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-droids run away

*Luke puts restraining bolt on Artoo*

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> He wishes that you remove the restraining bolt so that he can run back to Ben Kenobi, who lives in the Dune Sea to the east.

<Luke> Oh. Ok.

*Removes restraining bolt*
*Artoo runs away*

<Luke> I guess we’d better follow him. Wow, you wouldn’t think that three wheels could go so fast!

<C-3PO> He’s got a top speed of 32 light years per hour. He can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

<Luke> That’s pretty good, actually. I guess I’d better go after him. Aunt Beru?

<Beru> Yes, Luke?

<Luke> Can I borrow the speeder that Jar Jar broke?

<Beru> Just bring it back with a full tank. You know how your uncle is.

<Luke> I will.

*start to exit*

<Luke> *to Threepio* Who is Jar Jar, anyway?

<C-3PO> Your guess is as good as mine.

*both exit*

-Luke meets Obi and finds R2-D2

<Luke> Anything on the scanners, Threepio?

<C-3PO> Nothing yet, sir.

*speeder crashes into Artoo*

<C-3PO> Wait a minute, they’re not on. Ah, he’s right in front of us!

<Luke> Gee, thanks.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<Luke> What’d he say?

<C-3PO> I’m afraid that he’s picking up several life-forms on his sensors.

<Luke> Tuskens!

<C-3PO> I’m afraid so, sir.

<Luke> Let’s go check it out.

*head to small hill where Tuskens are hiding*

<Luke> There’s a bantha down there, but I don’t see any Sand People.

*Tusken jumps up and raises his gun. Subtitles: Ah! People!*

<C-3PO> Watch out!

*Subtitles: Watch out? Where? (Swings around and knocks C-3PO over)*
*Krayt dragon call sounds, Tuskens scatter*
*Krayt dragon walks by*

<Luke> Wow, that was close.

*Luke helps C-3PO up*
*Ben walks in*

<Ben> Hurry! That call won’t hold them off forever!

<Luke> Call? What call?

<Ben> That was the mating call of the krayt dragon, a very ferocious creature, to be sure.

<Luke> *under his breath* Yeah…and you nearly brought one right on top of us. Mating call, indeed.

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