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The Price of Knighthood cover
"The Price of Knighthood"



Sakaros (cover art)

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May 5, 2017




Old Republic era




Untitled New Sith Wars series

"The Price of Knighthood" is the first installment in Sakaros's Untitled New Sith Wars series.

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The Price of Knighthood crawl




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Plot Summary

Jedi Knight Suwo Tolp and his Padawan, Tirien Kal-Di, have infiltrated a series of caves on Thisspias to disrupt a Sith operation. After Suwo sets a series of explosive charges, Tirien distracts a pair of sentries with a mind trick long enough for Suwo to break their necks. Triggering the explosion, the two Jedi cut through the Sith agents packaging the Candorian plague; Tirien runs down a Devaronian with a plague canister while Suwo duels an Askajian Sith. Though Suwo prevails, he is injured in the duel.

The two Jedi rush through the caves to confront the remaining Sith—two Acolytes and the Trandoshan Sith Lord Zygro. Refusing to allow his subordinates to interfere, Zygro duels the two Jedi. Tirien, a more proficient swordsman than his master, helps keep Zygro occupied for a while, but is eventually knocked down long enough for Zygro to kill Suwo. When Tirien renews the assault alone, Zygro destroys his lightsaber and brutalizes him with the Force, though Tirien manages to briefly deflect the Trandoshan’s Force lightning.

Feigning surrender, Tirien ultimately turns the tables by telekinetically levitating Suwo’s fallen lightsaber and cutting Zygro in half with it. The Sith Acolytes flee rather than challenge Tirien, who sets the remaining charges to bring down the cave and seal it off to the world.

In an epilogue, the Jedi High Council on Coruscant praises Tirien for his ingenuity and courage, and opts to forego the traditional Jedi Trials and raises Tirien to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Behind the Scenes

A little less than three weeks after the UNSWS's third birthday, "The Price of Knighthood" became the first installment in the series to be chosen as a Featured Work.

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