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-Say goodbye to Lando and Chewie

<Lando> Alright, we’re going to rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt, the creepy slug creature who eats bugs. We’ll look forward to any help you can give us.

<Leia> We’ll do our best, but Luke’s gotta get his coordination back before he tries any more missions.

*Luke drops coffee cup in background*

<Lando> I’m sure he’ll do fine.

*Luke accidentally fires blaster, destroying computer console (background)*

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Lando> Yeah, maybe it is better if he gets his coordination back first.

*Luke leans on control panel with his right hand, accidentally activating self-destruct sequence. Alarms blare, several technicians rush over and shut down sequence*

<Leia> And until that time, I think we’re going to lock him in a padded room, so he doesn’t hurt something…or someone…or himself. *walks after Luke* Luke, come here for a second.

<Lando> Well, I guess that’s that. Come on, Chewie, let’s go.

-Watch fleet fly away

<Lando> There they go, Chewie. Wave goodbye!

<Chewie> Grawwr! *waves*

<Luke> *enters cockpit* Bye! *waves*

<Leia> *tackles Luke* Got you! Now we have to get you back to your padded cell on the Home One.

*Outside, Home One jumps to hyperspace*

<Lando> Uh, Leia?

<Leia> Not now, Lando. I’ve got to get Luke back before the fleet…

<Lando> The fleet’s already gone.

<Leia> *pauses* Ah. Well, at least I brought R2 and 3PO. Let’s go rescue Han.

Imperial fleet

*Star Destroyer flies through debris, shuttle flies on screen towards the capital ship*
*Cut to hangar bay of the Star Destroyer, where shuttle lands*
*Palpatine exits shuttle and meets Vader at foot of ramp*

<Palpatine> Lord Vader, do you have good news for me?

<Vader> Yes, sir. The artificial gravity generators have been found. The explosions of the proton torpedoes generated shock waves that vibrated through the walls that knocked over a hydrospanner that was accidentally left by one of the construction crewmen. The hydrospanner was knocked off its shelf and hit the “off” button.

<Palpatine> So there was no on button in the main control panel? Well, that was poor planning.

<Vader> Tell me about it. But we discovered the problem, and fixed it. The hydrospanner is nowhere to be found, and we made sure there were no loose tools in the area.

<Palpatine> Perfect. So work will resume above Endor.

<Vader> The Death Star will be completed on schedule.

<Palpatine> Very good.

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