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<TK-422> Shortly after the Clone Wars ended, our legion was assigned to new posts and issued new armor and weapons. Little did we know, it would drive us all mad...

Episode I: Orientation
Written by Seth Hoover and Joshua McGraw

<TK-421>Oo, shiny new armor!

<TK-422>I dunno, looks a little white to me.

<TK-421>Oh, come on. They want us to blend in on Hoth.

<TK-422>Yeah, like we’re ever gonna go to Hoth. It’s just an oversized ice cube. And isn’t white the universal sign of surrender?

<TK-421>Wait, there’s no numbers on the armor!

<Advisor>That’s because you get to pick your own.

<TK-421>Oh, goody! I wanna be...

<Advisor>You’re TK-421. Now get to your post. You, behind him; you’re TK-422.

<TK-421>So much for choosing our own.

<Advisor>I wasn’t talking to you.

<Clone commando>Sup.

<TK-422>So are we gonna get the armor, or what?

*Advisor hands out helmets*

<TK-421>Oo, infrared!

<TK-422>I can’t see a thing in this helmet!

*Advisor takes DC-15’s*

*TK-421 and TK422 take E-11s from conveyor belt*

<TK-421>Shiny new guns! What a treat!

<TK-422>Shiny? It’s matte black. You know how hot black gets?

<Advisor>Training starts now. Firing range is over that way.

Firing Range


<TK-421>Look, I hit the bull’s-eye! It works a lot better if you take your helmet off.

<TK-422>Yeah, until you get caught by the advisor, or worse...

<Vader>How y’all doin?

<TK-421>Speak of Darth Vader...

<TK-422>And he will come. I know.

<Vader>TK-421! Why aren’t you wearing your helmet?

<TK-422>Told you.

<Vader>Solitary confinement! Both of y’all!

<TK-422>But how is it solitary if we’re together?

*Awkward silence*

<Vader>Just shut up and get y’all’s butts down to Detention Block 1138.

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