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Dad, please. I've seen a lot of unbelievable stuff in this galaxy, but it's been four thousand years. Surely she's become one with the Force by now.
—Ben Skywalker, about Laera Reyolé

The Great Leap Forward is the fifth completed fan fiction work, and the second full-length novel, to be published on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki by author and administrator Sean "Goodwood" Nash. It is also the first story that is not a part of his earlier Tales from the Corps series. Taking place during the Legacy era, the work switches between multiple viewpoints, including an overarching third-person perspective intermixed with alternating first-person narratives from within the minds of several characters.

Following the adventures of Laera Reyolé and Silas Dan'kre in the wake of their attempted escape from their mission to capture Darth Revan, the story begins with Luke and Ben Skywalker attempting to find the two Marine officers, long since presumed dead. After making their way to T'lessia, the two Jedi Knights soon find who they are looking for, setting off events that help to shape the destiny of the native Sa'ari people.

Publisher's summary

The Great Leap Forward
''Four thousand years after their presumed disappearance, [[Republic Marines|Marine]] [[captain]] and [[Jedi Knight]] [[Laera Reyolé]] and her companions [[Lieutenant]] [[Silas Dan'kre]] and an assassin droid known only as [[HK-47 (Goodwood)|HK-47]], find themselves stranded on an unfamiliar world inhabited by a mysterious species who call themselves the [[Sa'ari]]. Thought to be the 'Starborne Ones' of legend, they are taken into their society.

Meanwhile [[starwars:Luke Skywalker|Luke]] and [[starwars:Ben Skywalker|Ben Skywalker]], temporarily free of obligations during their exile from [[starwars:Coruscant|Coruscant]] and the [[starwars:Jedi Order|Jedi Order]], take covert delivery of a [[Revan's holocron|holocron]] constructed by the enigmatic Jedi [[starwars:Revan|Revan]]. But the ancient Knight had encoded a secret message within the device, one meant for Reyolé's eyes only. Though armed with few facts, the Skywalkers set off to deliver this message, not knowing that they will learn far more than they had ever thought possible...




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Behind the scenes

The Great Leap Forward is the fifth completed fan fiction work by Sean "Goodwood" Nash and his second full novel. A departure from his Tales from the Corps series, the narrative continues to follow the adventures of Laera Reyolé and Silas Dan'kre. It also includes Nash's first attempt to write for an original film character, in the form of Luke Skywalker who, along with his son Ben, is a central character to the overall plot; in addition, another version of HK-47 is introduced. Though the story takes place during the Fate of the Jedi series, it aims to clash as little as possible with established canon. However, as with Nash's other works within his Tales series, significant departures are also made. The most prominent example of this is the canon Jedi Exile, substituting Vima Sunrider instead.

Though the work's title has literal connotations within the story itself, it is also very loosely based on the Chinese period of the same name. Originally conceived as a way to get two of Nash's original characters into the Legacy era from the Knights of the Old Republic time period, the novel developed into an experimental piece that explores the concepts of multiple points of view. Though major portions of some chapters use a third-person perspective, large first-person narratives take place from within the minds of several characters. Among the novel's major themes was how the arrival of a being from the Galactic Republic, who is used to high technology and interstellar matters, might impact a civilization that has not yet achieved faster-than-light travel on its own.

A number of elements within the story were drawn from other media and real life. The Sa'ari species, introduced in the novel, are based on the asari from the computer and video game Mass Effect and its sequel in terms of physiology, substituting the Force for their natural biotics. The Leeward-class helicopter and Monitor-class gunship were both based on the vehicles from the 2009 film Avatar, while the Ellipse-class interceptor is derived from the Saab 37 Viggen jet aircraft.

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