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Fact File:

Behind the scenes of Hidden Truths


Golden Age of the Republic: Hidden Truths is the first e-novel published on the Star Wars Fanon wiki by Aban Fiolli. Although with limited fiction-writing experience, Fiolli has experience in writing articles, analyses, other formal works for academic publication. This story, however, marks the first foray of the author into the world of published fiction. Hidden Truths was prepared after extensive and meticulous research. The result was a story that introduces a variety of new characters and locations within the framework of preexisting canon. The expansion upon canon allows the author to provide more information for individuals such as Anwis Eddicus. The story, however, steers the Star Wars universe away from the classic Jedi–Sith mantra and into areas of political intrigue. It was not the goal of Hidden Truths to be a stand-alone entity, and not all questions were meant to be answered. In this Fact File, we take a look behind the scenes of the first novel and look ahead to a preview of Secret Agendas.

Hidden Truths was initially conceived as a stand-alone work, in which a simple criminal act against a senator was investigated by a newly formed crack team. As the story was drafted, and details of timeframe and setting were decided, linking the story to intrigue during the tenure of Anwis Eddicus became an appealing concept. During this time, according to canon, was a golden age for the Republic. Yet, as other sources have stated, it was a flawed time: individuals were viewed as secondary to corporate or financial interests, and the government was viewed as corrupt. Conflict within the Jedi Order also afforded itself, due to the rise of the Potentium, allowing for the Jedi to be weaker and therefore less involved in day-to-day affairs of the Republic. Additionally, it was viewed as a ripe area for development due to the large gaps in canon that appear unlikely to be filled in the near term. Since it was a goal from the outset to develop the story without conflicts to canon, this era was chosen.

In the vein of popular United States–based criminal television shows, the Golden Age of the Republic series was set to focus on the exploits of a single investigator who manages a small unlikely team. In fact, other than the main character of Evening Delwynn, only one other individual on her team even possesses experience in investigation: Asana Lani. The creation of Delwynn's team for Hidden Truths was initially conceived to be a frustration point. As the story evolved, however, Delwynn and Lani were able to handle most of the forensic and policing aspects of the case while Lieutenant Danstari and Jedi Knight Shalli were allowed to be in more of a supporting role.

A couple of the characters have loose connections to other media. Evening Delwynn was inspired by, although only marginally based upon the character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the television series NCIS. In contrast to Gibbs, Delwynn is a little more emotional around her most trusted advisor, and she is less vocal about disciplining her newly created crew. Like Gibbs, however, her backstory is mired with the murder of her family and her incessant drive for justice that makes the investigator so excellent in the field—even at the cost of interpersonal relationships. Paralleling this, Lieutenant Danstari was modeled in part off of the character of Anthony DiNozzo from the same series. The loose connection here was to provide a foil for Delwynn in the manner that Gibbs and DiNozzo interact. By providing this relationship, Delwynn's character is seen in a liturgical light, with high expectations, and little tolerance for even petty things, in sharp contrast to the somewhat free-spirited pilot who enjoys jokes, sarcastic remarks, and is not as inquisitive.

The personality of all the characters is a vital part to the Golden Age of the Republic series. It is the characters and their motivations that ultimately drive the story. While not intended as a strict character-study, the first book, especially, sets out to show each individual in a raw manner. Seemingly random thoughts or actions are highlighted to provide context for the continuing storyline. Asana Lani's teenager-like tendencies, Shalli's internal conflict about emotion, Chancellor Eddicus's paranoia, and Lieutenant Danstari's attraction to Asana are foundational to the continuation of the larger arc. Yet, it was equally important to introduce the new aspects to the era: conflict between the Jedi Order and the Judicial Forces; the Governmental Investigative Network (GIN) and its role in Judicial Forces operations; the corruption, or supposed corruption, of government officials; and, as mentioned above, the new characters that grace the story.

Fact File:

Preview of Secret Agendas


The seasoned investigator sits on the porch of an old tattered building, staring into the dark night sky. She needs to find the allusive Avar Zranik and ponders the connection to the late Senator Regueny. The number of dead rises with each passing day, but one thing remains uncertain: motive. So far, the clues are nonsensical. Perhaps Eriadu is hiding more information than originally has been discovered. Or, maybe the chancellor's suspicions are correct, and a Republic-wide conspiracy is trying to execute its sinister plans. Pondering the power-hungry Jedi, the profits-driven Czerka, the politically savvy Eriaduans, and the evasive Dark Moon crime syndicate, Delwynn decides to explore even the most extreme or outlandish conspiracy. Everyone has an agenda, and no one is beyond suspicion.

Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas is the second e-novel of the Golden Age of the Republic series. Only limited information is being released at this moment. The story will pick up where Hidden Truths left off. The death of Doctor Torrik Samit provides the springboard into the web of storylines that are interwoven through Secret Agendas. Unlike the first novel, this book will provide many answers to the preexisting questions. Yet, this does not mean that all will be resolved. In the process, Evening Delwynn will be forced to consider anything, regardless of how implausible it might seem.

In anticipation of the novel, thirteen spoilers have been released to the Fact Files. Included below, these points that we have learned offer a preview of what is planned in Secret Agendas. Be advised that these are spoilers and could divulge key plot points. This information is also subject to change as the novel comes even closer to its release date. The Fact Files will keep this updated with new information regularly.

Spoilers, as of 22 July 2010 and based upon then-current draft of the novel.

  • More information is revealed about the history between Master Greystone and Agent Evening Delwynn.
  • Alta Eddicus, a senator from Taanab and daughter of the Supreme Chancellor, will be introduced and become heavily involved in the politicking that unfolds both in the Senate and behind the scenes.
  • GIN Director Pelmar Aiden directly confronts the Supreme Chancellor, and more is revealed about their history together.
  • Catiene Gallien is taken to Thyferra, but something goes wrong.
  • A frightful catastrophe begins to quietly unfold on isolated systems, and the Seswenna system has its borders forcibly closed.
  • The Dark Moon crime syndicate is further explained.
  • Another prominent senator dies, which rattles the chancellor.
  • Hazar Tordana makes a surprise announcement and pledges loyalty to the Senate.
  • Shalli's internal conflict comes to the fore and threatens to undermine the work of the entire team.
  • The Jedi face a potential schism while trying to be even more involved in Republic affairs, and a new leader emerges when the Grand Master suddenly dies.
  • Evening Delwynn faces off against Avar Zranik.
  • When one of the conspirators is caught, the full conspiracy is revealed to Agent Delwynn, but the plan has already been initiated.
  • It is being confirmed that there will be no Sith or Mandalorians in this novel.
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