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-Crash on planet

<C-3PO> So…we’re stuck in the middle of a desert, and the only settlement nearby is the Tusken Camp.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> Yes, I am aware that all of Tatooine is a desert. The point is not that no matter where you are, it’s desert, it’s that we’re stuck in the middle of the desert away from everyone but the Tusken Camp!

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> No, the Bantha Backroads will take us to the Krayt Dragon Lair. We need to take the ME-30 back to Mos Eisley. Princess Leia told us to meet her there.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> Yes, I know we should have taken Exit 42 instead of Exit 43.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> True, we probably should have just gone to Mos Eisley first, but Anchorhead is beautiful this time of year, and we have some time to kill before Master Luke rescues Princess Leia from the Death Star anyway.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<C-3PO> Domain patrol? Try to look inconspicuous.

*Threepio opens Artoo and pulls out two stormtrooper helmets, which he puts on both of them*
*TK-421 and TK-422 approach in speeder*

<TK-422> Man, this is a lousy job. Look, more stormtroopers over there!

<TK-421> *to TK-422* It’s not that bad. I mean, we get all the tanning time we want! *to droids* You guys want a lift? We’re headed for the homestead for a tall glass of blue milk.

<C-3PO> Certainly.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<TK-421> Finally, another trooper who speaks droid! *whistles*

*enter speeder and leave*

-Get captured by Jawas

<TK-421> Well, we’ve gotta be going. Thanks for the blue milk!

<Beru> Anything for my friends.

*TK-421 and TK-422 leave*

<C-3PO> *takes off helmets and stores them back in Artoo* Whew! That was close. *walks out of homestead, followed by Artoo*

<Jawa> Freeze! *shoots droids with ion blaster and takes them away*

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