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Happy Star Wars Day! To commemorate this annual celebration of Star Wars fandom, Wikia and Star Wars Fanon have partnered to host The Star Wars Fanon Collaborative Writing Project!

What does that mean? It's simple—you get to help write an original fan fiction story set in the Star Wars universe, taking place during the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

In this fan-written adventure, Imperial forces under the command of General Cassio Tagge investigate Princess Leia's claim that there is a Rebel base on Dantooine. The base looks abandoned, but looks can be deceiving. Rebel forces, led by Davish Krail, are still on the planet—and are ready to fight the Empire.

Ready to write? Just take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the rules of this writing project, then edit this page to start writing. You'll post your entry after the most recent contribution in "The Story" section of this page. Most importantly, only contribute two paragraphs at a time, and wait for at least two other fans to contribute before writing another entry.


The Story

Growing up on Tepasi, Cassio Tagge dreamed of traveling through space on all sorts of adventures. His mother, Sanya, used to tell him that the cosmos were the purest works of art in all of reality. For something almost entirely made of emptiness, it never ceased to amaze so many beings who voyaged beyond their own world.

Flying through space offered Tagge a solitude that few could even dream of. Unless he hopped onto a hyperlane, the odds of encountering another soul were slim. One could never really know when someone would appear out of nowhere, least of all in this war-torn age, but everything else was predictable. There was a regularity to the universe that spacers like him cherished, an orderly chaos that compelled the earliest peoples and civilizations to reach out and colonize almost every corner of the known galaxy.

None were so great as the Galactic Empire. General Tagge stood aboard the command deck of the Super Star Destroyer Annihilator, a massive behemoth of a vessel that quietly moved into orbit above the planet Dantooine. From above, Dantooine was barely distinguishable from most other habitable worlds. This great green ball of farmlands and valleys was deep in the Outer Rim. It was a world that still felt like a frontier, with a population that barely cracked one million. Despite the Emperor's promise of taming these frontiers, Tagge couldn't help but respect what Dantooine represented.

The bridge of the Annihilator was far less peaceful. It was brimming with commotion, as officers and soldiers attended to their duties throughout the command area. The dimly lit deck gave off a gloomy atmosphere, one befitting a vessel from Tagge's cherished Imperial fleet. Though he was the head of the Imperial Army, Tagge understood, more than most, that the real power of the Emperor's forces were not reckless misadventures like the Death Star, but in a fleet that could blanket the cosmos and protect worlds like Dantooine.

Tagge turned away from the windows that adorned the forward section of the bridge, stretching from side to side, letting all within it to peer out into the vast expanse of the Emperor's domain. He approached the pit where the bridge crew worked, making a glancing inspection of their performance as he walked the line of computer consoles. Each of them went about their duties with utmost precision. It was no surprise to Tagge, of course. Those who served under his command were the best officers in the fleet.

"Ensign Katarn," Tagge said as he approached the communications station at the back of the bridge. "Do you have the final report from a scout team?"

The young officer handed Tagge the report from the scout team. Tagge took the datapad and scanned the data, eyeing it once, then twice, then a third time, all to make sure that the data seemed in order. The results were hardly surprising. Tagge argued against this mission; the fleet had only been sent to Dantooine on a tip from Princess Leia Organa, who claimed that the Rebel Alliance base was on Dantooine. Army Intelligence disputed the claims, but Governor Tarkin had a soft spot for the princess, despite her many seditious crimes. To have destroyed Alderaan anyway... Tagge believed, more than ever, that the Death Star—Tarkin's folly, he called it—would be the Empire's undoing.

Yet he still had a duty. Tagge told the ensign, "Send a report back to Governor Tarkin aboard the DS-1 platform. We've found the remains of a Rebel base, but it was abandoned some time ago. I will personally lead an inspection of the surrounding area. More information to follow. Sent on this day, from this place, by General Cassio Tagge, Chief of the Imperial Army. Out."

Davish Krail had never wanted to leave home, but the Rebellion called to him. Dantooine was not subjected to the wrath of the Empire, simply its rule, but Davish had watched the holo-feeds for years as news rolled in of Imperial atrocities. Antar 4. Ryloth. Gorse. Lothal. The list of crimes committed in the name of the false Emperor Palpatine was unending and unmerciful. Not even a farmer like Davish, tucked away in his safe corner of the galaxy, could stand idly by as a spectator.

He wanted all worlds to be more like Dantooine, to have the peace that it maintained. The settlers here were dreamers, ones who imagined what their future could be and did everything they could to work towards it. They toiled through the hardships they endured, all with the faint hope of one day creating a new life and a better world for themselves and for their families. It was an oasis of serenity, a place where beings from all walks of life could come to escape the rigors of the galaxy and live in solitude. They were farmers and inventors, writers and artists, retirees and the elderly. They all sought to make their dream lives in the fields of Dantooine.

The Empire wanted to take that away. News about Alderaan's destruction were already beginning to spread amongst the Rebel ranks that Davish led here. They may have abandoned their base, letting the Empire believe that the Rebellion had no presence on Dantooine, but they hadn't abandoned Dantooine. Nor would they, not after Alderaan. If the Empire could destroy an entire world, then any Imperial presence, no matter how minor, was a threat to every planet in the galaxy.

Davish and a squadron of Rebel soldiers hid at the top of a valley, overlooking the abandoned Rebel base below—and the Imperials who patrolled the outskirts of it. As Rebel snipers prepared to stand at the ready, a lone Sentinel-class shuttle touched down at the base's landing area. Davish grabbed his macrobinoculars and looked down to see a procession of stormtroopers flood out, followed by the unmistakable face of one of the Empire's most ruthless military leaders.


Davish placed the macrobinoculars down and signaled for his forces to aim at the general. Tagge stood outside the shuttle, saluting his scout team, not knowing what was about to happen. How could he? This was a man renowned for his trust in data, and the data thus far must have told him that the Rebels were gone. Why else would he dare travel to the surface? Tagge was about to learn the consequences of his short-sightedness.

"Soldiers," Davish whispered, "...open fire." - Brandon Rhea Alliance Starbird.svg (talk) 16:48, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

The barrage of laser fire was almost too much for Tagge or his troopers to comprehend. Dozens of bolts of super-heated plasma burned through the air. The fire was coming from the peak of the valley that overlooked the landing field. None of the the fire hit their mark however, for the scout team of crack-shot stormtroopers were trained to protect their senior officers at all costs. A trooper donning an orange commander's-pauldron dove forward and knocked Tagge out of the line of fire and helped him behind the landing craft. Tagge regained his balance, and nodded to the trooper in thanks. The trooper had taken a shot for the General and gingerly nodded back through his helmet as he groaned and tended to the wound on his hip. Tagge drew his blaster pistol, a model commonly used by hunters on his homeworld, and fired back at the attacker—Rebels, he could now see—from an awkward angle around the shuttle's cockpit.

"Commander," Tagge yelled in his customary Tepasi accent, "They are too well equipped. Order your troops to hold their fire. I have a plan."

"Sir, It's not my place to question orders... But your reputation proceeds you." the wounded commander said as he slapped a bacta patch onto his wound. Nivlacanator(talk) 01:52, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

War was never as loud or as glorious as the holovids had always seemed to promise. As a young man, Davish had spent many late-night hours at the battered holotheater in downtown New Khoonda, watching reruns of the classic war films and fantasizing about the heroics and glories of battle. The legendary clashes of Mandalorian savages and noble Revanchist Jedi immortalized in Revan Rising, the fearsome naval battles of the Great Galactic War in The Return of the Sith, all set to swelling soundtracks, crisp dialogue, and cliched characterizations; this was the stuff of youth, and Davish had often gone to bed with the images of battle still swirling about his mind.

The scene unfolding in the valley below, as glimpsed from his macrobinoculars, could not have been any more foreign to those youthful preconceptions of battle. It was eerily quiet, the silence punctuated only by the occasional rapid discharge of an automatic firearm or the hastily barked order of a gunnery sergeant somewhere further along the ridge-line. There were no emotive orchestral arrangements, no heroic charges for death and glory, no classic one-liners to dying foes; just men sweating in the midday sun, seeking to prolong their lives but a little while longer.

He watched as a Stormtrooper dropped lifeless into a gaping puddle of mud down in the valley, a hole blown into the shining white of his stomach plate. Davish was suddenly struck by a desire to know what the man's name was, where he came from, what hopes or dreams had occupied his mind in his final moments. Had he wondered if he would die that day, his body shattered to pieces on some backwater world? Would he have rather remained home, his children upon his lap, recounting the tales of his exploits on one distant world or another? Would he be missed and remembered, or would his loss go unnoticed? Davish would never know the answers to these questions. War was a harsh mistress, for she played no favorites, and she told no secrets. Firedance 12:51, May 7, 2015 (UTC)

The surviving stormtroopers began pulling back from the landing pad to cover. Tagge watched with satisfaction until all of his men had taken cover behind something. Sadly, some of the troopers were already dead. The Rebellion will repay in blood, he thought. The general monitored the Rebel fire from the cockpit of the Sentinel until he spotted where it was coming from—a cliff not far from them. He then turned to the pilot of the landing craft to give him new orders.

"Lieutenant?" Tagge asked.

"I see them, sir."

"Prepare the concussion missile launchers, aim for their location. Turn the craft a bit so we can get a better shot."

"Right away!" Alexander 14:52, May 7, 2015 (UTC)

"Sir, we are getting reports of modified KAAC Freerunners." The lieutenant said calmly.

"Then bring in AT-ST's and AT-AT's to deal with them, oh and have the AT-AP's stand by.

"Right away general."

The walkers come in and destroy the Freerunners. It was the type of victory the Empire likes to broadcast on Holonet. Little did they know this was just the start of a very long battle. The Rebels had withdrawn to regroup and check their dwindling Tibanna Gas supplies. Everyone was in for a long night, including the scouting group General Tagge had just sent out to find the Rebel base and report the position, so the artillery could pound it out of existence. User:CC-1632 10:19 May 14, 2015 (PST)

Bob Popost, long time Rebel officer and, as he liked to call himself, "financier", was sat in a grimy chair in the ruins of an old shepherds hut. The durasteel structure was corroded, with a large hole in the roof where rain poured in almost relentlessly, falling almost directly onto the table bolted to the floor in the center. Popost had to wonder whether some sadist had once designed it that way, so that any object on the table, be it a map or an E-11 become sodden in the rain. Now, however, it was laden with charts, graphs and various documents. Finances.

There was once a time where Popost would have sat down with a heavy sigh and rushed through the various holonotes. Now, however, he found himself almost happily sitting down to handle the documents, carefully appraising them. If it meant getting away from the constant, bitter fighting that mired the wide open spaces and fields of Dantooine, then Popost was happy to do it. After all, few in the Alliance could balance finances as well as he could. He'd always had a thing with numbers, but why he'd been sent to help Krail, that overgrown farm boy come pilot, to, in the less than convincing words of one Bothan officer, "balance the books" at the Dantooine base. He'd known it wasn't going to go well when he'd arrived, dressed prim and proper, only to be greeted by a a grimy looking Geonosian who'd pointed him towards the "headquarters" with a grunt.

Then the imperials had arrived.

Finding himself thrown into battle, Popost had done everything he could to avoid a fight. Of course, most of the other Alliance soldiers seemed to relish the fighting with dogged enthusiasm, as Popost had seen with the two other soldiers with him, themselves sat in the corner chatting amongst themselves about their killcounts. "I went and got me at least a hundred or so scumbags, for sure." One of them, a large Chiss, boasted, smiling a near toothless smile as he waved his DH-17 around his head. His companion, a shirtless Trandoshan with a bandana wrapped around his head, grunted in response, grimacing slightly. Popost himself had stayed out of their conversation and maintained his methodical reading of the holonotes, though he did rarely look up when their conversations were interuppted by the distant rumbling of blasts. And when they talked of Jedi. Their conversation, at some points, turned to the old Dantooine Enclave and how the building was, supposedly, haunted by the ghosts of long dead Jedi, to which Popost had guffawed from the table, not looking up to see their dissaproving sneers.

He'd seen Jedi before, seen them pull their parlour tricks, but he still didn't believe in half the rubbish these backwoods blokes held. Interrupted again by another, far off explosion, the two rebels looked over to the door of the poorly lit shack. Popost didn't bother looking. He'd heard enough of the sounds of war to last a lifetime.  ScienceGuy44 (Talk) 02:20, January 1, 2016 (UTC)


Three speeders whoosh by in the night, the moonlight shining off their riders' armor. These three Scout Troopers have been searching for over two hours at this point for the Rebel base. The head trooper wonders if this scouting party should turn back now. Besides, the enemy are just rebels.

"Sir? Sir! Are you there?" asked the man on his right.

"Oh! Sorry, had my.... head in the clouds.", he replied. "Just keep moving."

The ride was taking ages. Was there even a Rebel base? Maybe they were just some militia, sleeping in their own homes. Maybe.....

The commander jumps back to reality, seeing a black structure in the distance. He pulls out his macrobinoculars.

"Boys. We've found it. Send word to General Tagge to get the SPMA-Ts landed and moving, I'll place the beacon."

Both of his men nod, and begin to head back. The commander places the beacon on the vantage point he has, and decides to get in for a closer look. TyrVaros 20:36, February 19, 2016 (UTC)


Sargeant Rain was standing by the door to the bridge of the Annihilator in his riot armour. Suddenly, the holotable near him flickered to life. "Corporal Aldwin." Rain spoke, suprised to here back so fast.

"Sargeant Rain, we have discovered the rebel base, can you ask General Tagge to prepare the SPMA-T's?" Aldwin queried.

"I shall." and the hologram flickered away. Sargeant Rain entered the bridge, and activated Tagge's personal communicator.

"General Tagge, sir?" Rain said. "The rebel base has been found, Shall we prepare the SPMA-T's?"

Tagge never replied, just nodded. Rain started to exit, when suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship. Alarms blared.

The bridge was smoking from where an ensign had plunged into a terminal, most of the bridge crew were dead.

"We have a spy onboard." Rain calmly said.  "I'll find him."

Lorddimertelo2213 15:26, April 15, 2016 (UTC)


The explosion had killed few officers and injured many more. The punishment for this crime would be very harsh given that the spy was caught. 

The spy, named Vlad Heresa, was disguised as a storm trooper captain.

Vlad ran down a corridor to his bunk where he grabbed the other charges for a second unexpected attack to take out the engines of the massive Annihilator.

He ran to the area he was targeting but as soon as he arrived he was confronted by Sergeant Rain. Hastily, Vlad kicked the eplosives out of sight.

"May I ask what you are doing?" Rain inquired. "Just searching for anyone acting suspiciously in this area, I am guessing you are doing the same." "Yes I am, I guess you can handle this area" Rain replied coolly.

After that close call Vlad planted the charges and got ready to detonate them.

Captain Rex23 12:25, April 19, 2016 (CST)

Running through the Annihilator, Vlad quickly arrived the turbolift, entered , and went down to the hangar bay. In the lift with him was a stormtrooper holding a blaster rifle. "I could use that blaster rifle to take some of them with me" he thought. Punching the stormtrooper in the face, the trooper desperately tried to fire his rifle, but at such close quarters, it was near impossible to use it. Knocking out the stormtrooper, Vlad picked up the rifle and waited for the turbolift to arrive at the hangar. "Imperial scum" spat Vlad.

Arriving at the hangar, he immediately called for medical staff to help the fallen trooper. "He needs medical attention right away; he passed out on the lift" Vlad lied. Running toward a shuttle he had prepared himself Vlad prepared to detonate the charges. "Where in the galaxies are you going captain", snarled an officer. Not bothering to answer, Vlad instead replied " I'll see you in hell" and fired upon the officer, killing him instantly. Quicker than the three stormtroopers with him could react, Vlad shot them all dead.

Runnign toward the shuttle, shots rang out. Vlad looked back to see a trooper firing at him. Not bothering to fire back, Vlad arrived at his shuttle. Entering the shuttle, suddenly Vlad was knocked down by a shot too his back. He was uninjured thanks to his armor, but he had too roll aside to avoid incoming shots. Making a run for it he entered the shuttle and detonated the charges.

He heard a loud boom and started the shuttle. Opening fire, he destroyed all the TIE fighters and crafts in the shuttle and exited the hangar, into the blackness of space.

Back on the devestaed bridge, General Tagge, looked at the damage. Almost 3,000 other crew members, officers, and troopers had been killed, Sergeant Rain being among them. " Sir, there is a shuttle exiting the hangar without permission. Shall we enable the tractor beams? " one of the remaining officers said. "Yes," Tagge replied. Suddenly another officer exclaimed " All tractors beams have disabled, and we can't enable them. "Then I want that vessel destroyed!" Tagge ordered.

On the shuttle, Vlad smirked. "None of the Imperials were going through this, " he thought. He had one final, devastating weapon left. Vlad had planted a bomb near the hypermatter reactor. As soon he detonated the bomb, the entire dreadnought would be destroyed.

"General Tagge, we have targeted the vessel" one of the officers said. "Fire" ordered Tagge. Anything the spy, whom he knew was piloting the craft, was doomed to fail. Deep inside of him though, he knew somethig was wrong, he just couldn't see what was wrong.

Turbolaser fire hit Vlad's shuttle. Knowing he couldn't take too many hits, Vlad looked the detonator. The bomb was ready. Pressing the button, he only knew there was about two minutes before the super star destroyer completely exploded.

"Sir, massive system and engine failure; the ships going to blow in two minutes." Tagge cursed. That was what the dirty little spy had truly done. He'd planted a bomb near the hypermatter reactor and engine systems to destroy his ship. Running to the control panels, Tagge punched in a code and a secret opened.

"In," Tagge ordered the eight troopers and twelve officers. The secret hatch led to a tunnel, which led to a secret hangar with an escape shuttle. The entire party boarded, and they flew out, Dantooine spreading out below them like a jewel. A millisecond later, most of the super star destroyer exploded, with the hull left and parts of the interior . Just before he entered hyperspace, Tagge swore he would kill the puny little spy.

Vlad looked back and saw the super star destroyer exploding. A feeling of satisfaction went through his heart. With that, he flew toward the atmosphere of Dantooine to rendezvous with his fellow rebels.


As the shuttle docked, Captain Andros Vihm clucked his tongue. Hyperspace comms had already blared the news of the Annihilator's destruction. "How in frakking Chaos--," Vihm took a deep rattling breath, "Did those separatist terrorists destroy a Super Star Desroyer?" 

The stormtroopers he had shouted at stood fast. "Excuse me, sir. New intel from the Dantooine system says that a hypermatter overload--,"

Vihm threw his hand outward. "Save it. I need names."

The stormtrooper who spoke stood silently for a few seconds. "We can't possibly know yet."

Vihm spun around. "I. NEED. ANSWERS! These Rebel cells do not just get smarter spontaneously!" He stormed to the vidscreen and slammed his head against it. "Get me Spectre."

This time, not a word was spoken. When the blast door re-opened, a tall, uniformed pilot ambled up beside him. "Kenneth." Vihm smiled briefly.

"Captain." The pilot reciprocated. "You called for my assistance?"

"I need you to travel to the Dantooine system and infiltrate the Rebel cell that recently destroyed the Annihilator. We have captured a light cruiser with transponder codes. For this mission, you are Lieutenant Aurth Coniarti. You may take seven crew members of your choice to man the ship. This ship will be outfitted with A-Wing starfighters."

Spectre smiled. "I have just the crew in mind."

Anniecpw3 (Talk) 15:22, February 14, 2017 (UTC)

Meanwhile Imperial Admrial Kirk Jirga was also just learning of the news from his flagship; the ISD Dagger. He stroked his mustache well processing the news. "Hmmm... Most interesting." He said before turning in his chair to face a Lieutenant standing behind him. He then eyed the Lieutanat trying to size him up and get a picture of how competent he looked. Once the Admrial was satisfied with inspecting the Junior Officer he simply said "Tell Captain Grebe I required his presence in the bridge. Before long the bridge door hissed as it slide open to admit a thin and tall man with glasses, this was Captian Grebe. The Admiral once again spoke and said "Increase security around vital systems on all ships in the fleet and set a hyperspace course for Dantooine." He then paused and said, "That'll be all."

Before long the sound of the hyperdrive kicking in could be heard as the ship jumped into hyperspace. With that Admiral Kirk stood and said, "Contact General Tagge, tell him that I'm on my way with 12 Star Destroyers and that I shall send reinforcements down to the ground once I arrive along with some AT-ATs and I'll dispatch some Tie Fighters to run air support and give him air cover." Admiral Kirk then turned back toward the main observation window in the bridge and look at the stars as they whoosh In a blur. Then the ship comes out of hyper space and everyone in the control room got jerked around a little. But, this heralds their arrival and the black void of space was no filled with a lush green planet. He was here.  The.Brick.Battle (Talk) 05:22, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

The commando likes the way the grains of sand crunch under his high-grade, military boots. Flem, or so what the other commandos in his squad call him, is hardened from mission after mission. But for some reason, the pain-staking jobs don't take as much of a toll as one would think.

"Let's get this done with. Strike in, then run out." The commander of the squad, Dirk says in a somber tone. 

The group trudge through the beach’s soft sand for about three meters, until they reach, knee-high, lush green grasses, their roots burrowed in the white sand. Flem remembers grass like this, on his homeworld of Naboo. They were on every beaches, in countless numbers, divided the realms of beach and plain. Flem shakes his head, wondering if it’s really the same.

Far across the galaxy, on the planet on Coruscant, Emperor Palpatine had just received word that the Super Star Destroyer Annihilator had been destroyed.

He snarled with anger, crunching the expensive glass cup next to him into a thousand tiny pieces.  The Annihilator had been one of the newest of the Empire's 13 Executor Class Star Dreadnought's, and though a new one was already in construction, the Annihilator's loss would be felt.

Palpatine knew the rebels there were a force to be reckoned with.  If they could destroy a Star Dreadnought, what more things could they do?  He briefly considered going there and commanding the fleet approaching Dantooine, but decided against it.  He had important matters to attend.

However, another possibility came up.  He went over to his Holonet broadcaster and broadcasted the Star Dreadnought Executor.  Within a few seconds, a figure in a black mask appeared.

"What is thy bidding, my master?" Vader said.

"I have a mission for you", the Emperor said.

Vader asked in his shrill, dark voice, "What is it, my master?"

"Go to the planet of Dantooine. There is a Rebel fleet there."


"This is Admiral Tak, you may engage the Star Destroyers!" The speaker blared. This was simple a easy kill. Stormtroopers help everyone else out. The captain smiled.

"Deploy the starfighters." he said, and the ship started taking hits. The Nebulon-B Frigate was holding perfectly. X-wings poured out of the hangers to intercept TIE fighters. CRACK! The GR-75 that was in front was in pieces. There was now an Imperial Star Destroying right in front of them. "OPEN FIRE!" he yelled. The ship was being shredded.

"Captain, our shields are down! We're losing all power! We need to abandoned sh-" The Lieutenant didn't have time to finish his sentence. All personnel were launched into space. TIE fighters and X-Wings went by, everything exploded.

RIP, unknown Captain.

KaneMk. Fri, Jan 5, 12:17, UCT.


Five A-Wing Starfighters dropped out of hyperspace in the midst of the warscape. Spectre keyed in the codes that the Imperial Security Bureau had provided and received a response in no time. "You are clear to take to the skies," Spectre smiled and gave his squadron the go-ahead. 20:52, January 23, 2018 (UTC)


The dark red lighting of the bridge of the Ziost, a Star Couier in the possession of Chief Inquisitor Ishra, gave a eerie feel to the place. This feel was exemplified in the sunken, hate filled features of her face. Lieutenant Zamora meekly stepped towards her. Zamora had been transferred to the ship after the Battle over Mon Cala, while an empire victory, the high casualty rate made her overseers consider a...reassignment. She looked at the inquisitors pale skin, sunken amber eyes, and cracked lips, and shuddered.

"M'lady, Darth Vader is contacting you."

The inquisitor's face made no noticable show of emotion. She turned heel and walked through into her meditation chambers, kneeling infront of the holographic transmitter as the blue outline of Darth Vader appeared. While she did not directly report to him, Vader contacting her ment the Emperor needed her, so, out of respect for Sidious, she listened.

"The Emperor has discovered a Rebel Base on Dantooine. We are taking....upresedented losses, and the Emperor is displeased, espescially after the loss of his new super star destroyer. You are to accompany me to the surface, find the Rebel High Command, and leave none alive. Is that clear?" 

The hologram's message was clear, but she still felt conflicted. "Lord Vader, with all due respect, I am managing the construction of the Emperor's facility in the Maw, I can't possibly..." She was cutoff by Vader almost staring into her soul, she wondered what hateful face was behind his mask.

"This will be covered by Admiral Daala. Meet me on the surface at the Imperial Forward Command." The hologram flickered and died. Ishra swore and stormed out to the bridge. Vader had sent the coordinates to Dantooine, and in a flash of white light, they went through hyperspace. She turned to Zamora, standing by the bridge windows.

"Zamora, you are to command my ship while I am on the surface. Hang back, destroy any fighters that go for you.  Do not engage them first. Am I understood?" The Lieutenant nodded briskly, and began to direct the crew. Once they arrived over the warzone that was the skyspace around the planet, they quickly darted through the wreck of the Annihilator and landed at the Imperial Outpost. Lord Vader was waiting there for her. 

"You're nervous." He remarked. She held her lip tall. She didn't like to show her feelnigs, but Lord Vader was different. Seeing him in person made her realise just how imposing and realistic the storys were. "Follow me." The Ziost took off as the dark side users set off on foot for the Rebel Headquarters, Vader igniting his crimson blade, and Ishra her magenta. 

NotAHamster (Talk) 21:26, January 23, 2018 (UTC)


An alarm shrilled its shrieking call as a squadron of Rebel soldiers shook fearfully, blasters aimed at the closed blast door. They could hear the terrifying rasp of Darth Vader’s breathing already through the durasteel. A muttering between an unfamiliar woman and the Dark Lord ensued outside. “Hold the line,” the squadron leader whispered. All of a sudden, even the least Force-sensitive among them could feel a tremor in their spirit as - WHAM! - the door flew through the air, crushing six men against the second blast door at the end of the corridor. An all too familiar shape sauntered in, emphasised by the crimson blade that just ignited.

”Open fire!” a soldier screamed.

A tornado of blasterfire ensued, the Emperor’s henchman dodging and blocking every bolt. As three panicked soldiers scrambled to the other door, the lightsaber whirled through the air, decapitating the deserters in less than a second. An ambitious corporal managed to get a headshot, without realising the opponent’s helmet was made of the very same durasteel the door was. Even before the reflected bolt killed a man, the corporal was levitating in the air, his fingers scrabbling at his neck. Before they all knew it, they were all dead, a Sith Lord and an Inquisitor standing over them. The Inquisitor silently wished she got a chance for a kill, but her superior had slaughtered them all.

That squadron had the only thing been protecting the Rebel HQ.

And they were dead.

At the hands of Darth Vader. 13:06, April 24, 2018 (UTC)


Davish sat on the hill watching the HQ burn, savage lightsaber slashes resonating across the valley. He knew there wasf no other chance of winning - it was all down to the few Rebel soldiers and himself to get out of there - or die winning. He looked behind him at his X-wing, sitting peacefully and oblivious to the destruction over the hill. His face was resolute. There was no turning back.

”There’s a T-65b X-wing approaching the HQ,” Ishra announced, her mouth straight.

“Krail”, Vader growled, debris vibrating at the resonance of his voice. “He will not attack. He thinks there are still survivors.” Suddenly, he sensed Krail wasn’t thinking the truth. He barely had time to erect a ball of Force energy before - BOOM! - the ground exploded as Krail fired his lasers, his aim true. Ishra lay dead at the Dark Lord’s feet. The X-wing rose into the sky, surrounded by a cloud of transports and fighters. Beneath the helmet, Vader grinned for the first time in nineteen years. He knew his new ship would decimate them all. What chance did they have?

DarthGladiusIsTheOne (Talk) 08:08, May 4, 2018 (UTC)


Krail's mind raced, almost in shock at his attack. He knew he would have killed the Imperial officer, but he had not expected to escape with his life. He had seen the black armored figure conjure some sort of shield out of nothing, and he knew that the figure would survive. He turned his figher away, screeching through the sky in the direction he had come from. He briefly considered a second run, then discarded it. No way he would survive another run. He didn't have scoundrel's luck.

His scanners blipped. Incoming fighters. He peered to his right. 2 TIE fighters. He didn't have time to ponder where they had deployed from. "R3, deflector shields up." His foils were still in attack position. The guns were still hot.

These TIES wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Down on the ground, Vader allowed himself to watch as both TIES came crashing down to the ground. One had managed to score a hit near the X-wing;s engines, but neither had caused serious samage.

These idiot pilots, he though. So little protection, and even less training. He reafirrmed to himself that he would never voluntarily enter a standard TIE fighter.

Then he turned and walked away. hilt in hand.

-Nesayas1234 (Talk) 16:26, September 19, 2019 (UTC)

Many things were crossing General Cassio Tagge's mind. Her Destroyer had just been rcked by multiple round from Rebel cannons. Now Rebellion starfighters were attacking the ship. 

"Ready the Ion cannons. Fire upon the Rebel base when ready. I want every single Rebel on Dantooinie destroyed." Tagge ordered the officers. She watched the barren planet from her bridge, and she saw long red blasts of Ion energy streaking toward the planet, and watched the explosions blow across the planet. 

"Ma'am, Lord Vader requests your presence.", an officer said from the communications section of the bridge.

"Ready my personal Shuttle. Tell Lord Vader I will be their shortly." Tagge then walked off, to meet with Lord Vader.

-Jawawarlock6238 August 18, 2020

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