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<Obi> I’d like a Jawa Juice, please.

*subtitles: <Han> Hey, Chewie, look over there!*

<Obi> Just one more drink…

<Luke> You’ve had 12 already!

*subtitle: <Han> Fine, don’t come. Sit here in the dark booth all by your lonesome.*

<Obi> *drains glass* One more?

*subtitle: <Han> Thought so. Let’s go. *both get up and go to bar*

<Luke> No!

<Han> My friend and I noticed that you guys need a ship. I think I can help you with that.

<Luke> Perfect!

<Obi> One more?

<Han> Of course, we don’t work for free.

<Luke> *to Obi* No! *to Han* Naturally. We’ll pay you 2,000 now, and another 10,000 when we reach Alderaan. And we’d like to avoid any…Domain entanglements.

<Obi> I like stormtroopers.

<Luke> *to Obi* You’re also very drunk. Shut up.

<Han> Well that’s the real trick, no, isn’t it? And it’ll cost you something extra.

<Luke> Alright, 5,000 now, 15,000 when we get there.

<Han> Deal!

<Luke> Can I borrow 4,995 credits?

<Han> Sure. Here you go.

<Luke> And here’s your 5,000.

<Han> Pleasure doing business with you.

<Obi> One more drink?

<Luke> Let’s go.

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