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-Meal with Vader

<Lando> And right in here.

*Keys door open as C-3PO runs up. Camera at an angle that you can’t see inside the door*

<C-3PO> There are stormtroopers in the base!

*C-3PO is blasted, knocking head, arms, and legs off*

<C-3PO> Ouch.

*Leia turns to face open door*

<Leia> *gasps*

*Camera pans to see in door, revealing Vader sitting at the table*
*Han pulls out a blaster and shoots. Vader catches bolts and tosses them to TK-421 and TK-422, who are flanking him. Subtitle: <TK-421> Man, these things are hot! <TK-422> Of course they are. They’re lasers!*

<Vader> *pulls Han’s blaster away with the Force*

<Leia> Sure, Dad.

<Han> Dad? Lando, did you know about this?

<Lando> Of course. I thought it would be nice for Leia to have a family dinner. As far as I know, she’s never had the chance just to sit and chat with her father over a nice, quiet meal.

<Han> Uh…father?

<Leia> Sh. The audience doesn’t know yet. You’re spoiling the big plot twist.

<Han> Oh.

-Han is carbonite/Luke arrives

<Vader> Well, that was good. Time to head to the carbonite room.

<Han> Why’re we going there?

<Vader> You’ll find out.

*Go to carbonite room*

<Vader> *enters* Put him in.

*TK-421 and TK-422 enter with Han between them, still holding blaster bolts*

<Vader> Throw him in. And why are y’all still holding those blaster bolts?

<TK-422> *as Han is thrown in* The lasers were hot! They melted to our hands.

<Vader> Oh.

*Carbonite chamber hisses*
*Crane lifts carbonite slab, back facing Leia and Vader. Crane turns slowly to reveal Han standing in front of the carbonite*

<Han> *steps off pedestal and turns around* Huh. Pretty good sculpture.

<Fett> Can I take him now?

<Han> If you can catch me! *turns and runs. Jango Fett leaps out and tackles Han. Boba flies in to trap him between the two Fetts.*

<Fett> You’re coming with me.

*Two Cloud City personnel load Han onto the repulsorlift carbonite slab and push him out of the room*

<Vader> Take them away. I have a very important meeting here in two minutes.

<Luke> *enters* Leia? What are you doing here?

<Leia> No! It’s a trap! *is pulled out of the room*

<Luke> A trap? I wonder what she means by that. Look, Vader!

*Vader ignites lightsaber*
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