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Investigator for the Republic


After traveling to Coruscant from her homeworld of Alsakan at age seventeen, Evening Delwynn (née Cara) began training with in the Judicial Forces Academy. She was not gifted with mechanics or engineering; she lacked experience with technology and struggled to even use a datapad. Yet, she was an exceptional observer and possessed a high ability to intellectually process any situation. Seeing this, her superiors convinced the young Evening to train in espionage and work as a spy. Learning quickly, she became a skilled fighter who excelled with both a vibroblade and a blaster. Evening still had not found her niche, however, and pondered dropping out of the Judicial Forces. During a scheduled break, the young woman stayed on Coruscant instead of returning to Alsakan. There, she met an Alderaanian student at the Coruscant Art Academy named Shmuel Delwynn. The two quickly fell in love and married a year later, in 723 BBY.

After being married, and only twenty-one years of age, Delwynn shifted her attention to other studies. She began to study under Jedi Master Sidian Greystone, a Jedi who was guest instructing courses for the Judicial Forces on investigative techniques. The Jedi, who specialized in artifacts and investigative archaeology, noticed Delwynn's high aptitude and ability to solve conundrums as they arrived. The Jedi persuaded her to remain in the Judicial Forces but to once again change her focus. Delwynn agreed. She found a niche in Investigative Studies and worked very hard to graduate one year later, in 722 BBY.

Immediately upon graduating, she took a post in an investigative unit on her husband's homeworld of Alderaan. Three years later, even though she had already become the lead investigator of her unit through attrition, Delwynn was offered an investigative in the Alderaan Planetary Police force. At the same time, her husband's best friend and newly elected Representative from Coruscant, Servius Valorum, appealed to Delwynn to apply for a vacancy within the Government Investigative Network (GIN) branch-office on her homeworld of Alsakan. After being accepted, she joined the GIN and by 717 rose to become the lead investigator of her team. Despite great personal turmoil that ensued, Delwynn excelled. In 711, she was promoted to the lead investigator of the Major Case Response Unit and was viewed as the most respected investigator within the organization. Her background in espionage, warfare training, and her cunning skills honed by Master Greystone made her a formidable investigator with a nearly unmatched record. As a result, she was eventually given the opportunity to put together her own team, as she saw fit, from across agencies and organizations.

Fact File:

A mystery of a Senator


Longstanding Senator from Commenor, Hanik Regueny was regarded as a champion of the people. He was viewed as the least corrupt man in politics, setting himself apart from many of his colleagues. On three occasions he turned down the opportunity to run for the Chancellery, feeling that he could better serve the people of Commenor through the debating and politicking of the Senate. First elected in 745 BBY, he served a total of 42 before he was murdered. His death sparked outrage on the planet Commenor when it was leaked through the Holonet that Regueny may have not been as pristine as previously thought. His reputation, long attached to Commenor's image took a sudden hit.

In truth, Regueny had only in his last year began to take part in underworld dealings. It was not entirely of his own doing, however. A secret organization and a secret government operation crossed paths, leaving Regueny helplessly in the middle. In the end, he was found murdered at the Eriadu City Convention Center by GIN Special Agent Evening Delwynn and her team, who had been investigating Regueny's actions on behalf of the Senate. The conspiracy did not stop there. Multiple organizations were pulling the strings and Regueny's death only served to be the beginning of a plot that almost toppled the governments of many planets.

Regueny's legacy, however, would eventually fade into history. His corruption scandal became subsumed into the entire Seswenna Crisis and its aftermath. Back on Commenor, the man who wore a large golden pendant was remembered for the good he had done: bringing large amounts of credits to the planet to advance its technology and business sectors, making the planet the hub that the galaxy experienced during the Rise of the Empire and the years leading up the Yuuzhan Vong War.

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