execution of Solus and the other three Arrain Makila leaders, Imconon was able to dupe an unwitting guard into releasing him. B'Rhea was enraged at the escape, killed the guard, and initiated a manhunt for the former police officer.

Behind the scenes

Thes'hee Imconon, a character that only receives a passing mention in The Suppression was named for the Star Wars Fanon user I'm the Chosen One, and ideas for the backstory was created by this user and incorporated into the tale of the Eriaduan power struggle.


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