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Death Star II
-Emperor arrives on Death Star

*Lambda-class shuttle lands, Vader and officer approach*

*Landing ramp lowers, two Domain guards walk down, followed by Emperor*

<Vader> The Death Star II is nearly completed, my lord.

<Palpatine> Very good. Have the Rebels been informed of its construction?

<Vader> Yes, but many good men were lost.

<Palpatine> The Rebels killed them? That surprises me.

<Vader> No, they were lost. Some took a wrong turn on I-95...

<Palpatine> I-95?

<Vader> Intersector-95. The 95th hyperlane that goes between sectors.

<Palpatine> Oh. So they are on their way?

<Vader> They should be here shortly, my lord. Everything proceeds according to plan.

<Palpatine> Most excellent...

-discover Domain forces

*Lambda-class shuttle lands, Luke exits*

<Luke> That was the longest ride of my life...

*Han and Leia exit, holding hands*

<Han and Leia> We didn’t think it was long enough.

<Luke> *shudders* Let’s just go.

<Chewie> Grawwr...

<C-3PO> *exits shuttle* R2 says that his scanners are picking up Human life-forms just behind the shuttle.

*strike team walks around the shuttle*

<Scout trooper> Look, Rebels!

*two scout troopers jump on bikes and leave. Two others trip as they try to get on*

<Luke> After them!

*Luke and Leia jump on one speeder, Han and Chewie jump on the second. Speeder collapses after Chewie jumps on*

<Han> Didn’t I tell you to lay off those Wookiee cookies?

*Luke’s speeder flies away*

-speeder chase

*speeders fly by*

<Luke> GO faster! Pull up next to that one!

*speeders pull beside each other*

*Luke jumps across to other speeder, pulls trooper off*

*trooper hits tree, camera stops panning*

<Scout trooper> *sits up* I’m ok!

*camera returns to Luke and Leia*

<Luke> Shoot him down! We can’t let him reach the base!

<Leia> Shoot him? I can’t do that. It might kill him! He’s just an innocent scout trooper, a poor, helpless stormtrooper in different armor.

<Luke> Aim for the engines.

<Leia> Oh. That would work.

*Leia fires, bolt his speeder. Speeder engines die, brief electrical shock shorts out trooper’s comlink*

<Luke> Nice shot!

<Leia> *turns to Luke* Thanks! *gets clotheslined by hanging vine*

*Luke and empty speeder continue on*

*Luke stops next to shuttle*

<Han> Where’s Leia?

*Luke dismounts*

<Luke> I thought she was with you!

<Han> You’re kidding me, right? You jumped on the speeder right behind her.

<Luke> *mind trick* No, I didn’t.

<Han> *mocking mind trick* Yes, you did.

<Luke> Yes...I...did...

<Han> Hmmm...*mind trick* You want to give me your holodisk player and Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes collection when we get back.

<Luke> I want to give you the rest of the blue milk when we get back.

<Han> No! *mind trick* You want to give me your holodisk player and Hyperspaze collection when we get back!

<Luke> I want to give you the rest of the blue milk when we get back.

<Han> No! It’s...never mind, let’s just see if we can go find Leia.

-meet Ewoks: Leia

<Leia> Now, if I remember correctly, the shuttle is...this way.

*Ewoks jump out and knock her over*

<Ewok> *speaks Ewok*

<Leia> I have no idea what you’re saying.

<Ewok> *speaks Ewok, points with spear*

*Leia looks over, sees village*

<Leia> You want me to climb up there?

*Ewok pokes Leia with spear*

<Leia> Ok, I’m going!

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