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The Official Golden Age of the Republic Fact File is a collection of articles written by Fiolli as a supplement to the Golden Age of the Republic Series. With the series set in the prosperous period after the Ruusan Reformation, the novels develop original characters, locations, vessels, and droids. To help familiarize readers with expanded these aspects of expanded canon, short articles and pictures will be published to offer an expanded look beyond the novels. Information included consists of elements of back-story, relationship to canon, and a behind the scenes view of the series.

Author's summary

It was a time when the Republic was at its height. Peace had been achieved with the close of New Sith Wars on Ruusan. The subsequent Ruusan Reformation changed the face of the galaxy, with sweeping reforms in the Republic military and the Jedi Order. Even with the Sith less visible, other menaces lurked within the Republic, aiming for its downfall. In spite of this, the Republic continued to prosper and expand; its wealth burgeoned and its society unaware of true hardship. Such stability and growth, however, came at a price. The price was the lives of the unseen heroes of the Republic's Golden Age: The heroes whose names may never grace the halls of honor.

Beyond the novels exists a large galaxy with endless possibility. As an expansion of Star Wars saga into the Republic's Golden Age, the novels introduce new characters, locations, and vehicles that existed during that time. Short articles, called Fact Files, are being published to help expand upon the breadth of the novels and to provide the reader with even more background information and connections to existing canon. In doing so, it is hoped that the reader enjoys and appreciates the vitality and expanse of the Star Wars universe even more.

Fact Files


These articles are in progress, and is posted as Fiolli deems. Until the Golden Age of the Republic Series is complete, portions of the works are subject to significant revision.


This work aims to not conflict with canon, as established by Lucasfilm, Ltd.; although accidental conflicts might occur. All terms copyrighted by Lucasfilm, Ltd. are their sole intellectual property, and the author does not seek to infringe on those copyrights. All comments should be left on the author's talk page or on the magazine's talk page. Also, edits to the fact files should be confined to spelling and grammar corrections. If a conflict of canon arises, please leave a note on the talk page.

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