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Battle of Death Star II
-“destruction” of Death Star II

*in Falcon cockpit

<Lando> The shield is down! Red Group, Gold Group, follow me!

<Lobot> Uh, sir, Red and Gold groups are nowhere to be seen. They must be on the other side of the battlefield. I suggest that you call Wedge, who is right behind us.

<Lando> Oh, ok. Wedge, we’re going in!

<Wedge> Roger that!

*enter superstructure of Death Star II*

*chase scene through superstructure, at end, Falcon and Wedge emerge into a large room with a big pillar in the middle*

*external view of both ships and flat-topped pillar*

<Wedge> There’s the gravity generator! You guys go turn it off; I’ll cover you!

*Slave I appears around column*

<Fett> Back for round three, are we, Lando?

<Lando> Boba Fett, competent bounty hunter. Why am I not surprised?

<Fett> This time there’s no Princess here to save you Calrissian. So, you want to come out and fight like a man, or should I blast you from here?

*Lando and Lobot exit onto top of pillar. Fett joins them. Wedge watches from his X-wing in the background*

*Fett and Lobot fight*

*Fett knocks Lobot over*

<Fett> Now I have you right where I want you, Calrissian.

<Lando> Never!

<Lobot> *as he leaps to his feat and roundhouse kicks Fett* For freedom!!!

*Lobot stands, panting*

<Lobot> *panting* Good job, sir. You sure showed him!

<Lando> Thank you, Lobot. Now, to get the generator...

*Lando pushes off button, both float off the floor*

<Lando> We did it!

*Return to Falcon, Falcon and Wedge fly out together*



Battle of Death Star II
-Sidious’ amazing Sith frontflip

*Palpatine appears slowly*

<Palpatine> And they thought they could get rid of me that easily? Little did they know about my Amazing Sith Frontflip!


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