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The Tribulation was a term used in the Golden Empire to refer to the period from 141 ABY to 143 ABY, when three major armed conflicts wracked the Empire. The three conflicts were:

Billions of beings, military and civilian, died on all sides of the struggles, and the Empire suffered setbacks to its infrastructure and serious losses to its Armada. The decimation of the Vagaari Empire put its territory nominally in the hands of the Empire, though on-the-ground control remained elusive for years. The Empire was still struggling to incorporate all its territory and expand the Armada accordingly six years later when the Nightmare War erupted.

The age of heroes

Many beings who had not previously been widely known acquired Empire-wide fame due to their actions in the Tribulation's various conflicts. Historians credited combat actions and command with creating the fame of Centurions Breek Zagrev, Vem, Aria Nikina, and Sorrik, as well as increasing the reputation of Rajj-Yo. In addition, Royal Navy officers Tarse Medrego, Salome Hrek, and Rensi Shal-Shatir became household names.

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