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This article is about the novella. You may be looking for the tapcafe of the same name.

The Seventh Star is a hardboiled novella written by Katana Geldar. The story is written in the gritty style reminiscent of the pulp magazines made famous by Carroll John Daly, Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Katana has taken deliberate effort to diminish the more "fantastic" elements of Star Wars, there are no lightsaber fights, space battles or high political machinations in this story at all.

Set in 45 BBY, this story is the first of three in the Coruscant Noir Trilogy and was first published on the Jedi Council Forums of It is also stored on FanFiction.Net. The sequel The White Twi'lek has also been published on these same sites and the concluding novella The Silver Ring is yet to be written.


After serving seven years behind bars for a crime he knows he didn't commit, Jali Dawler, former Coruscant Security Force Officer, is now free, yet not trusted by either side of the law. When his long time friend Tollan Antilles confirms Jali's own suspicions with some proof—proof that he killed before before he was able to hand it over—Jali is forced to search for his friend's killer and clear his name.

Yet things have changed since Jali last wore his Security Force uniform, with the fall of Black Sun a new gang has arisen in the underlevels of Coruscant. New allies, old allies, old friends and new enemies, yet it all begins in that old haunt on Vos Gesal Street, The Seventh Star...

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Katana Geldar first wrote The Seventh Star as an experiment with genre and did not expect to write two more stories about the characters. For this story, Katana deliberately departed from what she had done before with Star Wars stories. Star has a distinctive narrative voice, hardly any action sequences and it stays on the same planet all the time; this is clearly against some of her other stories such as the Jedi Padmé Trilogy and the Varicean Saga.

The title of the story comes from the bar of the same name and it was first featured in The Chosen Apprentice. Katana then decided to incorporate this bar into the story and the rituals of the 'call box' were created. Consequentially, she had to go back and change the scene in Apprentice to match with the call box ritual in Star. The story was named after the bar, not the other way around.


The Seventh Star is an original novella contained in the Star Wars universe and should be viewed as such. All of the characters in the story are the creation of the author, Katana Geldar, as are quite a few of the locations.

Due to the nature of the genre, this novel contains elements that may be disturbing or inappropriate for younger readers. There are quite a number of drug and sexual references as well as coarse language and violence. The reader is advised to approach the story with an open mind.

This novel is not endorsed nor licensed by George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries.

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