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Fleet Assembly
-prep for battle

<Dodonna> Mom Mothma, we have just been informed that the Domain is building a second Death Star above Endor!

<Mon Mothma> We must strike now, while the time is right! To the fighters!

<Dodonna> To the briefing room!

*everyone exits to briefing room*

<Mon Mothma> One of these days...

-discuss mission

<Dodonna> We have been recently informed that the Domain is building a second Death Star above a small moon called Endor IV. Many good men were lost getting this information into our hands.

<Biggs> You mean the Domain is killing people now? And the authors are letting the X of the Domain get away with it?

<Dodonna> Died? No, that would be inhumane. Where did you get such an absurd idea? They didn’t die, they got lost, like I said. This galaxy’s a big place, and those 3D maps are really difficult to read.

<Biggs> Oh.

<Wedge> So what’s the plan?

<Dodonna> Well, the Death Star II, as we have so named it, is protected by a shield generated from a nearby moon. We need to sneak into their facility and destroy the shield generator.

<Wedge> Who’d you find who was crazy enough to lead that mission?

<Dodonna> Uh... *scans room* Han! Thank you for volunteering. Who’s on your team?

<Han> I didn’t volunteer!

<Leia> Nonsense. I think it would be a good job for you.

<Han> I...fine. I think my team’s assembled, but I need a command staff.

<Chewie> Grawwr!

<Leia> What’d he say?

<Han> He’s with me.

<Chewie> GRAWWR!

<Han> Yes, you are, Chewie. Remember the escape of ’15?

<Chewie> GRA...grawwr.

<Han> Thank you. Who else is in?

<Leia> Count me in.

<Han> I need a couple more...three to be exact. And two need to be droids.

*Luke enters*

<Luke> Hi.

<Han> Luke! You want to go on a trip with me?

<Luke> Sure!

<Han> Bring R2.

<Luke> Ok, where are we going?

<Han> Suicide mission.

<Luke> Sounds like fu...I can’t believe I fell for that.

<C-3PO> R2, how could you be so reckless?

<Han> Welcome aboard, Goldenrod.

<C-3PO> Me? Oh, no...

<Dodonna> Now that that’s settled, we need to talk about the attack on the Death Star II itself. Our intelligence has learned that what we did the first time was perfect, but they have fixed the flaw.

<Luke> They moved the hydrospanner?

<Dodonna> Yes. But the Death Star II is not completely reassembled, and we can fly in directly and turn the generator off. They had to replace the first one, because oddly enough, these generators don’t come with an “on” switch. Just an off one.

<Biggs> Then what will prevent them from replacing the generator again and coming back?

<Dodonna> Conveniently, GravGenerators, Inc, the company that makes gravity generators big enough for Death Star-size space stations, only built two generators before they went bankrupt because no one had Death Star-size space stations when they were building them. The Domain later acquired both of them, but now they’re down to the last one.

<Biggs> Oh.

<Mon Mothma> Now can we go to the fighters?

<Dodonna> No. *silence* To the fighters!

*everyone leaves but Mon Mothma*

<Mon Mothma> He did that on purpose...

-leave for Endor

<Luke> *over comlink* Alright, guys, we’re outta here.

*Lambda-class shuttle jumps to hyperspace*

<Dodonna> Fleet, initiate countdown. We leave in three hours.

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