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The Fanon Menace: 25


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Seth Hoover


Seth Hoover

Executive producer(s)

Seth Hoover

  • Seth Hoover
  • Joshua McGraw
  • Jonathan Racey
  • Rebekah MacTavish

The Fanon Menace


21 BBY


Rise of the Empire era

Have no fear, Jack is here…well, that sounded a lot less cliché in my head.
—Jack Buaer one his first day at Corsec

The Fanon Menace: 25 was the second spin-off miniseries from the YouTube series, The Fanon Menace . It was also considered a spoof of the real-world television series, 24. It was first released shortly after the completion of the second season, starting on and continuing for six weeks. It was six episodes depicting six days in Jack Buaer's, a Corsec field agent, career as he battled clan terrorism on Coronet.

The first episode in 25 started off with Jack Buaer first joining Corsec. After the former governor of Coronet was accused of receiving a bribe from one of the terrorist clans, Jack had to learn to use his wits and arrest the governor. However, Jack made one mistake which led to the governor escaping and plotting against the entire planet to gain his seat back in office. The rest followed Jack’s growth as a field agent through the various tasks and missions he had to complete to stop the governor from regaining his seat in office.

25 attempted to tie in two more characters to the series, Bob and Joe, who were introduced in The Fanon Menace: A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper, as well as fill the gap between Season 2 and a possible upcoming Season 3. 25 was also the start of director/producer Seth Hoover withdrawing from the acting scene and focusing more on production. It was released through College Kids Productions and The League of Extraordinary Jedi, making it their fourth project together.

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