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Behind the scenes of Secret Agendas


Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas is the second e-novel published on the Star Wars Fanon wiki by Aban Fiolli. The story continues deeper into the Seswenna Security Crisis, which has gone from mere kidnapping/murder mystery to full-blown interplanetary conspiracy. The purpose of the novel was two-fold: to highlight the expanding breadth of the crisis and to continue to delve deeper into the lives of the principal participants. The framework of the preexisting canon allows for individuals such as Anwis Eddicus to be tied into shifts of power in the Seswenna sector, the rise and fall of pan-galactic corporations, and even the minor schism that took place in the Jedi Order. As with the first novel, this installment steers away from the classic Jedi–Sith mantra and into areas of political intrigue.

Secret Agendas was initially conceived as a second in a three-part series, in which the gradually unfolding crisis was contended by Agent Delwynn and her team. The story arcs underwent numerous edits and reworks during the drafting phase, and ultimately not everything that had been desired to be included was fit into the story. The conflict within the Jedi Order is not as detailed as originally intended, but the subplot makes its presence known. A second edition of the e-novel (which is planned) may include more details to this, connecting it even more strongly to the underlying conspiracy. At the same time, the whole of the details in every conspiracy was never intended to be revealed in this novel. The third installment in the series will begin to tie these strands together.

Even though a few of the characters, such as Agent Delwynn and Lieutenant Danstari, were inspired in part by characters in other media, it became important to show the depth of their personalities. Other characters, which were not directly inspired by other media, such as the Jedi Knight Shalli and Senator Alta Eddicus, were easier to craft but their characteristics needed to be just as lively and real. One goal was to expose the characters's strengths and weaknesses. While this was impractical for all characters, it was paramount that the most signficant players (Chancellor Eddicus, Director Aiden, Agent Delwynn, Lieutenant Danstari, Asana Lani, and the Jedi Knight Shalli) be featured on both ends of the spectrum. Shalli's own subplot has been spun into its own short story, The Fall, which takes place shortly after she returns to Coruscant and overlaps the first two chapters of Ghostly Images.

As stated before, the personality of all the characters is a vital part to the Golden Age of the Republic series. It is the characters and their motivations that ultimately drive the story. The Golden Age of the Republic series is just that, a story of individuals and what they experienced. The continual development of the era and its internal conflicts provide the means for telling these stories. The broader picture is not the Seswenna Securty Crisis itself, although is provides the height of the action, it is the internal tussling that each character must face. Some, such as Lieutenant Danstari, have not had to face their demons yet. Others, such as Agent Delwynn, are living with them every day. Before long, each character will have to face what they fear the most.

Fact File:

Preview of Ghostly Images


The smoldering debris and dense smoke obstructed much of her view. The senator, thinking that she was fine, attempted to stand only to realize that she could not. Her legs would not move. 'Come on, Alta,' she mentally chided herself. No response came from her body, as she looked at the slab of duracrete on top of her legs. The senator struggled to maneuver the slab, only to realize that she was bleeding. She whipped off her seared jacket and pressed it hard against her crushed left leg. Fear grew exponentially as the crackling of the fire littered the hallway. Shouting was heard periodically, but no one ever passed by. Had Senators Valorum and Fraajic survived? How big had the blast been? Was her father fine? How could this have even happened? Somewhere, someone in the galaxy was applauding this senseless act. Someone yet to be revealed. Either the conspiracy went far beyond Eriadu, or the Republic was in a state of exceeding turmoil. Neither option seemed pleasant. Of course, nothing was as disheartening at that moment than being essentially paralized from the waist down.

Golden Age of the Republic: Ghostly Images is the third e-novel of the Golden Age of the Republic series. Only limited information is being released at this moment, but the story will pick up where Secret Agendas left off. The explosion in the Senate Office Building is the startingpoint that launches a web of storylines that have yet to have been fully connected. Unlike the first two novels, this book will likely prove to be more startling and potentially offer less resolution. The main characters will all be forced to face either their pasts or their fears, as the old ghosts of bygone days return to haunt them.

One character, however, will only partially explore her past demons in this installment. The tale of the Jedi Knight Shalli will be explicated in the short story The Fall, which will overlap the first two chapters of Ghostly Images. Her trials and struggles will be mentioned as part of the Jedi subplot, but the details will be divulged in the short story only.

In anticipation of the third novel, thirteen spoilers have been released to the Fact Files. Included below, these points that we have learned offer a preview of what is planned in Ghostly Images. Be advised that these are spoilers and could divulge key plot points. This information is also subject to change as the novel comes even closer to its release date. The Fact Files will keep this updated with new information regularly.

Spoilers, as of 18 June 2011 and based upon then-current draft of the novel.

  • Chancellor Eddicus survived the blast, but not everyone else was so fortunate.
  • Delwynn's team goes to Coruscant after a slight detour to an old suspect.
  • Eloban Slorfit takes to questioning Gallien again and the results are surprising.
  • The plague appears to be confined, but the death toll is rising exponentially.
  • Another terrorist attack rocks Coruscant, forcing Danstari to question his choice of profession.
  • The Dark Moon crime syndicate is further explained.
  • Another prominent senator dies, which rattles the chancellor.
  • Hazar Tordana makes a surprise announcement and pledges loyalty to the Senate.
  • Shalli returns with Master Yoda, the former intent on murdering B'Rhea of Eriadu.
  • Delwynn faces off against Zranik again, but something goes awry.
  • The conspiracy is revealed, connecting numerous individuals in high places on many planets.
  • Chancellor Eddicus contemplates resigning.
  • It is being confirmed that there will be no Sith or Mandalorians in this novel.
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