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-The cave/recover the X-wing

<Yoda> Follow me.

<Luke> Ok.

*Both walk to entrance of a cave*

<Vader> How y’all doing?

<Luke> *starts* Whoa, you scared me for a second.

<Yoda> Enter the cave with this vision, you must.

<Luke> Vision? Ok… *enters cave*

*Inside cave, Vader removes his mask, revealing Luke’s face*

<Vader> Luke, I am your father.

<Luke> Even for the Force, this is messed up…

*Vader/Luke disappears, Luke walks out of cave*

<Yoda> The vision, did you see?

<Luke> Well, I’m not sure I’d call it a vision…more like a holoprojector image made by someone who’s had one too many death sticks, but…yeah, I saw it.

*Bubbling noise sounds from behind them*

<Luke> The X-wing’s sinking! Now we’ll never get it out.

<Yoda> 50 repetitions of this very same thing, you just did. So difficult, one more will be?

<Luke> Hey, lifting an X-wing 50 times over is hard. That starfighter’s big.

<Yoda> Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?

<Luke> Of course not.

<Yoda> Watch. *lifts X-wing, sets it in clearing*

<Luke> *under his breath* Try doing that 50 times in a row…

<Yoda> Exceeded the pupil, the teacher has.

<Luke> *under his breath* I’d like to see you do that 50 times…

-Talk to Yoda/Ben

<Luke> I can’t go to Bespin! I’ve got to finish my training!

<Yoda> A Jedi Knight, you almost are. Fine, you will be.

<Force Ghost Obi> Come on, Luke, it’s not like we’re asking you to cut off your right hand.

<Luke> *exasperated* Wait, Obi-Wan, you sound different. Are you sick or something?

<Force Ghost Obi> Yeah. I have a cold. But you have to hurry.

<Luke> *exasperated* You know what? Fine, I’ll go. But I’ll be back. *jumps into X-wing*

<Yoda> Your friends, they are. Help them, you must.

<Luke> It was just a possible future, remember? We don’t even know if it’s going to happen.

<Force Ghost Obi> It’ll happen. Just go, you’ll be late. Their dinner with Darth Vader is in five minutes, and you’re scheduled to duel the Dark Lord in the carbonite room in just under ten minutes.

<Luke> Fine. Goodbye. *flies off*

<Force Ghost Obi> There goes our last hope.

<Yoda> Our last hope, he is not. There is another.

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